My Favourite Autumn/Winter 2021 Trend

It feels like I’ve been rolling my eyes a lot at fashion over the past few years (Old age? Maybe). On the one hand, there’s the sea of neutrals that’s been going on for an eternity – timeless and chic, yes, but a little samey-samey and therefore tiresome. On the other hand, there’s the ongoing resurgence of nineties and Y2K fashion – which for the most makes me cringe.

Confession time: a year or two ago I found myself googling Y2K (enter an unlimited number of face palm emojis here) because I had no clue what it meant. And to be honest, I was horrified. The thing is I don’t really know why I dislike Y2K fashion so much. It’s colourful, playful and tacky – elements which are very much a part of my style. If anything, surely I should feel nostalgic about Y2K fashion – I grew up in the midst of it, consuming music videos and celebrity fashion in those things called magazines. I was in awe, and wanted to be like, all of those cool girls in those videos and noughties pop culture – I fantasised about wearing colourful crop tops, scarf tops and sunglasses with pink lenses. But alas, it was not meant to be. That kind of Y2K fashion never really entered my life and wardrobe – apart from providing me with a lifelong insecurity about not having a flat stomach. But, enter the end of 2021, beginning of 2022…

If there is one Y2K trend that I’m obsessed with, it’s cardigans with a faux fur collar. I don’t understand the psychology of this infatuation, I just find them adorable. I also don’t know if I loved them back in the nineties and/or noughties, although I definitely never owned any. So when Zara brought out a pink cardigan with a faux fur trim collar at the end of 202o, I was ready to live my Britney Spears / Christina Aguilera dreams (Not sure if they ever wore such a thing, but they would have rocked it). I never got my hands on that Zara cardigan, but thankfully this look blew up for Autumn/Winter 2021 and there have been a fairly good amount of options.

I settled for a sweet pink Zara lookalike from New Look (You can see it here in all its moving glory – hello Instagram plug-in). And whilst I wouldn’t say it necessarily makes sense to buy such a specific item in a different colour, I couldn’t resist grabbing the baby blue version of it when it was down to £9 in the ASOS sale.

I really do have a thing for baby blue, it’s so sweet and peaceful. And aren’t this cloud beret and baby blue cardigan a bit of a match made in heaven?

Cardigan, New Look. Trousers and old vest, Zara. Earrings, made by my friend. Beret, ASOS. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell. Bag and ring, Accessorize (super old).

While photographing this outfit, my mum said it was such a spring look. Pastels for winter – groundbreaking? I mean, pastels are for all year around, not just for spring.

Speaking of spring, shoutout to these gingham trousers for making my winter pinker and better – I bought them last summer and I know they’re the epitome of spring, but I’ve actually been wearing them a lot lately. Surely gingham can be an all-year around thing too?

I loved being able to wear this outfit at the start of January – it’s now gotten very, very nippy, so I’ll have to wait for the temperatures to go up to rock it again.

Disclaimer: I’m actually still on the lookout for another faux fur collared cardigan. I would ideally like to find a button-up style (to wear as a top), and a HUGE plus would be for it to have faux fur cuffs – the dream.

So, I think this has probably been my favourite Autumn/Winter 2021 trend – and maybe it goes to show that there’s a Y2k trend out there for everyone (maybe). But while you can give me all the faux fur collar trim cardigans in the world, I’m not a Bratz Doll – don’t expect me to put my hair in two buns, put on some tinted lens sunglasses, rock some bellbottoms and platforms or flatforms. You know what I’m talking about.

Pictures taken on January 3rd in North West London.



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