The Summer Dress Edit, Part 3 – The Dress With The Lace Up Back

And just like that, July and August were gone in the blink of an eye. OK, a slight exaggeration about August as there are still nine days to go, but it very much has flown by. And while I can’t believe it’s been weeks since my last post, I can believe that my summer dress ratio has had a slight increase since I decided to start this three-part edit series (these are one and two). I could make my next 10 blog posts all about dresses – in fact, I could make this whole blog solely a dress blog – but for the sake of variety I’ll complete the trilogy with this little pièce de résistance. I’d almost go as far as saying that this may just be the dress of the summer for me – I know, big words…

2020 was the year of a lot of things, and 2021 has been, amongst other things, the year of no bra dresses for me. A small triumph if I may say so myself. It all started off with this dress I got last summer (one of my favourite dresses ever), and was fulled by my green H&M dress earlier this year. It’s been liberating to say the least.

The dress that started it all is by the Australian brand Sisters of the Tribe – which I’ve been obsessed with ever since I discovered them on ASOS last summer. It was, really, only a matter of time before they’d bring out another adorable dress full of no-bra possibilities.

I adore pretty much everything about this dress – it fulfils my cottage core necessities while also giving me Brigitte Bardot vibes. But in all honesty, what really does it for me is the back – it’s that lace-up detail that makes it not just your standard summer floral dress.

As for freeing the nipples, luckily the fabric is just the right level of thickness to ensure they’re not causing too much of a stir (or any stir, for that matter). And yet it’s still a breathable fabric for hot heather – not that we’ve had many of those…

Dress, Sisters of the Tribe (shop it here). Necklaces and ‘love’ bracelet, H&M. Earrings, Primark. Pearl bracelet, & Other Stories. Bag, Loewe. Shoes, Dorothy Perkins.

I’d say this dress is a small sign of confidence. Two years ago I wouldn’t have been brave enough to wear something like this, I would have ruled it out straight away because of the back situation. But now I know what I need to feel comfortable and love the no-bra life. It’s interesting how this is something I’ve only managed to achieve in my thirties, when a lot of people would probably not wear something like this after 30. And yet now more than ever I’m pretty much wearing whatever the heck I want – regardless of bras, confidence and what may or may not be deemed as age-appropriate.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little summer dress trilogy – like I said, there are a few new members in the family but the three in my series are the holy trinity for me as my current feel-good go-to’s. And if the weather were better, they’d be out and about all the time!

This dress, in particular, makes my heart skip a beat. I actually can’t wait to wear it again – can someone invite me to a lunch / brunch / anything that involves leaving the house?

Pictures taken in North West London on July 10th 2021.



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