Today I finished a two-week internship at The Times Magazine. As a fashion intern, I inhabited the fashion cupboard – I got to be surrounded by beautiful clothes and shoes, from Prada heels to Miu Miu dresses and Topshop pieces. That’s what I loved about the cupboard, there was just as much high-street as there was designer (If only my wardrobe was like that…). As well as clothes, I also got a sneaky preview of a few tickets for the shows at London Fashion Week… exciting! And also a bit sad, as I wish I could go to all of them. 

I was impressed not just by the names on the tickets, but by the tickets themselves. It’s great to see how when it comes to fashion, every detail counts. Naturally, my favourite ticket is this beauty by Mulberry.

How creative, fun and sweet is that? Not at all practical, but who cares when it looks this good? It brings out the kid in me again. This paper doll is a work of art, I can’t wait to see what the connection between her and Mulberry’s Spring/Summer ’11 collection is. Happy Fashion Week to all.


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