We Need To Talk About Shoulders

Top, Warehouse. Shorts, Lavand. Earrings, Parfois. Necklace, Tatty Devine. Ring, from Hong Kong. Bracelets, The Peach Box and from local boutique in Bilbao, Spain. Hat, Primark. Bag, Zara. Shoes, Clarks.

My dear peeps, I am aware that by now shops and the internet in general are absolutely saturated with this trend – but there was no way I couldn’t not talk about it, as I too have completely fallen for its charms. In fact I feel like I have always been in love with the off-the-shoulder look – or Bardot tops, as I like to call them. The latter reference refers to one of my all-time fashion and beauty icons, French actress Brigitte Bardot – she wore off-the-shoulder tops so much that she made them literally hers, and they have been called Bardot tops ever since. How fabulous is that?

I wish I could remember whether I have ever done this look before on the blog (as it would make me feel like less of a fashion victim), but nope, nothing springs to mind. This summer, however, will be the summer of off-the-shoulder blog posts, as I am obsessed! I’m all for shoulders being the new cleavage, as it’s such a feminine, sexy and elegant look, don’t you think?

I bought this Warehouse top on ASOS about four months ago out of curiosity, and loved it from the minute I tried it on. I’m cautious about stripes and don’t often wear navy, but the subtle off-the-shoulder cut is what makes it so charming.

I like how it gives you the option of going either full on with shoulder cleavage or just showing a little bit – on this occasion, maybe I wasn’t feeling warm enough to show more skin?

The top has such a good cut that I wouldn’t say no to having it in other colours, even though the dark and white stripes somehow really do complement this style. And because dark navy/blackish blue is a slightly tricky colour for me to match, I used my good old (although not old!) Lavand shorts, which have popped up in my two latest outfit posts and therefore proved to be a super handy piece in my wardrobe.

I wish I’d got a close up of my necklace! It’s by Tatty Devine and I bought it at their sample sale two months ago – it’s a little speech bubble that says “Call Me,” in the same style as this piece on the brand’s website.

And even though Bardot tops have an undeniably sunny feel, I loved wearing it with my hat – I would wear hats like these all year around if I could!

Finally, how beautiful is this setting? These pictures were taken two months ago in The Metropolitan Museum of Art – specifically by the beautiful Temple of Dendur (Which was not stolen, but a gift from Egypt to the USA – good to know!). It feels like a lifetime ago!

My love for Bardot/off-the-shoulder tops has not died down ever since, so hopefully I’ll be sharing my other pieces soon enough. But this, my friends, I feel will be so much more than a summer romance…

Photographed on May 10th, 2016 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA – pictures by Ruth.



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