New year, new coat (and new shoes)

Let me just start by saying that is the coat of my dreams – hence the stupid grin on my face.

I know, I know, we’re not even half way through the month and I’ve already been naughty, but I seriously feel like I can justify this coat. I’ve been wanting a black and white coat ever since watching Confessions of a Shopaholic in the cinema – a film that I’ll never, ever get tired of, mostly due to the main character’s amazing wardrobe.

Coat, Mango. Jumper, Zipia (seen here). Vest dress, Topshop (oldie). Earrings, Primark (possibly from 2012). Necklace, Marc by Marc Jacobs (November Shopping list). Ring, Accessorize (new). Bag, New Look (seen here). Shoes, ASOS (December Shopping list).

Apart from being brainwashed by one of the cutest in films in history, the other reason for wanting a black and white coat was because I needed a new go-with-everything coat. I considered the most obvious options. A camel coat? It’s one of those things that I do feel like you’d have to spend a fair amount of money on. A grey coat is not really me and I don’t know why but I am SO not in the mood for a black coat at the moment. Final choice? Monochrome – it goes with about 90% of my wardrobe. The only things that I might be wary of wearing it with are leopard print and navy.

I literally have no idea how a few weeks ago I came across this coat on Mango’s website, and felt like I’d found The One. Down to £44.99 in their sale, unsurprisingly a size small was sold out on their website. I didn’t intend to search for it but five days ago I just happened to be walking past a Mango and saw a girl trying on this very coat. I patiently prayed that she put it down (I have to say it looked amazing on her!) and after a minute of oohing and aahing the coat went back on the mannequin. I leaped like a gazelle and almost shrieked when I saw that it was a small – the last one there! Off I went to the till…

Guys, I’ll be honest – I know it doesn’t fit like a glove. My friend said it looked like I was wearing a blanket. Well, it’s one hell of a blanket – just what I was looking for. It swamps my petite frame but I couldn’t care less because it really is the coat of my dreams. Also, I learned something new thanks to it – this is the pattern that is referred to as Prince of Wales. How very posh.

I gotta say, finding one’s fantasy coat makes a nice start to the year. I bought it on Saturday, wore it on Sunday, Monday (when these pictures were taken) and plan to wear it today again. Very pleased indeed.

Also, I finally gave my new ASOS shoes a go – they were a little tough because I’m lame when it comes to new heights but I’m sure I’ll get used to them. I’ll have to, since they look this pretty!

I can’t decide what colour they are – burnt red? Rustic brown? Whatever shade it is, I love it. But back to the coat, let me just show you what I was talking about…

Snippets from possibly my favourite outfit from Confessions of a Shopaholic… Isn’t Rebecca Bloomwood/Isla Fisher adorable? OK, so my coat isn’t quite the same – but it’s close enough and I can’t wait to wear it with something pink. In fact, a pink blouse and black pencil skirt would be perfect.



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