The Quick Life & Style Edit: What I Wore on a Visit to The Barbican Conservatory

Hey peeps, as expected I have slipped and not kept up my tentative plan to blog every two days – it was bound to happen but I do have an excuse, as I’ve had a lot going on IRL. That said, I really do want to post as much as possible – why not share a few pictures from my visit to the Barbican Conservatory last Sunday?

Coat, a sample (never produced) by Coster Copenhagen (seen here and here). Jumper, Florence + Fred at Tesco. Skirt, Silvian Heach (oldie). Hat and necklace, Accessorize. Earrings, Jade Evans Design (seen here). Ring, ASOS (available here). Bracelet, gift. Shoes, Topshop (available here). Bag, Skinny Dip (bought at a sample sale). Tights, Calzedonia.

I know I already did a post on the Barbican Conservatory a few months ago, but I love this place so much and why should I not post about it again? Despite the fact that, unfortunately, it was very busy (I guess more and more people are finding out about it), we managed to get some people-free (and pretty good, if I may say so myself) #ootd, #fashun pics.

I wore a mix of old and new, and I suspect that I subconsciously went for a very pink look that would contrast with the greenness of it all. That blogger mind, eh? I got this bag at a Skinny Dip sample sale either in January or February – I adore it! First up, pink and red – no need to say any more. Secondly, I love pizza like any other girl. Thirdly, I love how it emulates a pizza package – it happens to be a very handy shape.

I recently got this fluffy pink jumper on a food shop. It’s dangerous when one’s food shops start to include clothes! But when I spotted it at Tesco for the first time a month or two ago only to find it reduced to ¬£8 a few weeks later, I couldn’t resist – I’d been on the lookout for a new (and preferably pink) fluffy jumper ever since ruining an older one I had. And this one’s amazing – Tesco’s brand, Florence + Fred, does some pretty cute things at very good prices. Dangerous, I tell you…

I’m pretty sure I gave a reasonable overview of the Barbican Conservatory in my previous post, but I’m not sure if I talked much about the Conservatory’s cactus room. Cacti lovers will rejoice in this room – in fact I’d go as far as saying that any human will appreciate this room, and not just your standard cacti-loving millennial. It may be a small room but it is fascinating and beautiful, and of course makes you want to fill your home with a million cacti (like a true millennial).

I’ll probably talk about this in a separate post, but I’ve fallen for the cowry shell trend – can you spot the shell? I’ve been loving this little ring from ASOS – I like to think to that it stands out but also looks perfectly chic.

But as well as the Conservatory, the Barbican is also home to a spectacular terrace, which I’d appallingly never seen before. Isn’t it a beauty? The blogger in me really, really wants to go back and do more shooting, as it’s fair to say that it could offer a world of possibilities. Also, the weather in London was absolutely crazy on Sunday – there was rain and a ton of wind in the morning, only to then more or less disappear and let the Sun do its thing. Perhaps that’s why this terrace was close to empty.

I hope you don’t mind me while I continue to explore the wonderful possibilities of pink and red – I know this infatuation will end but for now allow me to indulge in it. And don’t be surprised if in a few months time a Conservatory post number 3 pops up on the blog – I not only love this little oasis in the middle of the City for its photogenic appearance, but also feel like I get a few moments of peace and calm when visiting such an urban jungle.

Pictures taken at the Barbican Conservatory and Barbican Centre on March 10th, 2019.


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