Four Summer Dresses For 2021

A few weeks ago I gave myself a pat on the back because it was April and I had bought just one summer dress. I thought this was some sort of record for me, but really the problem is not so much when I start buying summer dresses – it’s how many I end up buying in a year…

April 2021 has been a fine example of my weakness for summer dresses. Believe me when I say I had good intentions. Believe me when I say I didn’t want to end up with four summer dresses by the end of the month – especially when the weather has been crap and wearing them before June seems unlikely. But everyone has their vices.

The common thread is that three of these dresses are from Zara – yep, I’ve given that company too much of my money this month, but their dress game has been on point and I couldn’t resist any of these pieces.

All of these pictures have been taken in my humble abode because it’s been cold AF for the most part of April (not to mention that I’m barely leaving the house), and because I didn’t plan to buy so many dresses or to do a styling post of sorts I didn’t style up dress number one, soz. But you’ll get the gist – I would probably just wear it with a denim jacket or a cardi and a basket bag. Standard summer me.

1. The Off-Blue Floral Dress

This is the dress that started it all, the one that reignited my sleeping passion. I spotted it on Zara’s website in March – I didn’t buy it straight away as I genuinely didn’t think there was any point in getting something so summery so early on. But as sizes were selling out panic shopping kicked in and into my life it arrived at the start of April. While I do think it was made for a taller person (the straps are very long on my short frame), I adore it. For some reason I refer to it as my babydoll dress – even though it’s not a babydoll style in the slightest. The colour is incredibly hard to describe and my camera did not pick it up in the slightest, but it’s got a blue undertone that kinda gives it a vintage feel. I can’t wait to frolic around in it in other places that aren’t my flat.

Shop it here.

2. The Yellow Knit Dress

Well dare I say this, but I think yellow might just be the colour of my summer. While I tend to forget how amazing this colour is, last year was the turning point for me and yellow thanks to my super Beauty & The Beast inspired ASOS dress (another piece I can’t wait to rewear this summer). And clearly I’ll be sealing the deal even further this summer.

I have no quarrels with getting my legs out in mini dresses and skirts, but it’s been a very, very long time since I’ve worn something as body-con as this (and those items were usually reserved to night clubs, remember those?). However, there was just something about this dress I couldn’t resist. Maybe it’s its beautiful simplicity and easy-to-throw-on effectiveness combined with the wonderful shade that instantly cheers me up. The fact that it’s knitted means that I might not have to wait that long to wear it too.

Shop it here.

Styled with old Topshop denim jacket, ASOS earrings, Missoma necklace, Vans trainers and Primark bag.

And this is one of the ways I envisioned styling it – with a good dose of pretty shades for some colour-blocking action and this cute little gingham back from Primark. Because pink and yellow is a colour combo I am yet to fully explore.

3. The Yellow Floral Dress

More yellow, you ask? Indeed, I say – especially when it looks like this. I really, really hoped I wouldn’t like this dress – but alas, I couldn’t bear to let it go. I don’t know why but I love how it sits around my cleavage – there’s a lot of exposure going on but I feel like it still looks demure? Plus it’ll be great for tanning!

I felt guilty getting it because I have a really, really similar dress that I got last summer – not the aforementioned ASOS yellow dress, but another one. It’s really a classic case of the belt scene from The Devil Wears Prada… if you know, you know. I’m now the owner of four yellow dresses, two of which look like long-lost sisters.

Shop it here.

Styled with Stradivarius cardigan, Zara earrings, Mango basket and shoes.

Of course I wouldn’t want to wear this dress with anything that isn’t a cardi or a basket bag. I chose my lilac cardi because of the little lilac flowers on the dress, and have just realised it could work with my Topshop denim jacket too.

4. The Green Cutout Floral Dress

Well, I really have saved the best for last – this is my pièce de résistance, pretty fresh out of the bag because I received it yesterday and couldn’t wait to get it on. And you know what? Once I had it on, I didn’t want to take it off.

That rarely happens – if only I could have that feeling with every item of clothing. Don’t get me wrong, I do always strive to absolutely love every item I purchase, but to take something out of the packaging the minute it arrives, try it on straight away because curiosity has got the best of you and be so damn content in it that you want to stay in it for the rest of the day? Well that’s true love – the kind that doesn’t come about often.

Shop it here.

I think it was inevitable that I would end up buying something from H&M’s Wildflower collection, a very prettily designed selection of summery pieces with the most ethereal floral prints that came out this month and was an instant hit on social media. I’m going to blame my friend for this purchase, as it was her who said the cream version of this dress would suit me. I immediately brushed it off – yes, it looked very, very cute, but there were too many but’s. A rather large part of my stomach and cleavage on show? Too much. And even worse – a completely open back so the option of wearing a bra is non-existent? No f*cking way. And yet that was it, the damage was done. I couldn’t get it out of my head, saw it do the rounds on social and finally caved in. I was very unsure as to which colour to go for, but as the cream version was sold out in my size I thought I would give the sage green hue a try. And I’m so glad I did – I don’t think I would like it half as much in cream.

In theory, it’s very much out of my comfort zone – I wouldn’t normally feel comfortable with this much skin on view. And I’m pretty sure this is my first ever dress with a significant cutout back. While it may not fit me perfectly on the back because I guess I’m quite narrow, overall I find the cut of this dress excellent. I usually hate not being able to wear a bra and will 100% rule out clothes because of it. But it’s crazy how comfortable and secure I feel in this dress – I don’t feel like anything is going to pop out and the fabric has got a good thickness to it. I also love that it’s a mix of linen and cotton – maybe I could wear it during a possible heatwave? I know, optimistic much!

Styled with basket bag bought at a fair and Primark sandals.

I styled it with nothing but my white basket bag and these green sandals because I don’t what to hide it in the slightest. I want it all on view; this dress deserves to be seen in all its glory. If the other dresses make me want to frolic out of my flat, this dress makes me want to frolic in a meadow while I witness a beautiful sunset. To say that it brings out the whimsical in me is an understatement.

But the reality is that I live in London, so I would probably throw my white blazer from Wallis over it. A cardi will do too, but I’m gonna pray for that heatwave because this dress wasn’t made for hiding under layers.

I don’t think there’s any point in me even saying that I’ll try not to get more dresses. Of course I’ll be getting more dresses – who am I kidding? Let’s go with me trying to hold out until June, because I’m feeling pretty set (and very impatient) with these beauties. Maybe one of them will be my June 21st #ootd?



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