The Bag Diaries: Call Me Maybe…

This bag! It’s so cheeky, maybe a little too cheeky, sometimes getting the wrong kind of attention. It makes me want to break into that “Call Me Maybe” song, and not many bags have that effect on me.

Bag, Aldo. Blazer, French Connection (oldie). Dress, H&M. Necklace, Claire’s Accessories. Earrings and ring, gift. Watch, ASOS. Belt and shoes, Primark.

Make any ordinary object into a bag and I’ll clearly fall in love with it (a book, nail polish bottle, popcorn bag…). I didn’t wake up one morning and decide I needed a telephone bag in my life, but when I saw a picture of Betsey Johnson’s telephone bag that was it – I fell in love. Almost simultaneously I spotted this cutie at Aldo and couldn’t resist.

A while after buying it, I found out there was a beautiful pastel version of this bag. Sadly, I never came across it, and wonder if it was even stocked in the UK. Oh well – black is more practical…

It’s not the most practical bag in the world – it’s not exactly spacious or the easiest of bags to match but it’s one of those items that it’s worth sacrificing practicality for!

I kept the rest of my outfit simple to let my bag (literally) do the talking – I hadn’t worn this blazer in years and hot pink is always the answer for me when having to liven up black.

Naturally, I had to throw in just a little more quirkiness with my flower earrings and safety pin necklace – yet again, ordinary (yet adorable) objects.

Finally, how gorgeous is this background I found? It’s by David Shillinglaw and don’t be surprised if it pops up again on the blog – I am completely in love with it. Would it be too much if I did a photoshoot with it and my watermelon bag? Come on, I do love to match…

Photographed on August 2 2014 in Hoxton – pics by Ruth.



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