Life Lately: What I’ve Been Thinking, Feeling and Wearing

Hello, it’s me, long time no chat… and *happy?!* new year. Coming back on here after a while feels like an awkward text you send to someone that you’ve been avoiding/ignoring/ghosting. Thankfully, unlike those awkward attempts to reconnect with people in real life, coming back t0 my blog always feel so right. My mum in fact summed it up perfectly the other day when we were talking about my blog and she said that this little corner of the internet has been my rock over the years – some of which have been a true rollercoaster. So cute! And so true. So, let’s have a little life catch-up.

Life is mad lately, isn’t it? I can’t believe that England has gone into lockdown 3.0. I can’t believe that it is over a year since COVID-19 emerged. I can’t believe it will soon be a year since a multitude of countries all over the world went into their very first lockdowns. And mostly, I can’t believe that it’s still happening.

As for England’s 3.0 lockdown, I know I shouldn’t be surprised. It seemed inevitable as soon as that new variant was mentioned. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. It’s depressing. Necessary, I suppose, but depressing.

As for moi, well, I have a little life update. I made a lot of shitty decisions in 2020, but one of them thankfully worked out. I hadn’t seen my family in 12 months and knew I had to make a decision (albeit a safe one) about Christmas. As England stepped into its second one-month lockdown in early November – which was an absolute piss-take from the very start to the very finish – I decided to fly back to my hometown in Spain at the start of December. Lockdown came to an end and thankfully, my flight wasn’t cancelled, my PCR test came back negative and I made it to my hometown in one piece. At the time I felt a little bit sad about leaving London so early on in December; as a contradictory humbug I do have a fondness for the capital’s Christmassy vibes. Well, in hindsight I couldn’t be happier I left London when I did. Travelling home was nerve-racking enough when I did it, doing that on the wake of the new variant would have been an absolute nightmare and ethically not really an option.

In all honesty my life is on pause at the moment, and that is not entirely a bad thing. I’m not sure when I’ll go back to London, but after having spent a significant amount of 2020 by myself, it’s nice to be in a familiar environment and not to have to embrace (and eventually fight off) that constant feeling of loneliness. It’s also strange to think that I had a severe case of January blues in 2020 and yet ticked many boxes that society expected me to have ticked… It’s now January 2021 and I have so much less ‘going for me’ – and don’t feel half as crap. It’s nice that, despite everything, I feel OK. And that’s what a lot of us can solely aim for at the moment – it’s hard to feel much when there’s a world pandemic affecting every aspect of your life!

I don’t think 2021 is a year of resolutions or true goals for me. My main aim is to survive – physically, mentally and emotionally. And with that, let’s move on to something lighthearted and trivial! I wish my frugalness extended to clothes shopping as much as it does to other aspects of my life – such as when I choose not to pay extra to check in a suitcase when booking a flight. My ‘frugal’ decision meant I could bring a very, very limited amount of clothes to my hometown – despite the fact that I knew I’d be staying for at least a month! Am I bored of the clothes I’ve brought? Incredibly. Is deciding what to wear in the morning a breeze? Absolutely.

And these nine pictures, my friends, summarise everything that I brought (and the leopard print coat belongs to my mum). Four weeks later I can say I can reflect on my choices:

  1. My camel Mango coat – YAY. It goes with EVERYTHING which is great – but I miss my red Mango coat.
  2. A fuchsia wrap ASOS dress – NAY. I’ve worn it a few times but I forgot how the north of Spain does get icy weather too.
  3. The New Look pink houndstooth cardigan – YAY. Surprisingly versatile – and cute.
  4. A black and white Zara pussy bow jumper – NAY. I knew it wouldn’t be the most practical piece to bring – but I really wanted to wear it. It’s still a beauty and a pleasure to wear though.
  5. My Stradivarius cobalt blue trousers – NAY. I adore them to bits and find them super practical, but at the moment it’s COLD – and I just don’t like styling them with anything that aren’t cute shoes.
  6. A black Missguided high-neck jumper dress – YAY. I could wear this every day. It’s one of my best 2020 purchases. I do wish it came in other colours – especially red and pink.
  7. A black ASOS jersey top – NAY. Again, I thought it would work for the not-so-chilly days – but it’s Spain, not the Caribbean.
  8. A pair of beige Zara shorts – NAY. I honestly thought there wouldn’t be anything more versatile than a pair of beige shorts, but I just haven’t gravitated towards them that much.
  9. My pink River Island turtleneck top – YAY. Love it, and love wearing it with everything I’ve brought.
  10. My red Stradivarius turtleneck top – YAY. Same as above.
  11. A black mini ASOS A-line, pleated skirt – YAY. This is the little black skirt I didn’t know I was missing in my life.
  12. The Zara faux-leather pinafore dress – YAY. If a couple of months ago someone had told me that I’d be adding a faux-leather pinafore dress into my wardrobe, I would have been doubtful. But it’s turned out to be one of the most versatile pieces for my winter style.
  13. My Diane Von Furstenberg blue print skirt – NAY. I’ve had this skirt for years and adore it and intend to keep it forever – but for some reason I just haven’t been gravitating towards it while being here. It’s probably just a tad too formal / officey?

And that, together with a few berets (why bring just one when I can fit another four in my coat’s pocket), one bag, one scarf, one pair of shoes, a few tights, lipsticks and jewellery is what I brought home with me. I took inspiration from the 10 items, 10 outfits style challenge and get why people stick to a super neutral colour palette – but that’s just not me. So I did struggle to choose what to pack, and ended up with a fair bit of black. Conclusion? As superficial as this is, I honestly miss a lot of my clothes – but I’ve really come to realise how little one really needs and will do my best to reduce the size of my closet this year.

However, 10 items really isn’t enough for me, so kudos to anyone who can get 10 outfits out of literally just 10 pieces – it’s a true art form.

I’m not sure how much fashion blogging I’ll be doing over the next month considering there won’t be much styling happening per se, but I would like to check in, say hi and write about something either superfluous or deep. So for now, it’s a see you soon.



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