What I Wore On My Christmas Break (A Look Into My Autumn/Winter ’19 Wardrobe)

Happy leap year peeps! I don’t know why but I’m quite excited about 2020 being a leap year, and even though I meant to publish this post weeks and weeks ago, I’m happy to be making my mark on the 29th of February with a blog post. Then again, there’s something about uttering the word Christmas on the 29th of February that feels incredibly wrong, but I believe I have a very valid reason. I wanted to share what I wore throughout my mini Christmas break because it’s a pretty good insight into what I’ve been buying and wearing as of late and what I’ve been feeling this Autumn/Winter ‘19 – which is thankfully coming to an end soon. Plus, I used to love sharing what I’d wear on a weekly basis and on holiday (it was a thing here before YouTube peeps!), so without further ado, here’s what I wore over Christmas.

Christmas outfit 1

Dress, New Look. Beret, Accessorize. Earrings, ASOS. Flats, Dorothy Perkins. Bag, Hobbs.

I’ll be doing things a little differently this time around as I’d like to talk about the pieces individually – starting off with what I wore on Christmas Day. I flew into my hometown in Spain on the night of the 24th – I know, so late! So I guess you could say I jumped right into the Christmas celebrations. I broke my not super regimented tradition of wearing red on Christmas Day and chose this New Look dress. One thing I have found myself very drawn to this auntumn/winter is black and white – I know, shocker! Colour is my jam but I have been liking a good old monochrome combination, especially if it comes in the form of star prints. My love for star prints has been cementing itself little by little in my wardrobe, and I guess you could say this dress was the cherry on top of the cake. I just love how well the stars on this dress photograph! I have to confess that I felt guilty buying this dress because I already own this one – but they’re very different, right?! What I also like about this one is that’s it not really that wintery, but it has totally worked either with a chunky cardigan or even under a jumper. You’ve done me good black and white star dress, but I look forward to wearing you when the temperatures rise.

Christmas outfit 1

Coat, Mango. Outfit, as before. Shoes, borrowed from my mum.

And throwing in this picture because even though it’s the same day I did a little shoe swap – my Christmas Day was a relaxed one during the day, and involved a ballet show in the evening! Hence the borrowed heels (and nude tights) from my mum. But I’ll use this picture to talk about this coat – the camel coat of dreams. I finally found my perfect camel coat! I’d say I’ve been looking for one for a while – definitely since last winter, if not earlier. I wasn’t sure what kind of style I wanted, but it turns out this ‘bathrobe’ fit has done the trick without being too swampy or frumpy. I found it at Mango, which is where I found one of my most loved and used coats, this red number from a years ago. That too has a bit of a bathrobe vibe going on – I guess there’s a pattern here? Mango and bathrobe coats – it’s a winning combination.

Christmas outfit 2

Jumper, Saturday by Megan Ellaby (shop it here). Beret, Accessorize. Skirt, Zara (shop it here). Tights, Calzedonia. Flats, Dorothy Perkins. Necklace, Primark. Bag, Hobbs.

Christmas outfit 2

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about my love for the brand that blogger Megan Ellaby created, Saturday by Megan Ellaby – and if I haven’t, let’s just say that I’m a big fan. I adore pretty much everything about that girl – her style, her home, her dogs and her adorable relationships with her friends and family. So it’s no surprise that her brand is just spot on. It’s always a huge danger to my bank account when she brings out new pieces; and it suffered greatly back in November. But this jumper sums of my love for red and pink perfectly and makes me happy. Simple.

A quick chat about the skirt – I am obsessed, I’d even go as far as saying that it’s kind of a staple. I really didn’t think I’d be hopping on the leather / faux-leather bandwagon this autumn/winter, but I was completely influenced. And no, not by an influencer, but by my friend who was rocking it like the ultimate cool girl (then again, she was influenced by Instagram). I like to think that it’s got a slight sixties vibe to it – for some reason it makes me think of the film Barbarella, (which I’ve never seen). I now realise that while it’s been many years since black short skirts were a wardrobe staple for me, it’s really inevitable that my taste for the styles and shapes of them have changed and will continue to do so. Years ago it was bodycon skirts (I still consider them a staple but I don’t automatically gravitate towards them), then it was pleated skirts (mini if I could find the right style) and for 2020 it’s… a mash-up of both with faux leather?! We’ll see what the future brings in the black skirt department.

Christmas outfit 3

Dress, Oasis. Tights, Calzedonia. Flats, Dorothy Perkins. Bag, Hobbs.

First up, this picture is so 2013 in terms of the quality – but I was desperate to get some sort of picture of this dress and didn’t manage to do it before the sun went down. So here ya go, it’s not great but it proves a point – I love a good black and white star print dress. Again, I felt guilty getting this one because I have this own – but they ARE completely different dresses, right? This one is made of jersey, which makes it so damn easy to throw on whenever, wherever. One could argue that it’s not the most practical piece for the depths of winter, but throw on a chunky cardigan and you’re good to go – at least in Southern England’s mild (but still terrible for me) winters anyway. 

I also love the pussy bow detail – it makes it so cute and kinda seventies! If you can’t tell by my enthusiasm, I’ve been wearing loads this winter.

Christmas outfit 3

I’m including this pic so that you can actually see the star print and also to give this little hair clip a shout. After much deliberation I bought it in the Accessorize sale in December. I doubted because even though I love it I’m dreadful at anything that involves hair, from styling to something as simple as putting accessories in it. The day I debuted it my mum put it in my hair for me – and believe me, I’m yet to do it myself as successfully as she did. Pathetic, I know. Maybe I’ll make it one of my resolutions to be better with anything hair-related this year – wish me luck.

Christmas outfit 4

Jumper, Saturday by Megan Ellaby (shop it here). Hat, Christmas gift. Skirt, Vila. Tights, Calzedonia. Flats, Dorothy Perkins. Bag, Hobbs.

Another Saturday by Megan Ellaby jumper that I had to have – isn’t it an absolute beauty? I have to stop myself from calling it a diamond print when it’s argyle – I only learned that a few months ago! But one thing that almost killed me when I found out was that the dark shade is navy, not black. I only realised it once the jumper had arrived because silly me didn’t read the product description properly (and I almost always do!). I still decided to keep it, but my god there’s just something about the colour navy that I just find so damn limiting! We just don’t see eye to eye sometimes. For this jumper however my little blue pleated skirt came to the rescue, and I’m planning to style it with cream trousers and even a light pair of pink trousers. It’s a jumper that’s worth the challenge. Trust me, not wearing this jumper and skirt combo with navy tights was probably killing me inside.

Christmas outfit 5

Top, Stradivarius. Shorts, Zara. Beret, Accessorize. Tights, Calzedonia (shop them here). Flats, Dorothy Perkins. Bag, Hobbs.

Like I said, more black and white. Simple, but effective. And yes, that’s more faux leather you see – my friend got me these shorts for my birthday and I love them. They reminded me of my long lost love for shorts – and totally rekindled it. 

As for the top, a mesh-up of knitted and poly fabric, what can I say – it’s no secret that I love a statement sleeve with granny vibes. 

So there you have it, a little look into what I’ve been wearing lately. Every now and again I get plagued with a lot of self-doubt about my style – this has been happening a lot over the past couple of years. Am I only wearing black and white because everyone does? Was my apparent love for colour a lie? Did I only like rainbow prints because it was a trend? Do I actually have any self-style? Usually I manage to shake myself out of it – you CAN like colour as well as black. Yes, rainbow stripes were very much part of a trend that has died down, but there will always be room for them in my wardrobe. I also believe that personal style does evolve, and no one can be 100% immune to trends. And yes, sometimes I do get too influenced by what I see on bloggers or social media, but I’m aware of it and can curb it.

Also, one’s style can be versatile, eclectic and even contradictory. I love bright colours (especially bright shades of red, pink, blue and turquoise), I like a bit of black, I like monochrome looks and pieces, and yes, this is definitely because of the influencing world, but I’ve come to love neutral shades too (in fact 2010/2011/2012 me was all over that shiz). 

Overall though, I do believe that colour feeds my soul – now that spring is around the corner I am craving colour more than ever. Which means my love for colour was not a lie. I am obsessed with all the pastel shades on offer for this coming spring (I see you, sage green), and I’m looking forward to revisiting my much-loved pink and mint colour combo. And did someone say lilac? I definitely need some lilac in my life! 

Rambles done – winter and Christmas 2019, you were fine. But I’m ready for some colour and sunshine.

Pictures taken between December 25th and December 29th 2019 in Bilbao, Spain.


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