Pastels and Diamonds

I’m not actually sure what the colour of this skirt is… Baby blue? Light blue? Powder blue? Ever so slightly mint? Whatever it is, it gets me. It ties in perfectly with my love of pastel shades and does exactly what it says on the tin – which is make a perfect match to lemon yellow and/or baby pink.

Please excuse the creases, I did actually iron it before heading out but there was a lot of sitting involved! But back to the important stuff, I fell in love with this print when I saw it on various things in & Other Stories a few months ago. Oh, I could easily have welcomed all of them into my life, but set my heart on this skirt. I almost, almost bought it full price – but my wise owl of a friend told me to hold out for their sale. Indeed, & Other Stories went into the sale a week later – and I saved myself £20.

Skirt and bag, & Other Stories. Vest and shoes, Primark. Blouse, Zara. Necklace, from Hong Kong. Ring, Accessorize. Set of bangles, gift from India. Watch, Aldo.

Are they diamonds? Are they gems? Not knowing exactly what this print is makes it all the more charming. I love the wonderful selection of colours on this skirt, it’s like a grown-up rainbow. Drawstring waists are not a personal favourite but all is forgiven on this occasion. As for the pockets, I’m not one of those women who get extremely excited at the site of pockets on skirts and dresses, but they are indeed welcome and will surely come in handy one day.

I wore it with this wardrobe classic – which really, really doesn’t get out enough – for a quiet walk in one of my favourite parks. Pastel shades and parks – two things that make me happy!

These shoes have still got it! I have a feeling I bought them in 2011, and even though I only wear them during the summer, that’s a long time for Primark shoes in my books. The best thing is, I still love them.

It’s not often I wear two & Other Stories pieces at once, how luxurious! I seriously considered returning this bag because it is, shockingly, so badly made. Thank God I paid less than £30 for it and the original £95 price tag. Unfortunately, I fell in love with its quirky treasure box feel, and because there weren’t any more in the store I decided to keep it. I knew I would miss it if I gave it back…

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago, and sadly the weather has changed a little too much ever since. For the past week I’ve been wearing tights and, what’s worse, knitwear and long sleeves. The end of the summer is approaching, and most of these pieces will start their winter hibernating soon. I’ll have to do my best to take out these diamonds one or two (or three) more times…

Photographed in Broomfield Park on August 4th 2014 – pics by Merissa.



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