The Quick Style Edit: The Green Mile (What I Wore on 21.03.2019)

Happy Day 2 of Spring! I am so happy my second favourite season is here, and even though March has been quite a chilly month in London, I still feel like it’s been, overall, fairly bearable. And yet, despite this chilly-yet-kinda-mild weather, silly me has only gone and got herself three jumpers – I know, dreadful! Personally I don’t think there’s any point in getting knitwear once it hits February, but I just couldn’t resist these three jumpers – this green baby pictured here being one of them.

I actually couldn’t wait to wear it – I ordered it on Saturday, got it on Tuesday and took it out for a walk yesterday (nope, I couldn’t wait ’till Saturday – such a rebel). I love it when you get something and literally can’t wait to wear it! This jumper is the latest addition to style blogger extraordinaire Megan Ellaby’s fashion line Saturday by Megan Ellaby, which I have been a big fan of since the minute it launched. I love how this is like a million levels up from blogger ‘merch’ (a term that kind of makes me cringe) – it’s amazing that she’s founded an actual fashion line! Consisting, for now, of just six jumpers (well, two have now sold out), I love that it’s not an overwhelming collection – one can see that so much thought and detail has been put into every knit, and they’re all very Megan Ellaby. Yes, I’m a big fan – if they weren’t around the 70 pound mark I probably would have bought myself one in every design. It’s an expensive price tag, but the way I see it is that you really are supporting a new, independent brand and witnessing the start of a very exciting journey.

And let’s talk about this shade of green – I do like the colour green in many of its hues (emerald, forest… NOT khaki), but I just don’t have much of it in my wardrobe for some reason. I’m also pretty sure I don’t have anything in this shade of (what I guess could be referred to as) jade green; it’s just not a colour I would necessarily rush out to buy. But Megan made me do it! I used to wear pink and mint all the time, so this colour combination kind of reminded me of that. It’s a bit sassier and in your face, but it turns out I have a skirt that works with this jumper quite well. I am looking forward to styling it with other things though – maybe pink trousers?

Jumper, Saturday by Megan Ellaby (available here). Coat, sample (never produced) by Coster Copenhagen. Skirt, Lavand (from 2017 or even before). Beret, Stradivarius (from 2017). Shoes, Hobbs (seen here). Earrings, New Look (available here). Ring, ASOS (available here). Bag, Pull & Bear (seen here).

I have to stay, this outfit was very much a (fun) styling exercise. Let me tell you, every detail was planned – even these shell earrings (which I bought a few months ago from New Look and am obsessed with), which I chose because the brand’s logo is a shell. I would have loved to wear nude tights, but I wasn’t feeling brave enough, and I really had to have a think about which bag to use! I was very tempted to use my lemon yellow satchel bag, but in the end I went for this oldie that I recently rediscovered thanks to my wardrobe clear-out. But as cute as it looks, I don’t think I’m in love with it anymore (and the fastening of it is a pain), so I might have to say goodbye to it. Should I be more adventurous next time and team this jumper and skirt with my yellow bag? I think Megan would approve!

Apologies for the quality of the pictures – the light in London has been pretty abysmal over the past few days and these were taken just before the sun set. Hence another reason why I can’t wait for Spring to properly kick in – I just love those late sun sets, they make picture-taking and life itself so much better.

Pictures taken in Old Street, East London, on March 21st, 2019.


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