Hello May – Let’s Have a Catch-up

Hello, long time no chat – it probably doesn’t make any sense to say hello to the month of May when it’s in fact the last weekend of May, but I love this month and hey, there are still two days to go. A lot can happen in two days, especially when it’s a bank holiday! I say that when I’m currently at home chilling on my own without any cool plans coming up…

To be honest, May 2021 has been a very meh month for me. Not a bad month per se, as a lot of good things happened – but just not wow. What’s to blame? Well, I’m going to have to be very British and mainly blame the weather for the meh vibes. The weather has been, overall, terrible – both April and May have felt like a crappy version of autumn. This, combined with the fact that in England people were not allowed to dine indoors until the 17th of May, has made me feel fed up and down.

The meh vibes had an impact on my fashion and this blog – I spent most of the month feeling super frustrated about not being able to wear springy and summery things and felt so uninspired about creating blog content. I hate that I’ve become so sun-reliant as I live in the wrong country for this, but as it’s been one hell of a year and a bit it would have been nice to at least get some good weather during these awful times.

Anyway, the past few days have FINALLY been rather glorious here in the UK (or in London at least), and my mood has finally lifted. I got to wear a dress! I got to use my new bag (more on that in a minute)! I even got sunburnt (not a good thing, but I secretly prefer that to torrential rain)! I had a wonderful day yesterday and took a few snapshots of what will have been my favourite outfit of month – so finally, let’s talk some fashion…

Remember what I said here about genuinely not wanting to buy more summer dresses this year because my wardrobe is already bursting with them? Yeah, me neither – at least not when I saw this dress from ASOS. At £42, it’s a little on the pricier side for ASOS – but I would say it’s 100% worth it. I personally find the fit excellent – it could easily be a dress from a higher end brand. It’s very similar to this dress I got last year from Shein, so it’s safe to say wench vibes (look it up, I’m not too far off) are my thing. Also, I think I would love the dress without the floral embroidery, but this subtle touch of colour and detail makes it a little more interesting.

Drum roll please – it’s time for you to meet my new baby. May may have been a crappy month in a lot of ways but I made one purchase that made all the difference – this Loewe basket bag. I’ve loved Loewe’s basket bag for years, and when I saw the white version this year my “Treat Yo’ Self” instinct kicked in big time. I mean, would I say it’s worth it? Of course not! There are plenty of gorgeous basket bags on the high street and there’s absolutely no need to pay so much for a bit of straw. I just genuinely wanted to treat myself to a bag that I know I’ll love for as long as it lasts. She made her debut yesterday and came out again today, in fact she’s all I want to use now that the sun has made an appearance.

Dress, ASOS (shop it here). Jacket, Bershka (shop it here). Bag, Loewe (shop it here). Earrings, H&M. Bracelets, & Other Stories and Monki. Necklace, Missoma. Shoes, Stradivarius.

That’s all for now – it’s been a weird month, but it’s nice to have ended it on a sunny note and with a cute bag.

Pictures taken in Broomfield Park, London on May 29th, 2021.


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