The Navy Pinafore Dress

As a WW (working woman – a ‘term’ which I like to think was entirely made up by my mum), I have come to rely a lot on style-proof outfits. These outfits – or uniforms, as I like to think of them – are my safety blankets for some reliable 9 to 5 style. However, the pinafore dress has surpassed all my expectations – it’s work friendly, perfect for piling on a couple of warm layers and pretty damn feminine. I was sold at the beginning of 2016 and it’s no different for me in 2017…

The point I’m getting to is that is specific look is one of my favourite ‘safety blankets’ from the past few months – I’ve worn it to work, on weekends and to my mini trip to Amsterdam. It’s easy but stylish – and I love not having to choose one or the other!

I also love a good tonal look, and I’ve surprisingly been getting my head around my not so favourite colour navy thanks to some of these items.

The jumper, sadly, might have to go, as the fit of it around the neckline is so poor. Which is a shame because I absolutely love this steel blue shade. I love how it goes with this dress and with this Zara skirt I’ve got, and would desperately want to find a turtleneck in this exact shade if it were to go… what won’t have to go is the dress. It’s by an up and coming brand called Grace & Mila, which does super girlie, unbearably cute pieces (I’m obsessed, if you couldn’t tell). On their website this dress is styled with a check shirt, which I personally think looks adorable and might have to emulate now that it’s got warmer.

I could have been super consistent and paired my blue Accessorize camera bag with this look, but sometimes I like to break things up a bit. So I picked this little beauty by Ted Baker. I was naughty at Christmas and decided to treat myself to this fancy little piece – it’s a bit OTT but I love the floral illustration and shape of it. I still dream about having more of Ted Baker in my wardrobe… one day!

I also wore this little faux pearl ring by the brand I am, which I got completely by chance  when shopping in Malta all the way back in September. It’s actually broken – it’s meant to have a hoop around one of the pearls, but I was determined to get some use out of it and have got used to its ‘bare’ appearance.

My beloved bee necklace by Alex Monroe made an appearance too! I sometimes like wearing a delicate necklace with a turtleneck, I’m not sure if it looks fantastic as such (i.e. insta-worthy or blogger-y enough) but I like it.

I was serious about being in the navy – the tights and shoes had to fit in accordingly. I actually love these shoes – the velvet trend hasn’t really convinced me but when my friend and I saw these shoes had been reduced to £8 in Zara, we couldn’t resist. But I think I really need to stop getting pointy shoes – I don’t know what it is with me but I ruin pointy shoes straight away, which sulks because I have fallen in love with them all over again this past year.

Coat, Topshop (different colour available here). Beanie, gift from my mum. Jumper, Primark. Pinafore dress, Grace & Mila (available here). Bag, Ted Baker. Earrings, ASOS. Necklace, Alex Monroe. Ring, I Am. Shoes, Zara.

Oh my, and here is the piece that dominated my Instagram account for a good few weeks. I am obsessed with it – and I know I say that a lot but this coat really, really has got me crazy in love. I spotted it in Topshop at the end of last year, tried it on and kind of loved it but was intimidated by the length, did not forget about it and waited for it to go down from £79 to £32 to not feel too guilty for getting yet another coat – and a pink one!

Last year I took a plunge and stepped into the longline look, and with this coat I think I’ve the climax of my love for longline coats. It kind of swamps me but I don’t care, that’s how much I love it. So yes, if I can do long coats, anybody can.

This look is a pretty wintery one – but as it’s sadly been chilly again in London the past few days I could easily wear this now (in fact, I wore my pink coat today). But even though I’ve got an ongoing cold, I’m glad to say though that I’ve finally ditched dark tights and this little red beanie, which is not really me but my mum gave it to me and I love it to bits because of that.

There will be another pinafore look on the blog soon – not so much a safety blanket, but more of a statement.

Pictures taken on February 22nd, 2017 next to the Royal Academy of Arts, central London.



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