The Quick Style Edit: What I Wore on 02/03/19

A few days ago I had a crazy idea that maybe I should blog every day for a month. Then I thought that if I were to carry out this crazy idea I really should have attempted to do it during the shortest month of the year to make my life slightly easier. Then, I thought I could go all out and just try it during March. Finally, I thought I could blog every two days – which is what I’ll try to do considering the fact that I managed to blog on the first day of this long month but was out for the most part of yesterday and could not have managed to make any quality content.

Anyway, I’m quite excited about the idea of blogging every two days ¬†– I really don’t believe in forcing creativity but it turns out I’m luckily feeling very fruitful and just need to give myself a little push. I also want to get quicker at putting good posts together that in turn will hopefully be snappier and less like essays (I’m not planning on giving up my ramblings either though). So, to keep it short and sweet, here are some pictures of what I wore yesterday – so up to date, am I right?!

The outfit was built around my new baby, this amazing bag by Lulu Guiness (more on her, the bag, later). I wanted to look and feel cute, a little dressed up but also comfortable for a friend’s Birthday lunch and drinks in central London. I love relying on my trustee M&S polo neck jumper (although I did get a bit hot in it), and I only just got myself this black pleated skirt by H&M. I’ve been looking for a black pleated silk-effect skirt for ages, and this one ticks pretty much every box. The only thing is, I actually wanted a mini skirt – so there’s a chance this skirt might get a makeover…

So let’s talk about this absolute beauty – you know it’s true love when you use a bag the day after you buy it for three days in a row. Did I need it? No – but then there was a Lulu Guinness sample sale last week and it’s a brand that I love so much and have always wanted to buy into. I went overboard and got myself a few too many things, but I think this is by far my favourite piece.

Headband, Primark. Jumper, Marks & Spencer (seen here and here). Skirt, H&M (available here). Shoes, ASOS (seen here and available here). Necklace, Monki. Bracelets, The Peach Box and gift. Ring, Bimba & Lola (old). Coat, Mango. Tights, Calzedonia. Bag, Lulu Guinness (bought at a sample sale).

And in case you’re wondering, that thing on my head is indeed a knotted headband, which as I mentioned in my previous post was an ‘experimental’ buy from Primark. I think I liked how it looked (and my friends did not seem to hate it, which is nice), but I’m still unsure – I might try styling it with a bun or lowish, relaxed ponytail. Also, it hurt my head like hell after a few hours!

My fragile Olympus camera is broken at the moment (for the fifth time!) so these pictures were taken with my iPhone 8 – they’re definitely not as good as pictures coming from an Olympus, but I do like them. It also kind of makes the whole process of ‘fast blogging’ much easier (or maybe this is just from a psychological perspective, as taking pictures with a phone is so easy and straightforward).

I might make this type of post a regular thing, especially if I do intend to go all out and blog every two days. And, as I miss doing my Monday to Friday posts, I would love to share my outfits on a more regular basis – stay tuned and wish me luck!

Pictures taken around Covent Garden, London, on March 2nd, 2019.


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