Style How To’s: The ASOS Pinafore Dress (1)

Sometimes one little staple can make life so much easier – and stylish too.

I remember thinking, when dungarees (or overalls, which kinda sounds more grown-up) were making a huge comeback, “Oh no.” Dungarees were second nature to me back when I was hanging out in my school’s playground, and even though my style is very girlie and I actually love a lot of kiddie-inspired things, I knew there was absolutely no way dungarees would be revisiting my adult(ish) wardrobe.

The pinafore dress, dungarees’ little sister, has been steadily creeping back into fashion for the past few seasons too, but up until a few weeks ago I took no notice of it whatsoever. It was ASOS that changed everything – I was having a not so innocent little browse for jersey dresses when all of a sudden I stumbled across this jersey pinafore dress. Maybe it was the cute styling, or even the model’s delightful smile and windswept hair… whatever it was, I had a feeling that a jersey pinafore dress would be rather handy.

Originally I wanted to go for the navy version of this dress, and even the red one caught my attention. I can’t remember if my size was unavailable or if I simply decided to keep it safe and go for black, but I’m glad I ended up with the black one, as it’ll probably work with a lot of my wardrobe.

After having been out of stock for a few weeks, all three versions of this dress are available at the moment. I am really, really tempted to go for the navy version… wouldn’t it be sweet for summer?

Apart from the fact that it seems to crease really easily, I love the fact that it’s jersey. I think I would feel a bit restricted in a corduroy or denim one, but this jersey one is so comfortable and easy to move around in.

Straight away it became one of those dresses I feel like I could wear all the time, especially during winter, as it’s such a stylish way to have a little extra warmth. It is also super versatile too – you’ll be seeing more of it on the blog soon!

This look, for me, is a little retro and Parisian. I did admittedly get this turtleneck jumper in Oasis’ sale thinking it would be perfect for my pinafore dress. A size ‘S’ was not available so I got an ‘M’, which is surprisingly big on me. Ideally a more figure-hugging jumper would work wonders with a pinafore dress, and for some reason if it’s a turtleneck it complements it perfectly. Black and white stripes can be a little Beetlejuice and/or a little ‘prison break’, but they can also be super chic and have  that effortlessly stylish French feel.

Pinafore dress, ASOS (available here). Jumper, Oasis (available here). Bag, Boden (seen here, available here). Earrings, Mango (available here). Ring, gift. Shoes, House Of Avenues. Hat, from Spitalfields Market.

I wore this outfit less than two weeks ago – it was still technically winter and pretty chilly, but these two pieces were just the right amount of cosy and fashion forward.

Are you peeps falling for the pinafore dress? I remember the day I was wearing this my friend and I went for a bite to The Breakfast Club and I spotted two other girls there in pinafore dresses! Safe to say it might be a fast-growing trend… In all honesty I don’t usually pay much attention to specific trends until they are on the way out, so this would be a change… unless pinafore dresses aren’t actually ‘in’ anymore? Not that I care… I might even give the more structured ones a go. But for now, look out for my next ‘how to’ post with this jersey pinafore dress – I’m going to milk it as much as I can, regardless of whether it’s in or not!

Pictures taken on March 18th, 2016 in Shoreditch – pictures taken by Merissa.



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