How I Made Peace With The Colour Purple

“La donna è mobile” (Woman is fickle) – Giuseppe Verdi

More than once I’ve made statements about things I don’t like when it comes to fashion. And more than once I’ve found myself eating my words. A decade ago I didn’t like florals – and now my wardrobe is a floral feast. I used to hate trainers – especially, trainers worn with dresses – and now I’m an absolute convert. The latest contradiction in my wardrobe? Purple.

For years – hell, I’d almost go as far as saying decades – I’ve been a firm hater of the colour purple. I stayed as far away from that colour as much as I could. I loved and embraced its baby sister lilac, and couldn’t handle anything darker. However, there was an anomaly in my long purple-hating phase…

Super old French Connection dress styled with Stradivarius cardi, Zara bag, & Other Stories earrings, Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Pics taken in November or December 2020!

I don’t know when I bought this dress from French Connection – although I did take some pictures of the same dress in red 11 years ago (yikes). I was clearly obsessed with this style because I bought it in red, black and… purple?! Anyway, I rediscovered it at the end of 2020 and took these pictures for an Instagram challenge. Maybe that was subconsciously the start of a reconciliation process…

How I developed this aversion to purple is a mystery to me, but the fact that I broke my purple celibacy after so long shouldn’t be a surprise considering how many times I’ve changed my mind in the fashion department.

It was this little skirt that got to me. Firstly, I loved its curved hemline – I’m surprised it hasn’t become a full-on trend. And, more surprisingly, I found myself drawn to the shade. I think what I like about it is that it’s a very vibrant shade of purple. I think purple can often look flat and dead, but when it’s got a kinda pinky, kinda red hue to it? And in this silky texture? Now we’re talking.

Not to mention that I’m passionate about colour blocking – so you can imagine how pleased I was to make yet another perfect colour match for this vibrant shade of green.

Of course, the big minus about this faux silk fabric is the fact that it’s an absolute crease feast. But for those few minutes when one leaves the house and it looks good, I’ll take it.

Also, shoutout to my little cat bag from ASOS – bought years ago and not used enough. But I think it was the perfect sidekick for these two loud hues to take centre stage.

Skirt and jumper, Zara (both bought at the end of last year). Coat, Coster Copenhagen (sample that was never made). Beret, Stradivarius (bought a few months ago). Earrings, Mango (from 1 or 2 years ago). Bag, ASOS (bought a while back). Tights, Calzedonia. Boots, bought in Spain early last year or at the end of 2020 (seen here). 

In short, my friends, it took one simple skirt to make me (sort of) come to peace with the colour purple. Or maybe I’m just a basic bitch who’s been heavily influenced by Instagram – there’s been A LOT of purple on there lately. And now that Pantone has declared Very Peri (I mean, how amazing is that name) or Periwinkle Blue as the colour of the year, it really doesn’t look like purple will be going away anytime soon. Can we expect purple rain in my closet? I highly doubt it – but don’t be surprised if some more purple pops up here and there…

I’ve still got some fashion pet peeves that aren’t budging though – my profound dislike for the colour brown (in most of its shades) is still prevalent, as is my hatred of paisley. Not that fickle after all.

Pictures taken on January 2nd 2022 in North West London.



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