Chapter 15: A chilled Sunday look

Oh no! I’ve been neglecting my blogging activities throughout the last few weeks, but I have my reasons: I had family visiting and have therefore been a fashion intern by day, a London tour guide by night. On the bright side, I finished my internship on Friday and I’ll be blogging with a vengeance for the next few days.

I’m starting with a combo I wore on Sunday. I tend to keep things simple on the weekends, although a top and shorts are my usual trademark, whether it’s a week day or weekend. Then again, it depends where I’m going and who I’m seeing – the weather was great so a few of us decided to go for a walk in Little Venice, which I only discovered recently. And yes, I’ve (sort of) overcome my fear of showing my face – it’s quite hard to get good shots and to chop off one’s head, no?

As you can see, I do love my black white and red combos. So this t-shirt is perfect for me – not only does it have a cute bow, it also ticks all the right colour boxes. Most importantly though, it has sentimental value, since it’s a present from my dearest friend (and yep, that phrase on the tee is my usual state of mind).


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  1. 23rd August 2010 / 10:11 pm

    Oh definetely you need to show that pretty face of yours! Love your outfit and this mixture of easy-chic that you are. You are the example that the good taste its not about quantity….its quality!

    I think you are a perfect fashionist + trend setter.

    Love your blog by the way 😉

    cheers mate!

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