From 28 to 18 Degrees – 10 Outfits For 10 Days

Hello peeps, I had a few days off last week and this week so I thought I’d be super British and do a joint fashion and weather report – because as much as I hate it, the weather does have a huge impact on what I pull out of my closet. I documented my outfits for a grand total of 10 days – 10 days in which the weather in London was, of course, completely chaotic and unreliable. And yet despite summer not seeming to be on the agenda, I somehow managed to wear a ton of dresses and kept things relatively summery. Indeed, I may dress according to the maximum and minimum degrees there will be on a certain day – but mostly, I dress for myself. And for the weather I want – because that’s how it works, right?

Friday, 11/6/2021 – 24 Degrees

Dress, Chi Chi London (gifted – shop it here). Necklaces, H&M. Bag, Loewe. Shoes, Stradivarius.

I was kindly gifted this dress by Chi Chi London and wore it for a day out in Greenwich – it was overall a pretty warm day and barely wore my jacket.

Saturday, 12/6/2021 – 23 Degrees

Matching top and shorts and necklaces, H&M. Earrings, Mango. Bag, Loewe. Shoes, Dorothy Perkins.

I took it very easy on Saturday and barely went out other than for a walk around my area. But a local walk is a good enough reason for me to put on a cute outfit – especially if it means I get to wear this super cute coord from H&M again. No outerwear was necessary.

Sunday, 13/6/2021 – 28 Degrees

Dress, Zara. Bag, Topshop. Necklace, H&M. Shoes, Mango.

Well, this was an absolutely glorious day – so I finally got to wear my dreamy yellow Zara dress (seen here) while walking around Hampstead Heath and Pergolla and Hill Gardens. I toned down the cottage core vibes by giving my Loewe bag a little break and teamed it with this super cute, Jacquemus-esque hot pink bag.

Monday, 14/6/2021 – 27 Degrees

Dress, Zara (seen here). Bag, Primark. Earrings, ASOS. Necklace, H&M. Shoes, Dorothy Perkins.

I don’t remember Monday as being super hot, but then I only headed out in the late afternoon. My sensible side had me carrying a little cardi just in case, although I don’t think I used it.

Tuesday, 15/6/2021 – 26 Degrees

Top, Zara (shop it here). Skirt, Topshop. Bag, Kurt Geiger. Necklaces, H&M. Pearl bracelet, & Other Stories.

My dress obsession is a little much, isn’t it? It was nice to break the mould for once and revisit my favourite ever colour combination. I’ve had this skirt for years, and I still love it to bits.

Wednesday, 16/6/2021 – 28 Degrees

Dress (seen here) and earrings, H&M. Necklace, ASOS. Bag, Kurt Geiger. Sandals, Zara.

It was a super, super warm day so I pulled out my once-a-year, maybe-twice-a-year Zara-Hermes-wannabe red sandals and headed to the park for hours to attempt a tan.

Thursday, 17/6/2021 – 21 Degrees

Dress, New Look (seen here). Shoes, Dorothy Perkins.

It may have been 21 degrees on Thursday, but it was horrifically grey outside (hence the terrible quality of this picture) and it felt like summer was over before it even started. This was a ‘only leaving the house to take out the trash’ outfit – yep, I like to wear pretty dresses when I’m at home too. Had I left the house for something other than the trash though, I probably would have teamed this dress with my good old Loewe bag.

Friday, 18/6/2021 – 15 Degrees

Dress, Wednesday’s Girl (seen here). Bag, Kurt Geiger. Shoes, Hobbs.

Apparently it went down to 15 degrees on Friday – it didn’t feel that bad but the tights and long sleeves did come back out. I also wore a pretty thick jacket – something that I would expect to wear in autumn, not June. Sigh.

Saturday, 19/6/2021 – 15 Degrees

Dress, Miss Selfridge. Bag, Roop. Earrings, Primark (I think). Necklace, Yoj. Shoes, Stradivarius.

I went to the beautiful Mama Shelter for a friend’s birthday so the dress wearing continued – albeit with tights and a jacket that again would be more spring or autumn appropriate.

Sunday, 20/6/2021 – 17 Degrees

Top, trousers, earrings and necklace, H&M. Jacket, Miss Selfridge. Shoes, Vans. Bag, Topshop.

I woke up in a total style rut this morning – I had zero motivation to wear anything because the weather looked so grim. Ultimately, I broke my spiral of dresses and wore this outfit that I’d had in mind for a while. I bought this racer top about a month ago and had envisioned teaming it with these trousers that I bought last summer – and there’s nothing more satisfying that when an outfit you had in mind comes together IRL! I loved trying this colour combination and it genuinely cheered me up.

In typical London fashion, we had what felt like three different seasons in the space of 10 days – and yet I still managed to wear a bunch of dresses. I guess you could say I’m desperate for summer! I also realised I really need to wear other things that aren’t dresses, even though they’re my absolute favourite thing to wear… if only I could live in a country where I could wear airy dresses all year around!




  1. Susan
    9th July 2021 / 11:28 am

    I’m an Italian Londoner living in Estepona. I stumbled upon you by chance as one does. I am really enjoying looking through your blog. I love your style! I adore dresses and pick up cheap and cheerful ones all the time here in local shops. I love your colour combos. Please do more blog posts when you can!! Lots of love to you!!!

    • vanessazaree
      5th November 2021 / 1:55 pm

      Thank you! 😀 xxx

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