Day Dreamer

So this is now the third post in a row in which I am going to bang on about how much I have been loving Miss Selfridge for the past few months, but credit where credit is due – because there is the grand total of two Miss Selfridge items in this look.

Firstly, let’s start off with this bomber jacket. I’ve completely fallen for the bomber jacket with a back embroidery trend. How amazing are all those pink and neutral shades mixed into it? I felt so guilty getting another pink bomber jacket (as I have this one) but I just couldn’t resist the ‘Day Dreamer’ embroidery on the back! “Don’t quit your day dream” is one of my favourite cheesy quotes and as a regular day dreamer I felt like this jacket had pretty much been made for me. Despite its pretty hues and sugar-coated message, I wouldn’t say it’s excessively girlie, as its sporty tones and even varsity vibes take centerstage.

But that’s it for bomber jackets – I now have a little collection of them and as much as I love them I don’t feel like I can justify getting anymore. Sure, they’ve essentially become a wardrobe staple – but unlike blazers or coats, they’re quite a particular piece and not exactly an everyday basic in my books.

And even though my style is anything but sporty, this bomber has blended in perfectly with lots of my girlie pieces. I teamed it with this ultra girlie chunky knit jumper, also from Miss Selfridge. This jumper is so excessive and at first I wasn’t sure whether I should keep it or not – but I did and guess what, it became one of my go-to pieces this winter. The frills are ridiculous yet charming and the gold threading makes it even more OTT, but I love its unabashed glamour and cosiness.

The skirt is by another favourite, Lavand – I’m still undecided about navy as I sometimes find it so damn hard to match (I really have to consider which bag, shoes and even tights I’m going to wear… such an effort!) but I love the jacquard effect on this piece and A-line shape, it’s so chic and easy to wear.

In fact, what I tend to do when navy is in the picture is just mix it with other shades of blue. I’m not too sure what shade of blue this bag by Accessorize is, but it works perfectly with navy. I didn’t get with that in mind though! I love the shape of it, I think camera bags are so chic and street style perfect.

Bomber jacket and jumper, Miss Selfridge. Skirt, Lavand. Bag, Accessorize. Earrings, Gogo Philip. Chunky bracelet, All Saints. Nail bracelet, The Peach Box. Watch, Michael Kors. Ring, from Hong Kong. Boots, NW3.

Also, how amazing are all three of these beautiful walls found in east London? I thought the background in the first picture complemented my bomber perfectly, whilst the second background is one of my all-time favourite walls that I’ve definitely had on the blog at least once before.

But this punk teddy by Woskerski is so adorable! I just had to include him in the blog post…

These pictures are again from a while back, they were taken in January when it was still pretty cold (my bomber was worn under a coat). But now that it’s officially spring, hopefully it won’t be too long before I get to use my bombers without any extra layers!

Pictures taken in Old Street and Brick Lane, east London, on January 21st 2017.



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