Chapter 18: Bright tights

These pics were taken a few weeks ago in Camden Town – I love that place, no matter how touristy it is. I bought these tights from M&S in the summer – reduced to 2 pounds! I’d been wanting to try coloured tights for a while (probably under the influence of Gossip Girl), although I was unsure because a) I don’t really like drawing attention to myself and coloured tights are not the best way to go unnoticed, and b) having a bright colour on your legs is not usually very flattering. But I love this pair and in my case, I’ll just make sure I keep the rest of the outfit super simple – and when it comes to simple there’s no other colour like black, is there? I have a confession to make, though: I haven’t worn these tights ever since… need to come up with more outfit combos! Any suggestions?

Here they are again, my very much loved cream brogues, getting dirtier by the day but still very much in use…

I got this vintage Dooney&Bourke bag at Urban Outfitters, I have no idea how old it is but it’s definitely old and worn out – love it anyway. I guess I’m really getting into vintage accessories…

Isn’t it great when the background contrasts perfectly with one’s outfit?


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