Purple Reign: Is Purple Set to be The Next It Colour?

I’m in the process of an on-going closet clear-out, which as well as it making me say goodbye to some pieces that have done their duty, has also led me to rediscover some old ‘gems’. One of these rediscoveries was three old French Connection jersey dresses, all in the same design. Bought around 2010 or 2011, my closet clear-out has reminded me that I bought this simple design in three colours: black, red and purple.

I don’t really know why I bought these dresses – they are pretty chic I suppose, but what 32-year-old me refers to as ‘old woman’ ish. I know, ironic considering that I’m not exactly a spring chicken and that I bought these dresses when I was in my twenties. But I just can’t help but wonder – what the hell was I thinking? Having said that, I am thankful for my decision to purchase them and am holding on to them because I believe they will come in handy for when I want to look a bit more ‘mature’… they could even work as an early pregnancy outfit (thinking ahead, why not).

I think the only one I ever ‘blogged’ was the red one, which you can check out here, but the one that’s got me thinking is the purple one. I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about it on the blog, but I’ve considered myself a hater of the colour purple for years. It’s funny because I do remember wearing purple as a kid/teen, and I love the colour lilac, but somewhere, somehow, I developed an aversion to purple. Together with brown, it’s a colour I tend to avoid like the plague – in fact, I much prefer brown to purple. So I was pretty shocked to realise that 2010/2011 me still liked purple enough to spend money on it?! I could have sworn the hatred went way back.

And yet hear I am, writing about purple potentially being an It shade for 2019. It may be a far stretch, but lately I’ve been seeing things… here is why I suspect purple could be the next colour ‘du jour’…

In my Oscars 2019 red carpet post I mentioned Bohemian Rhapsody actress Lucy Boynton’s Rodarte dress as a favourite of mine, and I don’t think I needn’t say more, because look. It is an absolute beauty, and I stick to what I said in that post – yes, this almost makes me want to go out and buy myself a purple dress (only I’ve just found one in my wardrobe clear-out – not quite Rodarte, but still).

I feel like I’ve been mentioning Megan Ellaby a lot lately – well, hereΒ and here – but this girl is so much more than a blogger, she really is an absolute trend-setter, which is amazing considering how unique her style is. She’s been rocking the seventies look, which is so big right now, for years; she rocks colour in such a way that probably encouraged hundreds of people in the fashion world to be more colourful and playful; and she was wearing hair clips early last year. Hence why it’s always worth checking out her social channels to see what the next big street style trends could be. And a few weeks ago, she posted a full-on purple look. She looked amazing as always, but it’s not the easiest look to pull off, and it could be one of those “Only Megan Ellaby” scenarios.

I actually have no interest in Kate Middleton’s style – she always looks lovely, of course, but it’s simply very classic and traditional, which just isn’t my thing. But it’s common knowledge that what Kate wears tends to sell out in seconds, or at least that’s what it was like before Meghan Markle stepped in the picture. So when I spotted her wearing this purple blouse the other day, I figured this could really spark some sort of purple rage. The blouse might not exactly sell out as it’s Gucci and has a Β£799.00 price tag, but I’m intrigued to see if the high street picks up on this somewhat regal shade.

Purple is an adequate colour for the month of March, as it’s the colour of International Women’s Day (which kind of breaks my heart – I wish it could be red or pink), but I really am keen to see if it could be one of this season’s It colours or maybe even a biggie for A/W’19, as it’s such a winter-appropriate shade. As to why I hate purple so much though, I have no clue. I also think it’s a hard shade to style – what does it go with, other than black and yellow? But I can be fickle when it comes to fashion, so who knows – maybe in a few months’ time you’ll see me rocking my dress or even other purple things…


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