OK, Let’s Talk About Some Autumn/Winter 2020 Trends

I think there are three things that stop me from being a ‘true’ fashion blogger:

  1. I don’t like coffee.
  2. My dislike for coffee leads to the ultimate blogger cliche that I sadly can’t partake in; and that is the pumpkin spice latte hysteria.
  3. Unlike every single blogger out there, and even though I’m an autumn baby by birth, autumn is NOT my favourite season. I couldn’t give a damn about layering and cosiness; I’m a summer girl through and through.

And yet despite my dislike for the colder months, fashion always comes to the rescue by offering a sense of newness, something to look forward to as the days get darker and chillier. I may not love autumn or winter, but I do like a good knit – as well as spotting, talking about and sometimes even bitching about seasonal trends. So I thought I’d put together another trends report about what’s caught my radar on the trends front. I’m merging autumn and winter because autumn is such an unfairly short season and feels non-existent in the UK – plus a lot of what’s caught my eye now will hopefully be my thing for the next six (or seven, or eight… *sob*) months. Also, feel free to have a shot every time you see the words nineties and noughties, because let’s face it, those decades are completely ruling over street style and social media. I have mixed feelings about this (I think it subconsciously makes me feel old because I’ve lived through the nineties & noughties), and have included trends I both like and dislike.

The overall vibe? The inspiration? Early seasons of Friends (not for me, as I prefer other TV shows in terms of style) – specifically Chandler Bing. Clueless (always a yes). Mean Girls (absolutely – forever obsessed). Gossip Girl (I want to watch it again just to archive all of Blair Waldorf’s outfits). Nineties photos of dads (a hard no from me, but most people have access to this so that’s cool). Grandads. Grandmas. Nineties girl bands. Early Britney Spears (that plaid mini). Basically anything that was in in the nineties, because young millennials and Gen Z’s love that shiz. But luckily, there are a lot of ways to make it your own, regardless of fashion’s need for nostalgia – let’s dive in…


As someone who was once a big fan of Peter Pan collars (sadly I said goodbye to many of the ones that were in my wardrobe), I am absolutely loving this dramatic, so OOT trend. I love how big collar shirts look on their own, and even more so under a jumper – which makes them the perfect autumn and winter piece. And yet I still haven’t found the right big collar shirt for my narrow-shouldered frame – it turns out I tend to look like an absolute clown in them. Who would have thought!


I never would have thought that Chandler Bing from Friends would be a key reference for Autumn/Winter ’20, but then again stranger things have happened (Covid, anyone?). Knitted vests (or sleeveless V-neck jumpers, but that’s not quite as catchy), as once seen on arguably the best character from the nineties and noughties TV show, have absolutely blown up over the past month. I can see this trend lasting throughout winter, and even though it is very, very trendy, I do think it’s one of those pieces that has perennial potential – especially if bought in a neutral shade. I’m fantasising about teaming one with a big collar shirt and maybe even a tennis skirt (a Spring/Summer ’20 trend that’s successfully worked its way into autumn), but just like a big collar, I haven’t managed to find a knitted vest that works for me. I do have this cute vintage one I showed here (which I will 100% be rocking again), but I was hoping to go a little more oversized and slicker for Autumn/Winter ’20. Ultimately, there’s a good chance I’ll be admiring this trend from afar on many a cool Instagrammer, but TBC…

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Details 🤍

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Let me start by saying that the word ‘shacket’ is to me what the word ‘moist’ is to many – gross. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the concept itself either – does a jacket really have to be called that just because it has a similar shape to a shirt? Maybe I’m just not fashion enough. Apparently this pink piece I bought from Topshop last year (pictured below) classifies as a shacket – but I simply call it a coat. Anyway, if you’re into this look and concept, you’re spoilt for choice this season – they are everywhere. My question is – plaid or plain?

Coat, Topshop (similar version in mint available here). Top, H&M (old). Skirt, Marks & Spencer (old). Bag, ASOS (old).

Picture taken in October 2019!


All things nineties have been ruling street fashion for quite some time now – and even though I’m not that into nineties fashion, there are definitely a few aspects of it I can embrace. Like fluffy knitwear! If anyone knows of a more technical term for this kind of texture, feel free to enlighten me – although I kind of like the simplicity of fluff. A subtle nineties look (I’m thinking Liv Tyler‘s iconic blue fluffy jumper and overall bangin’ outfit in the film Empire Records), fluffy tops may be borderline tacky – but I love them!


A sea of neutrals has been ruling over fashion for some time now, and it won’t be any different this Autumn/Winter. The one novelty I’ve noticed in the neutrals department is that brown has been making an appearance across the high street in both chocolate and terracotta tones. But for those of us who crave colour, it’s nice to see that sage green and lilac are still going strong. Pastels for winter? Groundbreaking. And shoutout to my all-time favourite colour, red. I did hear it was going to be a key colour for the chillier months, and even though I don’t see it being as big as neutrals, it’s still nice to see it popping up here and there.

Cardigan, skirt and beret, Monki. Bag, Primark. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell. Earrings, Speckled Egg.

Picture taken on October 3rd, 2020.


Love them or hate them, leopard print and snake print really have earned themselves the ‘timeless’ label, coming back season after season one way or another. This season however, I’ve spotted quite a bit of zebra print and even cow print – I’d say it’s due to fashion’s current love affair with all things nineties and sharp monochrome styling. I mean, am I right to say cow print and zebra print were a thing in the nineties and/or noughties? At the moment I have no intention of trying either of these prints (leopard print is my only true love when it comes to animals), but for some reason I feel like I could be lured in by cow print – especially if it’s textured…


Leather pants. Leather joggers. Leather skirts. Leather shorts. Hell, even leather dresses. And the mother of all leather pieces – the leather blazer. So nineties, so Matrix, so Autumn/Winter ’20. I won’t go into the ethics of leather, but regardless of whether you choose to go real or faux there’s no denying that the leather look is once again in for this season. Personally I’m very wary of the leather look, I don’t know why but the minute I put on something leather-like that isn’t a racer or biker jacket I get dominatrix vibes (not my thing sadly). However, I’ll be digging out my faux leather Zara skirt and shorts that I got last year and wore LOADS.

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I don’t know why but I’d much rather raid a granddad’s wardrobe rather than a dad’s wardrobe. Give me all the cardigans, knitted vests and loafers – but ugly trainers, tops resembling dad tracksuits and, even worse, baggy jeans? It makes me want to run a mile. So needless to say, I’ll be avoiding this trend like the plague. But if you’re a TikTok girl wannabe (I don’t blame you, that label has got its appeal, even if I don’t really know what that is) and like trying pieces that are more casual / street / edgy / on trend, baggy jeans might be right up your alley.


Ever since Zara brought out that infamous baby blue floral embroidered cardigan and knitted vest coord (pictured below) at the start of the year (another lifetime), matching tops and cardigans have been one of the biggest trends to blow up on social media. This is a trend I’ve somehow found irresistible, buying no less than four matching tops and cardigans (I’d say I got my dose). If you happen to think that coordinating a top and cardigan is one step too matchy-matchy, cardigans on their own do all the talking – the cardigan-as-a-top trend ain’t going anywhere. And I love it!


The ‘normal’ way to refer to these bags is shoulder bags (ASOS is even calling them 90s shoulder bags). However, the nostalgic in me can’t help but reminisce about the bag that back in the day shaped this trend (and an era), the Fendi Baguette bag. Anyway, when this style of bag began to resurface last year, I initially rolled my eyes. Been there, done that, I thought. And then I began to feel very, very smug – because hello little black shoulder bag that 14 (or 15, maybe 16 – or maybe even as young as 12) year old me bought. First up, WTF was 14-year old me thinking when I bought this bag?! Second of all, I don’t remember making one single good decision when I was a teen, but this bizarre fashion purchase makes up for all of that. I loved using my little black bag last year and resisted the urge to buy into this trend 20 years later. But deep down I knew I needed to try a colourful take on this trend, and ended up buying this mint shoulder bag pictured below that I can’t wait to rock with some colour-blocking #ootd’s. And that’s the beauty of 2020’s shoulder bag – you can find it in any shade, texture and pattern your little heart desires (although a croc effect is by far the most popular). This is a nineties/noughties trend I’m 100% on board with – it’s simple, practical, can easily look very classic and makes me feel great about hoarding a bag I bought years ago. And back to the TikTok girl reference – if you love all things nineties, it’ll look splendid with a cute top and baggy jeans.

Baguette / nineties shoulder bag, ASOS. Beret and cardigan, Monki. Skirt, Zara (SS’20).

Picture taken on October 19th, 2020.


Ah, if only this was a trend I could get on board with – because chunky boots would make me cool, right? Chunky boots are surprisingly versatile – they grunge up the girliest of outfits and make a classic outfit just that bit cooler. But in all honesty, I hate them. Back in my uni days, when I was heavily influenced by one of my ridiculously stylish fashion design student friends, I used to fantasise about having a hot pink pair of Doc Martens. I wanted to team them with a blazer and some denim shorts (not sure what my thoughts on tops were) – very cute, right? Well, my taste has completely changed. The chunkiest I’ll go when it comes to shoes is trainers, and no more. So yeah, chunky boots give me the shivers, although I know I’ll be seeing them on Instagram for the rest of winter. If you like them, will you be going more Prada or Docs?


I mean, are knee high boots a big trend for Autumn/Winter? I don’t even know if they can be called a trend as they’re pretty much a wardrobe staple – but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of them on social. And dare I say it, cream and nude ones with a block heel might really be a thing this season. I doubt I’ll be dabbling with knee highs – it’s the curse of chunky calves. But I’m at peace with it – ankle boots with a block heel have been a staple of mine for years. If it ain’t broke…

A few more things worth mentioning? Houndstooth. Pleated and plaid skirts. Even butterflies. And time will tell what the next big thing will be. I can’t say I’ve been super excited about autumn, and I’m definitely not excited about winter – life is a little too uncertain right now – but dressing up in cute things, whether it’ll be indoors or outdoors, will always help to perk up my mood.



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