The May Outfits Series – Part 2

Hey peeps, I’m a little bit delayed with the recording of my May outfits as I went on the trip of a lifetime (and it turns out blogging the same day I’m going on a long-haul flight is not for me) and only just got back. But post-holiday blues and flight exhaustion aside, here’s what I wore the second week of May (and what I wore last week will be up shortly too!)…

Monday (09/05/2022): Zara top / Topshop skirt / Primark bag / Hobbs shoes

I made a bit more of an effort with this working from home outfit because I was meeting a friend for lunch, but nevertheless relied on these trusty pieces. Everything I’m wearing (apart from the green bag) is at least two years old – this Topshop skirt in particular, which I think I bought in 2018, still makes my heart skip a beat.

Tuesday (10/05/2022): H&M blazer (seen here) & shirt / Zara shorts / Loewe bag (seen here) / Stradivarius shoes / Vintage earrings / ASOS hair scrunchie

Apparently it was Tummy Out Tuesday for me… Believe it or not, an image of Cindy Crawford in 1992 (the sixth one in this article) was the inspiration for this shirt situation. I think I need to either a) find a more sophisticated way to jump onto the shirt-tying bandwagon, b) find a way to show less skin, and/or c) get over myself and my insecurities. But, even though I’m yet to master the art of shirt tying, I still quite like this look.

Wednesday (11/05/2022): Wednesday’s Girl dress / Monica Vinader hoops / Primark slippers

A very comfortable, wholesome, suitable for not-that-hot-but-not-that-cold weather at-home outfit – I bought this dress about two years ago and love how easy it is to throw on and dress up or down.

Thursday (12/05/2022): Labelrail x Pose and Repeat shirt / Zara trousers / Primark bag / Jeffrey Campbell shoes / H&M earrings

I’m sad this outfit didn’t get a proper #ootd picture, it deserved better! I love everything about this limited-edition shirt, created by the blogger Rubi (@poseandrepeat) in collaboration with Labelrail and sold on ASOS. Admittedly, it’s not the easiest piece to style, so I built this whole look around it and love how it turned out – it’s probably my favourite outfit from that week. Will be wearing it on (very) cool summer days.

Friday (13/05/2022): New Look dress / Zara blazer / Polene bag / Vans shoes / Mango earrings / ASOS hair scrunchie

Damn, that’s a lot of pink. Even for me – but no regrets, I’m all for a pink overdose every now and again. This was a last-minute, “let’s throw on something comfortable but cute” look for a casual, local dinner – it did the job.

Saturday (14/05/2022): Zara jacket, top and skorts (seen here) / Polene bag / Hobbs shoes

Saturday was a reasonably hot day and, at times, it was actually a teeny, weeny bit too hot for this coord – but I love wearing it so much that it was worth carrying, not wearing, the jacket here and there.

Sunday (15/05/2022): Miss Selfridge dress / ASOS hair scrunchie / Primark cardigan, shoes and green tote bag / Monica Vinader hoops / Missoma necklace / Roxy travel bag (close to two decades old – seen here)

Airport styling, but make it prairie-ish – this is what I wore for a long-haul flight that I’ll be banging on about when I get a chance. Not your standard travel look, but I genuinely find floaty dresses more comfortable than anything else and most importantly made sure I stayed cosy on the plane with a scarf and a blanket. The question is, however, will I ever jump on the jet set tracksuit look?

And that’s all for now – the next part of May is what I’m really excited about, so stay tuned!



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