The Summer Dress Edit, Part 1 – The Little White Baby Doll Dress

Back in April, when I did my summer dress post, a part of me was really, really hoping that I wouldn’t buy any more summer dresses this year. Another part of me however was LOLing at this unrealistic expectation. I have no restraint when it comes to summer dresses – they are my kryptonite. And yet they are also my strength, because nothing makes me feel happier / sexier / more ‘me’ than a pretty summer dress.

So yes, I caved in and treated myself to more summer dresses. I’m even going to give you a little series so that they all get their moment in the limelight – starting off with this Little White Dress from Zara that I fell in love with the minute I put it on.

I have to admit I felt double the guilt for falling for this piece – not only because I already have a ton of summer dresses, but because a good few of these are white (like this recent ASOS number and some of my old-school ones here and here). My only salvation is the fact that I’ve never really ventured into this style, which I think more or less classifies as a baby doll dress.

Now, let’s get to the nitty gritty of things – I adored the shape of it and the broderie anglaise trim, but my main concern was how comfortable I would feel about going braless. The answer? Fine! Luckily this dress is not see-through, there’s no nipple action as it’s made from a reasonably thick cotton, the straps are adjustable and everything is held ‘neatly’ in place. Another braless victory for me…

Dress, Zara (shop it here). Earrings, Missoma. Necklace and chunky bracelet, H&M. Other bracelets, H&M and family gift. Ring, Accessorize. Bag and shoes, Primark.

On the downside, I do think it may have shrunk in the wash – and I was very careful when washing it. I find this happens a lot with Zara dresses – which is annoying considering I’ve bought a lot of summer dresses from there this year. Luckily, the shrinkage is barely noticeable – I just gotta pray it won’t be a recurring thing.

I wore it for the first time a few weeks ago when the weather was, while not actually cold, extremely dreary for the most part of the day. It felt like we were never going to get a summer and I just didn’t think there was any point in waiting for the sun to come out and the temperatures to rise to wear my little white baby doll dress.

I’ll stop myself from writing up a detailed weather report, but after almost a miraculous week of sunshine in London, showers are predicted for the next few days. And I’m just going to stick with the attitude I had when wearing this dress – come rain or shine, my dresses are coming out to play.

Pictures taken in Covent Garden, London on July 3rd 2021.



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