Nine Outfits I Wore In February

Happy almost end of winter peeps! February has been super fun-busy and therefore affected blog productivity – lately I just haven’t been that wanky friend that asks her friends for a photo sesh. However, the wankiness is still very much prevalent – and of course there was always a moment to get a quick outfit pic here and there. So I thought I would make myself feel better about my absence with a little February outfit roundup. Emphasis on the little – I’ve only got nine #ootd’s (and #ootn’s) to share. Which is a shame – because I did wear some cute things this month. Still, it’s a good one – what you’ll see next is an accurate summary of what I’ve been wearing and loving…

Outfit #1

Coat, Zara. Hat, Primark. Scarf, & Other Stories. Jumper, River Island. Skirt, Topshop. Bag, Polène. Boots, Oasis. Tights, Gipsy. Necklace, vintage.

We can’t blame my friend for saying I looked like Emily in Paris in this outfit – I mean, the influence is there. I would have normally reached out for my pink beret, but I decided to switch things up and experiment a little with print clashing. I still don’t know how I feel about this bucket hat, but I’m not going to give up on it just yet. As for the knit, skirt and boots, it’s an outfit combo that I’ve relied on for years and don’t think I’ll ever tire of it. I remember it every winter and ALWAYS feel good in it.

And then, there’s the coat. Sweet lord, this coat. One look at my Instagram and you’ll know that I am OBSESSED. I bought it in January in the Zara sale and I’ve literally had to stop myself from wearing it all the time – I don’t want to ignore my other coats, after all.

Outfit #2

Jumper, ASOS. Shorts and bag, Primark. Tights, Calzedonia. Boots, Lady Cacahuete.

So my ‘After eight, before midnight’ go-to look has been a fitted jumper (because your girl wants to stay cosy but cute) and a cute skirt or pair of shorts and with booties. And guess what – your girl has been having a few after eight occasions after all! Also, these shorts – I feel like I’ve been living in them.

Outfit #3

Coat, New Look. Blazer, NW3 by Hobbs. Top, Lazy Oaf. Trousers, Zara. Shoes and earrings, ASOS. Bag, Truffle Shuffle.

My Valentine’s outfit! I was 100% planning to wear something a lot girlier, but these trousers were a last-minute decision that I 100% do not regret. And, because I’m an obvious bitch, I had to throw a bunch of hearts into the mix (Top? Check. Earrings? Check. Bag? Triple threat baby). No regrets and will 100% wear this on a non Valentine’s occasion. Also, shoutout to coat number 2 that I’m obsessed with. She makes the world a better place.

Outfit #4

Jumper, Nasty Gal (seen all the way back here). Coat and skirt, Zara. Bag, vintage Coach. Boots, Topshop.

I gotta say, I love this outfit. Yes, it’s the coat again – but I loved teaming this Nasty Gal jumper with my hot pink Zara skirt. I’ve had this jumper for years and I love that I still feel pretty cool the minute I put it on. Rainbow jumpers are for life, y’all.

Outfit #5

Jumper, River Island. Waiscoat, not sure because it’s about a decade old (!). Trousers and bag, Zara. Shoes, Hobbs.

I know you can’t really appreciate this outfit that well because it really is all about the flamingoes, but I’m pretty pleased I finally lived out my pink and orange fantasy. This is a colour combination I’ve been wanting to try for years (way before it was a thing) and just couldn’t get around to because I struggled to embrace the colour orange. I still have issues with it in all honesty, but I adore this jumper and have actually been wearing it non-stop.

Outfit #6

Jumper, Skinny Dip. Skirt, Zara. Bag, Topshop. Earrings, ASOS. Boots, Oasis. Tights, Calzedonia.

Well, what can I say – pink rules. I wore this a few days after storm Eunice and I think it brightened up not just my day, but other random people around me who probably didn’t know what was coming at them.

Outfit #7

Jumper, ASOS. Shorts and bag, Zara. Belt, ASOS. Tights, Calzedonia. Boots, Topshop.

That’s right, it’s another after eight outfit. And boy, was I delighted to rock this jumper – which goes back a few years, you can spot it here – again.

Outfit #8

Jumper and skirt, Zara. Cardigan, Daisy Street. Bag, Primark. Shoes, ASOS.

I feel like this is the Valentine’s outfit that could have been… I’m sharing two pics because I need this skirt to have its moment to shine. I mean, that heart pocket kills me. I did order it thinking it would be adorable for Valentine’s Day – but alas, she didn’t arrive on time. Does it matter? Not at all – pink skirts with heart pockets are for all year around, not just for Valentine’s. And it looked amazing (and somehow survived) at Ballie Ballerson’s pastel ball pit.

Outfit #9

Dress and shoes, ASOS. Bag, Accessorize (seen here). Coat and ring, Zara. Hat, Stradivarius. Scarf, gift.

And we finish off with yesterday’s outfit – not necessarily a chilled Sunday look, but I couldn’t wait to wear this green jumper from ASOS. And yes, I went full-on green. But at least I threw in a little bit of gold and pink – isn’t this scarf adorable? My friend gave it to me and now I want to wear it forever – thank God it works with my green coat…

I do hope I can get a few (wanker alert) actual shoots in this month – although I’m grateful that February has been a blast. The weather being reasonably bearable (apart from storm Eunice) definitely helped, but really it’s been wonderful to make plans, go out and have a social life amidst the chills. I’m happy to say that I really have done my best to embrace the winter season, but, as March is on the horizon, I’m now very much in the mood for spring. I wonder if my trench coats will make an appearance this month…

Pictures taken between the 6th and 27th of February 2022.



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