My Week in Pictures (6 – 12 April): Cherry Blossom and Playing Dress Up

Last week I came up with this idea – simple, and not necessarily an amazing time to do it, but I’ll give it a go as last week I did actually take a lot of pictures. It’s hard to think of anything that isn’t about what’s happening in the world (I’d say it consumes about 90% of my daily thoughts), but I don’t want to blog just about that. I believe in a little bit of escapism and while I’ll definitely be writing again about my experience during these weird AF times (you can see my initial thoughts here and here), I might share a few pictures of my weeks here and there over the coming weeks…

Cherry Blossom Moments

I went on a few safe walks last week and it turns out my area is full of cherry blossom trees. Said trees, combined with the amazing summer-like weather we “experienced” in London last week, made everything seem a little better. These days, you really do have to find happiness in the littlest of things. And while sadly I wasn’t able to take any #ootd’s by these cherry blossoms (almost four weeks into the quarantine and I’m yet to master a selfie), I was still happy to capture snippets of these beauties in all of their glory.

Playing Dress Up for an Instagram ‘Challenge’

On Monday of last week I found out about an Instagram challenge that there was no way I was going to miss out on – the #instarainbowchallenge, created by the ridiculously stylish ladies Zeena Shah (@heartzeena) and Talli Wall (@talliwall). The challenge? To style every colour of the rainbow (one colour per day) for seven days! My brain nearly exploded when I heard about it – as someone who loves colour more than anything and was missing putting outfits together, how could I not take part? So it was time to get creative, get over my hang-ups about not having a super sexy and Insta-worthy background within my flat and start using the tripod my friend had recently given me.

So I did it! Here are the overall results…

Monday – Red

I feel like half of my wardrobe is red – it’s simply my colour. I’m telling you folks, when you find your colour, embrace it. So I could have gone all out with the first day and colour, but kept things simple(ish) with this midi dress by New Look. It’s a beauty, but in all honesty I’m not sure if it suits me. However, let’s face it – because of everything that’s going on right now it’s probably a keeper!

Tuesday – Orange

Ah orange. I’ve always had a bit of an issue with this colour. It’s just so… tricky. But a few weeks ago I bought this knitted sleeveless top from Zara because I loved the design so much – and it was kinda cool to reconnect with this citrusy shade. I teamed it with these linen trousers by Monki (from last summer), but next time I’ll be styling it with a pair of electric blue trousers – because there’s nothing more spectacular than bright orange and electric blue!

However, this consideration for orange lead to the discovery of another colour crush – peach, or peachy coral. To be continued…

Wednesday – Pink

OK, so I love red, but I love pink just as much – so I decided to do a little roundup of outfits for my all-time favourite colour (as well as my favourite colour combination, red and pink). I even through in my first ever loungewear set…

Clockwise from top left: New Look dress / & Other Stories polo knit; ASOS trousers and Zara trainers / Joanie jumper; Boohoo skirt and Hobbs shoes / Nasty Gal loungewear set; scrunchie from Ali Express and Flying Tiger socks.

Thursday – Yellow

I actually love yellow, especially lemon yellow. But one of my favourite yellow items is this t-shirt by Daisy Street (from one or two summers ago). It’s an instant brightener.

Daisy Street t-shirt; Topshop headband; Monki earrings and Primark trousers.

Friday – Green

Two shades: mint and sage green. It’s been a very long love story between mint and me – but I’m partial to sage green and forest green too. So I had to include a mix of all of these hues… and ditched my sofa for good.

Clockwise from top left: Warehouse cardigan; Miss Selfridge trousers; Zara bag and Hobbs shoes / Primark headband; Saturday by Megan Ellaby jumper; Stradivarius trousers; Topshop bag and Hobbs shoes / Primark suit; Topshop top; Missoma necklace; Pull & Bear bag; Zara earrings and shoes / Hobbs jumper and shoes; Zara skirt and Mango bag.

Saturday – Blue

Ah, blue. It reminds me of my unstylish teenage years – I feel like I wore so much blue then. But I’ve gone from unstylish blue to (hopefully) super cool blue – with cobalt and electric blue being my absolute favourite blues. I’m obsessed with these trousers from Stradivarius – it’s like they go with (almost) everything in my wardrobe. I also adore this top from Topshop – I’ve bought it in almost every colour.

In a way this outfit is quite different from what I’d usually wear, but it was one of my favourites of the week.

Topshop top; Daisy Street cardigan; Mango Earrings; Missoma necklace; Stradivarius trousers and Zara shoes.

Sunday – Purple

Oh hey, did you know I’m obsessed with lilac? So I ditched purple for its cooler sister (although some would argue lilac is purple’s granny) and went all out for this final part of the challenge with a whopping nine looks. This is my problem – when I get obsessed with a colour or pattern; I can’t get enough of it! So I thought I’d get some use out of all this lilac and styled three lilac items three different ways (they’re all from Zara coincidentally) –

  1. First row – the lilac skirt. Look 1: Stradivarius cardigan; Mango bag; Office trainers. Look 2: Miss Selfridge jumper; Zara bag; Valentino heels. Look 3: ASOS jumper; Kurt Geiger bag; Valentino heels.
  2. Second row – the lilac faux leather jacket. Look 1: Topshop dress; Zara bag; Mango sandals. Look 2: Boohoo jumper; Stradivarius trousers; Kurt Geiger bag; Office trainers. Look 3: Topshop top and skirt; Kurt Geiger bag; Hobbs heels.
  3. Third row – the lilac trousers. Look 1: Mango cardigan; Zara bag; Hobbs heels. Look 2: Topshop shirt and bag; Primark heels. Look 3: Topshop top and earrings; Kurt Geiger bag; Office trainers.

Needless to say, I LOVED this challenge – who knew playing dress up and taking pictures of yourself could be so satisfying? Sure, I had my moments (“I look ugly!” / “Why is my hair so awful?” / “I should really make this a gallery wall…” / “Damn it I cut my feet off” / “Noooo I wasn’t taking any pictures all this time! My poses were so on point…”), but ultimately it felt so good to do it all myself, even if the backgrounds are… simple. But now, more than ever, I appreciate all my photo-takers (aka my loved ones) a million times more!

The #instarainbow challenge was naturally a hit, so it was extended by two days – sparkles and rainbow. I chose not to include those two days because I felt like this was enough of a picture overdose – and after all, those two days were yesterday and Monday, not last week (#pedantic). But hey, head over to my Insta if you’d like to see what I did (my rainbow challenge was EPIC if I may say so myself).

It was so nice to reignite my passion for styling and outfitting – having a little creative project to work on every day really does make a difference! I’ll definitely have to do more of these indoor #ootd’s and set myself other fashion challenges (not the pillow challenge though). As trivial as it may seem, fashion makes me happy – and these days you gotta cling on to any bit of happiness you can find.

So, that was my week – dressing up, DIY pictures, taking in the beauty of my local cherry blossom trees and, naturally, lots of emotions amidst this current madness (more on that later). How was yours?



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