Birds, pleats and candy nails

Let’s face it, the thing that excites me the most about this outfit is the nails, although the bird necklace and the pleated skirt aren’t so bad either.

Coat, Dorothy Perkins (seen here and here). Top, Zipia. Skirt, Oasis. Necklace and boots, Primark. Watch, Aldo. Ring, Brandy Melville. Bag, Zara (seen here).

Don’t get your hopes about that hint of the sun you see there – these pictures were taken just over two weeks ago. Since it was less cold then than it is now (I won’t bother moaning about how little sense that makes, there’s no point) I was actually able to make a reasonable effort with my appearance, whereas the past few days have been nothing but my long River Island boots and lots, lots of knitwear.

The necklace: I saw this on a mannequin in Primark just before going to Spain, at the beginning of February. I kept my eyes open for it right before leaving and once I got back, but couldn’t find it. I started to wonder whether the visual peeps at Primark had used another brand’s necklace (it wouldn’t be the first time), if it had sold out or if I’d simply been dreaming – I finally came across it just over two weeks ago and snapped it up straight away. I love it! It’s such a statement piece and it’s commercial yet different and unique. It sits reasonably well and I can’t wait to try it with other looks…

The skirt: I got this skirt from Oasis’ website in September or October – I was on a pleats high after discovering my black skirt also from Oasis, so I thought this one would be just as wonderful. Well, it’s not – the fit just isn’t quite as nice as it is my black one, and this shade of red (not quite burgundy, not quite anything really) doesn’t really work with that many colours. It’s definitely not a regret buy though – it’s a lovely colour and I love the zig-zag pleating. Plus, just like my black skirt, I think I could make it work all year round – I’m picturing it with white tees during the summer…

The nails: What does one do when they can’t decide on which nail colour to go for? Pile them all on, of course. I’d never done this multi-colouring before, and I can’t wait to do it again. In a way it felt almost wrong to have such summery colours on my nails matched with a fairly subtle winter look, but I think they gave my outfit that extra bit of pizzaz it needed. I’ll always get my hands on pastels when possible – and if I can literally get them on my hands, that’s just as good. FYI, the pink shade is Chanel Les Vernis in Riviera (Limited Edition from ss’10 if I remember correctly) and all the other shades are from Max Factor, I can’t remember the names as they were borrowed from a friend but they were all bought about a month ago and are definitely still available!

I couldn’t resist sharing the sheer silliness of this snapshot. Nope, I’m not actually sniffing the flowers, I’m simply admiring their prettiness and blossoming – goes to show just how desperate I am for Spring to come!



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