The Little Yellow Dress of Dreams

I’m not going to say how many spring/summer dresses I’ve bought over the past few months – it’s bad. It’s shocking. It’s pretty worrying. However, I will say this – the yellow number you’re seeing here, which I briefly showed here and here and am so excited to finally share in all its glory, might just be my favourite out of the bunch. Big statement, I know.

It’s hard to have such a pretty dress and nowhere to wear it – I guess that’s partly why I just couldn’t resist prancing around my place and even taking some of these pictures on my Olympus camera, by way of the remote control function on my mobile (it doesn’t make for the sexiest prop, but let’s overlook it).

I’m indifferent to little black dresses, and love little white dresses – but never would I have thought that a little yellow dress would conquer my heart this season. I fell in love with this beauty the minute I saw it on ASOS’ homepage: the model, the pose, the perfect shade of bright yellow… it was an impeccably crafted work of marketing art that 100% made me go ‘Add to basket’.

It’s not a colour I’m always drawn to – in fact, I tend to forget about it all together – but I love how there really is no other colour that feels quite as uplifting and cheery as yellow. What I really love about this dress is the many references it can inspire. Sunshine! Lemons (which of course leads to the millennial cliche that is “When life gives you lemons…”)! And yet despite considering myself a true cynic at heart (I’m also a total softie), my favourite reference is Belle from Beauty and The Beast – a few people mentioned it when I shared some of these pictures on Instagram. I’m not the biggest Disney fan but Beauty and The Beast is one of my favourite Disney movies – I absolutely adored Belle and that yellow dress. Needless to say, 5-year-old me would be delighted. It makes me feel like a very modern-day Belle – girly, flirty and hopefully not kidnapped by a beast.

Could this dress be anymore perfect? Well, I think the embroidered lemons answer that. I don’t think I noticed this detail at the time of ordering the dress, but it was such a pleasant surprise when I saw it IRL. I really feel like this dress deserves a pair of lemon earrings – but in the meantime, this citrusy scarf meets my matching necessities.

When I said I was prancing around my place taking pictures of myself I meant it – I didn’t actually leave the house that day. But of course I had to put a full look together and style it the way I plan to wear it. For some reason I feel like it was made to be worn with a basket bag; this square one is also from ASOS. And while I stay on the lookout for the perfect pair of lemon earrings, but I feel like the ecru shade of this pair by Mango complement the yellowness.

Dress (available here) and basket, ASOS. Earrings, Mango. Necklace, Missoma (available here). Ballet pumps, Dorothy Perkins.

My place is an ongoing mess at the moment thanks to all the changes I’m trying to make, so there’s not really anywhere glam enough for me to take pictures. I LOVE the lockdown trend that has popped up on Instagram over the past few months, and even though I was hanging my bedsheet over the door because I was actually drying it, I think a part of me is definitely honouring that trend…

So there you have it – the little yellow dress of dreams and what felt like my first proper lockdown shoot (even though I had some practice thanks to these pictures). Needless to say I look forward to wearing it outside of the house – does anyone want to go on a park date with me? Because when life gives you a lemon dress…

Photographed in the comfort of my home on the 1st of June 2020.



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