The Pink Suit of Dreams

Ah, it’s nice to be doing a good old outfit post. Unsurprisingly, these have been practically non-existent over the past year on the blog – but now feels like the right time to bring them back. And these two new things in my life 100% deserve their moment to shine.

A cropped pink blazer and a matching mini skirt – it sounds so wrong and yet is so right. I did say matching coords and cropped jackets and bubblegum pink were going to be a thing for Spring/Summer 2021 – whether I’m actually right or not about that is another question but the truth is the minute I saw this set on Instagram I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

I’m pretty sure I’ve done the cropped jacket / blazer look before (probably a good decade ago – you can have a little snoop for old posts for a few LOL’s), and guess what, I really thought it was a thing of the past that would never crop up again (see what I did there?). But it’s 2021 and for some reason this little cropped jacket spoke to me. It was probably the shade that lured me in – but there was an easiness, sweetness and unapologetic boldness to it that got me thinking “I need a pink cropped jacket and matching skirt in my life.”

Does this make me a cool Jacquemus-wannabe girl? I mean, is this suit Jacquemus meets Barbie? With a dash of Jackie O? And a splash of Elle Woods? I’m gonna go with Barbie. I love that this coord could inspire a million references, I love that it’s bold and brash and trashy but adorable, I love that it shouldn’t work but that, in my eyes at least, it does. On top of it all, I love that the jacket especially has got an undeniable eighties feel – the decade that taste forgot, and one of my all-time favourites.

I’m also going to say that cropped jackets really do work on petite ladies like me. I mean I’m sure they look great on tall girls too, but there really is something about a cropped and tailored shape that works on shorter peeps.

Will I get a tone of wear out of it? I’m not sure – but I will definitely try. I would 100% wear this to work (I don’t work in a corporate environment so go me). I wore it the other day for my first trip into central London in forever and felt very dapper. I also love that it will totally work in winter too and actually look good with dark tights. The skirt will be an easy one for me to wear with a ton of different tops; the jacket will be a little trickier but I’ll definitely style it with jeans and even certain dresses. The truth is, I intend to keep this suit for as long as possible – I doubt I’m never not going to feel super cute and chic when wearing it.

I really envisioned wearing it with a black roll neck, but couldn’t not accessorise it with non-colourful pieces (although I will definitely try wearing it with my black baguette bag one day). While I was initially going to wear it with a pair of white ankle boots, I couldn’t resist taking a pastel route and wearing my Jeffrey Campbell multi-pastel loafers. While I love this look, I won’t be wearing it again as the blackness of my top didn’t quite work with my shoes. I can’t help it guys, I love to match accordingly – but sometimes you gotta try things out too.

Matching cropped jacket and skirt, Stradivarius (shop it here). Coat, Primark (old). Earrings, hand-me-down ‘s from my mum. Necklace, YOJ (shop it here). Ring, Zara (old). Bag, Kurt Geiger (old). Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell (old).

These pictures were taken only two days ago peeps, two days. So it’s a very fresh-out-the-oven #ootd that shows what I’m loving at the moment (basically just this suit because it’s one of the only things I’ve bought this month). And because it’s still cold AF in the UK I had to wear a coat on top of this look – this oldish coat from Primark was the only thing that really worked – and while the pinks are a little clashy, I don’t hate it.

I’m also very smug about the fact that I found two very pretty cherry blossom trees that matched my outfit (the ‘York Terrace West’ one next to Regent’s Park is an insta-famous tree that I was very happy to finally see in person) – I love a good background match, especially when pink and cherry blossom are involved. And as for the pictures themselves, they were once again taken on my phone as well as my friend’s phone. I do hope I can sort out my ‘proper’ camera situation soon, but I gotta say these pictures aren’t too bad and I’m glad that the fact that I’m sort of camera-less isn’t stopping me from blogging.

I’d honestly forgotten about the simplicity and joy of writing about an outfit, and really hope I can bring them back properly for 2021. Because sometimes it’s the most seemingly insignificant things that actually mean a lot and make us happy.

Pictures taken around central London on April 16th, 2021.



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