The Weekly Edit #4

At the risk of sounding disgustingly vain, I like what I wore last week. I didn’t bother taking any pictures on Monday and Tuesday because all I did was go to work in my work uniform and then straight home – nothing exciting, as far as I can remember! From Wednesday onwards I spiced things up a little since I was back at my company’s head office for my just-over-a-month-long internship…

Wednesday (April 23): Sonia by Sonia Rykiel top (new) / Urban Outfitters shorts (new) / Hobbs bag (from last summer) / NW3 brogues (seen here)

Thursday (April 24): NW3 cardigan (from last summer), blouse (new – I so wish I’d remembered to wear it with my dragonfly necklace!) and brogues / Boutique by Jaeger skirt (seen here) / Hobbs bag / Bracelet, from Bilbao

Friday (April 25): Zara blazer (January Shopping List) / New Look Jumper (new) worn over Hobbs shirt (oldie) / Skirt (seen here), necklace, ring and bag, from Hong Kong / House of Avenues brogues (seen here)

Saturday (April 26): Miss Selfridge coat (new) / ASOS dress (seen here) / Zara bag (seen here) and shoes (seen here) / Necklace, from Hong Kong (seen here)

Yesterday (April 27): Jumper, from La Cle de Bilbao (new) / Urban Outfitters shorts / Zara shoes (seen here) / Gogo Philip earrings (seen here) / Bag, from Hong Kong

I have been tremendously naughty this month, buying too many lovely things. I’m in love with my new Miss Selfridge coat (super impulsive buy but oh-so-amazing), my black jumper with a gold kiss from a lovely boutique in my hometown in Spain called La Cle de Bilbao, and my simple but so sweet and soft lip-print top from Sonia Rykiel’s diffusion line, a brilliant discovery on ASOS. 

As for the outfits, I got told off (in a good way – by one of my besties) for wearing such short shorts to the office – oops! I guess they are super short, especially in an office environment – in my defence, it is a very creative one! Oh well, just to be safe I’ll save them for the weekend. My outfits on Thursday and Friday were hopefully more demure and lady-like. I wore this coat on Wednesday and Thursday, but really, really felt like wearing a blazer on Friday so layered like a (semi?) pro. On the weekend however I decided to keep things cosy, mainly because I really wanted to wear my new coat (which is relatively light)!

Like I said, I’m happy with my outfits from last week because I made more of an effort than usual and had a lot of fun with my new bits and bobs. The only thing is I probably ignored London’s slight chill and rain a little too much – I’ve now got something of a cold! Summer is indeed around the corner but I better not get ahead of myself. This week is going to be all about snuggling up – in a springy kind of way.



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