My Blog Turned 11: Here are 11 Years of Style Evolution

Eleven years ago today I initiated what would become one of my most stable relationships – this little corner of the internet. Albeit a few hiccups, breaks and pauses here and there, I’d say that’s a pretty solid amount of time. And whilst my love of fashion remains, unsurprisingly my life and style has changed quite a bit (but not necessarily as much as it will have for other people) since 2010.

I know, I know – it would have made sense to make a post like this in 2020 because 10 has such a catchy ring to it, but alas real, pre-COVID life got in the way so 11 it’ll have to be. 11 outfits, that is – because doesn’t every anniversary ever involve a trip down memory lane?

So here’s a decade (and one year) of style evolution for you. In all honesty it’s only a glimpse of my style evolution – I was in my twenties when I started this blog and naturally my style had already changed so much from when I was a baby, little kid, teenager, university student and graduate. In fact it was really my move to London from Spain (some time before this blog) that produced the drastic changes in my fashion choices. But still, I love that I’ve documented so many of my outfits over the past 11 years – now let’s rewind to 2010 for some¬†awkward posing, questionable backgrounds and ‘interesting’ choices…


The first ever outfit pic (with my face cut off because I was terrified of putting my face on the internet – I still am 11 years later) I shared on my blog more or less sums up my style for 2010 and 2011 – simple but with a fondness for cute details and a lot of black and white. I played it very safe with colours – in fact, wearing colour back then was practically foreign to me and to many others! But I remember feeling pretty damn cool when I layered this little jumpsuit (which I think, and hope, I still have) over a simple white jersey top. I know layering is a thing now, but it was really a thing then – a thing that only uber stylish people could master. So believe me when I say I really felt like I had mastered the art of layering when I put this outfit together. And to be fair, 11 years on I still think it’s a pretty cute look.

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I can’t say this look represents my style back then at all – in fact it’s more of an anomaly. But I love it – it’s 100% my favourite look of 2011. I mean I hate the black tights and I would totally not wear that bag, belt and those shoes, but the rest is a 10/10 for me. Little did I know back then that I was setting off a passion that would change everything – the art of bright colour blocking.

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I really feel like this look was the start of a steady shift in my style. Up until then, my overall style had been pretty basic and safe – but little by little I started trying out new colours, different prints and slightly more interesting shapes. I mean, look at those glitter boots! I also just loved the absolute versatility of this skirt, which made me fall in love with pleats. I accidentally destroyed it a few years ago in a launderette and am still not over it – and have yet to find a good replacement for it.

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Well peeps, how could I not choose this look from 2013 – to this day I still adore those palm tree pants (although I think they’re a bit of a squeeze to get on atm). It was also quite a big thing for me to ‘make up’ with trousers, as I’d had no interest in them whatsoever for some time. However, it wasn’t plain trousers that excited me – I was all about those quirky prints. Also, shoutout to my little Clarks brogues – I wore them to death and still miss their cuteness.

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I really remember the years 2013 and 2014 with so much fondness – I was having a lot of fun in life and with fashion, and started documenting it all on Instagram. In fact, if there’s another thing that defines my fashion back then, it has to be all my crazy bags in the shape of pretty much anything – they were true objets d’ art.

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Well, there’s not much to say about 2015, other than the quirkiness continued with print clashing aplenty – and I loved it.

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If I had to sum up my style in 2016 it would be like this: a slight return to chicness, as well as a discovery for drama and casual pieces. I was loving colour and statement, but was also mixing casualness with more-put together looks.

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Despite all the great things I went through in 2017, I remember it as a difficult year – and sadly my confidence took a real blow. But, I took comfort in my girlieness, and nailed my summer style that to this day is still my go-to look and probably will be for the foreseeable future – a pretty floral summer dress.

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This look, in so many ways, is an amalgamation of all my style passions. Red? Tick. Colour-blocking? Tick. Casual, but colourful, cute and girlie? The trainers have spoken. A gorgeous dress shape? I’d like to think so. And a floral print that’s not too much? Of course.

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I used to love wearing baby pink (or millennial pink, if we want to be a little edgier) and mint green. And I still love it, but I have to admit that I might love pink and red even more. So wrong, yet so amazing.

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As weird and terrible 2020 may have been, I’m picking this look from the beginning of 2020 – a colourful outfit full of hope and optimism. Signature details: a beret (‘discovered’ at the end of 2017 and still going strong), statement earrings and casual but cute and girlie shoes.

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It’s still early days for 2021, but I don’t think there will be any big changes coming. While I do believe that personal style is always evolving, I definitely have come into my own and know what I love: bright colours, pretty dresses, accessories for a bit of dash, colour-blocking, unapologetic girlieness and a little bit of flair and drama. What I can say for now is that the blazer, an item of clothing that I wore a lot back in the day and then kind of put aside, is slowly making its way back into my current style.

As for the evolution over the past 11 years, well, it’s been a journey! And a really fun one at that. I love that I wear more colour, that I love matching, that I sometimes look ‘totally crazy’ (as described by others), that I finally know how to do casual without feeling like a total slob, that I can do chic without looking boring or too safe, and that style-wise I am a total contradiction. I love dressing for spring and summer 1,000 times more than I do for autumn and winter, and yet I love hats and coats and cool boots. My style can be very Ying and Yang, especially when it comes to seasonal dressing – but that’s really the beauty of it all. So let’s see what the next 11 years bring, shall we?



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