Eight Outfits I Wore In April

Hello, it’s been yet another hot minute since I last showed my face and outfits here – and at the risk of being a little unoriginal, I’m self-plagiarising myself by doing another outfit roundup of one of my favourite months of the year. However, I’m in the mood to overshare as to why I’ve been MIA over the past two months…

March consisted of this:

  • I got COVID! Yes yes, the big C finally got me. I suspect I’m a COVID veteran who had it back in 2020 (I spoke about it briefly here), but this time, it was official. I was lucky in the sense that it was ridiculously mild – I didn’t have to take any time off work and only had a very runny nose. If anything, I was just frustrated that I had to go into a mini lockdown.
  • I went to Dublin! It was a 48-hour trip, so I’m not sure if I have enough “content” to make a post out of it. I might give it a go, but no promises.
  • I got SUPER ill! The day after I came back from Dublin I felt incredibly weak and rough. It was, essentially, the cold from hell. Whatever it was, it wiped me out for over a week and was a million times worse than COVID.

And as for April, it’s mostly consisted of this:

  • I went to Paris at the start of the month! It was magical – everything I could have hoped for and more. I will do my best to blog about it because… it’s Paris!
  • I did some spring/summer shopping/damage. Looking forward to introducing these new members of my wardrobe family.
  • We’ve actually had spring weather! Shedding layers and actually wearing spring outfits has been delightful.

Anyway, almost halfway through April I decided I might as well do some outfit recording for *content* purposes – so here you go, some actual outfits that don’t involve black tights and a coat!

Monday (11/04/22): River Island cardigan / Zara skort and bag / Calzedonia tights / Vans shoes

This is a typical “I’m working from home but will be heading out at lunchtime to run some errands so I want to be comfortable and cute” look. I got this cardigan from River Island last month and LOVE it – for some reason, its Y2K / athleisure vibes do it for me. The tights were a Paris purchase from Calzedonia – they say the word “joy” in different languages. I don’t know if these would classify as black tights, but I’m pretty sure that was the last day I wore anything slightly dark on my legs. Because there’s nothing that brings me greater joy than doing the black to nude tights switchover…

Tuesday (12/04/22): ASOS dress / Silvian Heach trench coat (seen here) / H&M bag / Hobbs shoes

Fun fact: this office outfit doubled as a date outfit (Yes it went well, thank you for asking). If there’s one thing I love about dating in the not-so-freezing months, it’s the fact that I get to wear dresses. Yep, call me basic – I love wearing dresses on dates. Not surprising, considering I love wearing dresses for anything and everything.

Wednesday (13/04/22): Bershka cardigan & trousers / Primark slippers

Oh, loungewear. That sweetly traumatising memory from 2020. I dipped into it, but never fully embraced it – I’m too much of a maximalist to fall for glorified pyjamas. But believe me when I say it was love at first sight (and at first try-on) when coming across this set by Bershka on ASOS at the start of March. So soft, so cosy, so stylish – the trousers are ridiculously long on me, but I don’t care. Where were you when I needed you in 2020 and 2021? It’s fine though – it’s the perfect working from home outfit. I’ve worn it a ridiculous amount of times since getting it, in fact my love for it is so deep that I really, really want to wear it out one day. I’ll definitely wear the cardigan out, and maybe I’ll go full ‘Z celebrity off duty’ and rock the trousers too.

Thursday (14/04/22): New Look cardigan / Monki top / Zara skorts / Lulu Guinness bag / Hobbs shoes

I guess a love a skort that looks horrifically creasy in pictures. I love my black Zara skorts so much (as seen on the Monday outfit) that I couldn’t resist getting them in pink. I know the crease fest is a tragedy, but I still like them. And, let’s not detract from the real star of the show – this tiny little Lulu beauty that should really get its own post.

Friday (15/04/22): Primark top, skirt and bag / Zara blazer (styled here) / Jones Bootmaker shoes

So this is probably my favourite outfit of the month. I saw this Primark skirt on Instagram and ran to the stores to get my hands on it. I adore it – I literally daydream about ways of styling it. Although in all honesty, I think it hit its peak with this outfit – topping it will be difficult.

Saturday (16/04/22): Zara top and shorts / Wallis blazer / Lulu Guinness bag / Vans shoes

A very simple pink & red outfit in honour of my new baby for what was a very simple yet lovely and sunny day.

Sunday (17/04/22): Zara top, jacket, trousers and bag / Next sandals

So, this outfit would be a close second in the ‘favourite outfits of the month’ ranking. I love it all! The trousers were an impulse buy from Zara that I do not regret in the slightest – they’re honestly such a rush of adrenaline. I’d been craving print for a while and when I saw these, I knew they were the kind of floral wackiness that my wardrobe could really do with. And guess who’s officially in love with orange? Sadly, there is one minus to this look – these sandals from Next are everything I could have ever wanted in a pair of spring/summer shoes, but they DESTROYED the back of my feet. I will continue to wear them – albeit with a multitude of bandaids around my heels.

Monday (18/04/22): ASOS cardigan / Savage X Fenty bra / Zara skorts / Jones Bootmaker shoes

And as a late Easter treat, you get an extra outfit because it was Easter Monday and I managed yet another outfit pic. It was actually my friend who pointed out that I hadn’t worn my bunny cardigan or bag throughout Easter – a rookie mistake that I rectified that Monday. Having said that, bunnies are for all year around – not just for Easter.

There you have it – a week and a day’s worth of colourful spring outfits combining old and new pieces in what has been a pretty good month. The weather in London was extra good that week – and even though it’s been its usual unreliable self since, on the whole it’s thankfully been reasonably mild. Which equals = fewer, prettier layers! There have been a few more cute buys / outfits here and there which I’m hoping I’ll get to showcase soon, as long as I manage to be a little more present on here and not disappear for two months! I’m also especially hoping for those degrees to go up – who’s with me?

Pictures taken all around the place between the 11th and 18th of April 2022.



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