The May Outfits Series, Part 3 – What I Wore in Washington D.C.

Putting this post together is almost making me emotional – I can barely believe that two weeks ago I got on my first long-haul flight in two years and two months and flew to Washington D.C.! Every trip that I’ve made to the USA has been an absolute blast, and this expedition was no exception – if anything, it’s been the trip of a lifetime. A huge plus was that the weather was incredible – which meant I finally got a proper taste of summer. Of course, I’d been checking the temperatures regularly beforehand – and can say that packing a bunch of summer dresses was the right decision…

Monday (16/05/2022): ASOS dress (seen here) / & Other Stories bag / Primark shoes

So many random (& damn right sweet) people complemented me on this dress! Also, this photo in particular is a lovely reminder of me getting over one of my insecurities – to ask strangers to take a photo of me. I was at the National Gallery (one of the most beautiful museums I have ever visited) by myself and HAD to have a picture with this adorable setting – one of the security guards super kindly helped out.

Tuesday (17/05/2022): River Island jumpsuit / & Other Stories bag / Primark shoes

While visiting the Hirshhorn Museum solo, a super friendly lady asked me to take a picture of her – and she thoroughly returned the favour! I don’t know why but I adore this jumpsuit – like my yellow dress, this was a 2020 buy that still sparks so much joy. I always feel cute and happy the minute I get myself into it – and it’s always been my dream to wear it in the US (it’s got little white stars on it, you see).

Wednesday (18/05/2022): Zara blazer & shorts / Ted Baker top / & Other Stories bag / Primark shoes

What do you do when you’re going to visit the Capitol, White House and The Library of Congress? Wear a cute suit that won’t have you roasting in 27° weather, of course! Although admittedly, I did have my jacket off for the most part of the day.

This outfit was probably my most ‘popular’ one – I think I had about four strangers complement me on it. God, how I love Americans.

Thursday (19/05/2022): Forever New dress / & Other Stories bag / Primark shoes

Nothing wrong with bringing a little bit of cottage core to the big capital, right? I love this dress, and loved seeing a bunch of memorials (the Roosevelt, Jefferson and Martin Luther King memorials to be precise) in it. I do also hope I get to go frolicking in the fields with it.

Thursday (19/05/2022): Above – Pimkie dress / & Other Stories bag / Primark shoes. Below – Abercrombie & Fitch dress / Primark shoes

Yes peeps – like a true blogger, I had an outfit change. My friend and I went to a Bridgerton-inspired event, for which I chose to wore my Pimkie floral wrap dress (oh my, another 2020 purchase – what a year for fashion, eh?!). I did actually wear my Valentino heels for said event, but they came off the minute we left. And kudos to my friend for getting me to wear this pink Abercrombie dress for Pixelbloom, an amazing projection installation by ARTECHOUSE. She said my Pimkie dress wouldn’t be right for it – and I couldn’t agree more. A true friend indeed…

Saturday (19/05/2022): Sister of The Tribe dress / ASOS hat / & Other Stories bag / Primark shoes

A pretty dress (from one of my favourite summer dress brands, which I’ve banged on about here and here) for an even prettier setting, Dumbarton Oaks. This place has to get its own post – but in the meantime, here’s a preview. And shoutout to this hat – AGAIN, another 2020 buy that’s finally had its moment to shine (as well as successfully protecting me from those glorious sun rays).

Sunday (21/05/2022): Oysho dress / & Other Stories bag / Primark shoes

I ended my trip with a splash of colour – this vibrant dress (guess what year it was bought…) blended perfectly with some of D.C.’s amazing street art, and was luckily a very comfortable airport / airplane outfit.

So, there you have it – one pair of flats, one pair of heels, one bag, one coord, one top, one cardigan, one blazer that never got worn, one jumpsuit and six dresses. Not the lightest hand luggage, but definitely very satisfactory for my styling needs. I’m glad to say that, whilst I did think that my new Zara suit would look very, very cute in front of the White House when buying it, I didn’t buy anything new for this trip (I’d been longing for the Zara suit long before booking my flight).

Of course, the dream for me would be to have the choice of bringing another bag and another pair of shoes, but alas I had to save my pennies where I could and not check in anything. Ultimately, these flats deserve a round of applause – my flat game is not great at the moment and I bought this pair from Primark thinking they probably wouldn’t survive the trip. Oh, they not only survived, but are thriving back in London.

Unsurprisingly, this may be my favourite set of outfits from May, as they hold such a special memory of a once in a lifetime trip. The last outfits of May will be up tomorrow – I don’t think I’ll be going out with quite as much of a bang as I did on the last day of my D.C. trip, but I’ll give it a shot!



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