A Few Outfits I Wore In August

Well peeps – another month gone, another mini outfit roundup… because I’m determined to not ghost this blog for more than a month. Life, again, has been incredibly busy and rather wonderful – meaning blogging hasn’t been much of an option lately. But luckily there’s almost always time for an outfit shot, which now means I can talk about some of the outfits, pieces and styles I’ve loved throughout August… So without further ado, here’s a glimpse of what’s been pushing my style buttons over the past few weeks…

01/08/2022: Topshop racer vest / Zara skirt and sandals / Primark hairband / Cherry & Mint bag

So this is apparently what I wear for a working from home day that includes a speedy lunch break in IKEA. I mean, let’s take a moment for the hairband. This is literally what I used to wear when I was 10. So why I’ve decided to do this again in my mid 30s is a mystery. I think I was hoping for a cute 60s look, but got 90s tennis player instead. OK, so the hairband might be questionable – but I actually like this whole look and would totally wear it again for a super chilled, running-errands-but-still-want-to-look-reasonably-nice day.

05/08/2022: & Other Stories dress / Kurt Geiger bag / Hobbs shoes

There’s not much to say about this dress, other than it sets my soul on fire. I wore it a bunch of times throughout August and plan to do the same in September.

06/08/2022: SheIn top and skirt / Lulu Guinness bag / Next sandals

I got this coord in 2020 and it still sparks so much joy every time I wear it. Also, for some reason men seem to really respond to this outfit – I don’t dress for any gender or being other than myself, but it’s been amusing to see the effect this very particular coord has on dates.

07/08/2022: Olivia Rubin dress / Lulu Guinness bag / Zara sandals

I can’t remember if I ever gave this Olivia Rubin dress (bought last year in the sale) ever had its moment on the blog, but here it is – my cheerful little ice cream dress that is probably too small but makes me happy either way.

12/08/2022: Topshop racer vest and skirt / Next sandals / Aldo bag (seen here)

This isn’t an outfit I would throw on whenever – but I was going to a Southbank party inspired by the nineties and noughties so had to put together a Mean Girls worthy outfit. Hence the nineties/2000s references – a name necklace, love hearts bag… So, while I probably wouldn’t wear it regularly, I kind of loved it. It also serves as a beautiful ode to this bag, which fell apart and died that night. Symbolic of the noughties?

13/08/2022: H&M top and shorts / New Look earrings / Zara bag / Next sandals

OK, this is quite simply a gem of a coord. And I hate that it’s not getting its own blog post or even that great a picture. But, one day it will – it deserves to shine (even if it’s not this year).

18/08/2022: Zara dress / Kurt Geiger bag / Next sandals

The pink dress that needs no introduction, because I talked about it here and it has been all over social media. I still adore it and feel like a princess whenever I wear it – but it’s definitely a testament of how sh*t Zara’s quality is because it has definitely shrunk in the wash. Sigh.

20/08/2022: Sisters of the Tribe dress (seen here) / Oasis cardigan / Primark shoes / & Other Stories bag

This dress was a 2021 purchase that I couldn’t wait to dig out again in 2022, and I imagine that will be the case for the next few years. As for the cardigan, it goes back to 2016 or earlier – I recently rediscovered it and have loved wearing it.

27/08/2022: New Look dress / Loewe bag / Next sandals / ASOS bow scrunchie

I know that buying a summer dress in August is not the wisest move – but not getting this dress in the New Look sale, which was reduced to about £13, would have been a pretty dumb decision. I got it barely a week ago and have already worn it what feels like a bunch of times (I even wore it today). Overall, I haven’t been gravitating towards midi and full-length dresses that much, but I’m delighted to have found some that push my buttons.

28/08/2022: Abercrombie & Fitch dress / Polene bag / Valentino shoes / Vintage necklace

The infamous Abercrombie dress! I had this Selkie wannabe on my wish list for months and finally decided to treat myself when it went (slightly) down in the sale. It might not be super formal or dressy, but I wore it to my friend’s wedding and felt pretty lovely in it.

29/08/2022: H&M top / Zara shorts / Vans shoes / NW3 bag

A splash of colour had to be worn for the return of the Notting Hill Carnival – and I jumped at the chance of wearing orange and pink (and even red).

30/08/2022: SheIn dress (seen here) / ASOS dust coat / Next sandals / Polene bag

For the penultimate last day of August I decided to wear this little blue dress, another 2020 purchase that still sparks so much joy. And yes, that’s a duster coat you see – it was, tragically, kind of cold that day (yep, 22 degrees now classifies as nippy).

Am I ready to say goodbye to summer outfits and welcome layers? F*ck no – I’m a summer spirit through and through (despite having been born in autumn) and am going to milk the remaining 23 days of summer as much as I can. So, unless those degrees really do plummet, don’t expect ‘autumnal content’ anytime soon.



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