What I Wore In New York

I put everything I wanted to mention about my New York trip in my previous post, but as it’s been ages since I put together one of these posts and they were one of my favourites to do, how could I not go old-school and share what I wore in New York (and New Jersey)? As my trip was cut short by two days there are only five outfits, but that’s more than enough to talk about a few things in my wardrobe that I’ve been wearing and loving over the past few months. I’m also doing things a little differently this time and focusing on the main piece that kind of made the outfit, or what I revolved the outfit around…

Day 1 – The Floral Swing Dress

Dress, Zara. Bag, Kurt Geiger (seen throughout). Trainers, Vans (seen throughout).

I chose this little dress because a) I thought it would be super comfortable to travel in, which it was; and b) It was just the right level of covered up yet easy-and-breezy for New York and New Jersey’s mild pre-spring temperature. I bought it from Zara last autumn and love it to bits – swing dresses aren’t always the easiest style to pull off, but when you find one you like, it’ll change your life (hello endless comfort). I also love all the pretty tones running through the print, which feed my need for colour.

Day 2 – The Knitted Grandad Vest

Vest, from Peony Vintage. Roll neck and trousers, Miss Selfridge. Earrings, Zara. Beret, Stradivarius.

This outfit is basically what you saw here but with an added extra that I was so excited to style up – my little vintage grandad vest! I have no idea why I’m calling it a grandad vest other than I feel like this really is something a grandad would wear (I think my dad has something like this), so let’s just go with it. I’d spotted a few knitted vests here and there on both my fashion feeds and on a few online retailers – so when I found this one in Peony Vintage in Margate at the start of March, I couldn’t resist. I love layering and this was the vision I had… but I don’t think I like it? I can’t quite pin down the references, but I’m getting very grandad, golf playing, not-really-that-cool preppy vibes. Next time I’ll probably try it with a different coloured roll neck (or maybe a coloured shirt) and maybe a pair of jeans or even a skirt… this outfit might not be the one, but I still love this vest.

Day 3 – The Power Suit

Blazer and trousers, Stradivarius. T-shirt, Joanie Clothing. Earrings, Mango.

God, how I love a good suit. There really is something very empowering about wearing a two-piece looks. I found this one in Stradivarius a few months ago – I bought the trousers first and wasn’t actually planning on getting the blazer. I don’t know why but I really have fallen out of love with blazers, which is strange because I used to wear them all the damn time (this blog is the living proof of that). Nowadays I really struggle with finding a blazer that I feel 100% suits me, but because I love a colourful suit I decided to go for the trousers’ matching blazer. Thankfully I’m pretty pleased with the fit of this blazer, I might even style it with something other than these trousers – just like the good old days.

Day 4 – The Feel-Good, Hot Pink Jumper

Jumper, Joanie Clothing. Skirt, Zara.

Oh Joanie, you did it again. Going on this brand’s website is a dangerous route for me, as there are always a million things I like. The latest thing that I couldn’t justify in the slightest because I already have a worryingly high stash of pink jumpers in my wardrobe? This Pow! jumper by Joanie. But let’s face it – it’s the cutest thing ever.

Day 5 – The Lilac Pleated Skirt

Jumper, Miss Selfridge. Skirt, Zara. Earrings, Mango.

Well, it turns out Zara knows how to do a good pleated skirt – give it an elasticated waistband for comfort but hide said waistband for a super seamless, streamlined and elegant look. Also, bring it out in the colour of the season. I do love a good monochrome look and even though I didn’t manage to get a proper picture of my last #ootd in New York, I’m hoping you can still appreciate the effort made (and you can get another look of this outfit here, as I just had to include it in my Insta Rainbow Challenge).

I did my best not to overpack for my US trip, but naturally your girl wanted to look good for the Big Apple. I only took one pair of shoes (these trusty Vans slip-ons) and one bag though, so it could have been much worse? These outfits are also a pretty good reflection of what my style has been in the late winter, early days of spring – bright shades, pastel shades and florals. Now it’s just time to take a bit of a break from layers and knitwear, even if it’s for one’s daily walk or supermarket run.

Pictures taken in Jersey City (Days 1 and 3) and New York (Days 2, 4 and 5) between March 11th and March 15th 2020.



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