Afternoon Delight

Hello peeps, I’m sharing another ‘quickie’ outfit post, and I’m going to start by saying three things about this look:

  1. I really, really like it – it might be my favourite outfit of the month.
  2. I wasn’t initially going to do a blog post, but I just really liked how these pictures came out.
  3. It’s a fine example of how, sometimes, I have some memorable ‘d’oh!‘ moments.

Jumper, Joanie (available here). Skirt, Boohoo (available here). Bag, Topshop. Shoes, Marks & Spencer (super old). Earrings, Primark. Ring and bracelet, gifts. Nail bracelet, The Peach Box.

British brand Joanie has become one of my favourite online fashion stores. As a lover of vintage-inspired cuts, cuteness and girlie slogans, I am obsessed with almost everything Joanie has on offer, and have to stop myself from spending all of my money there.

Like I said in this post, I stupidly bought a few – I said it was three, it turns out it was four – jumpers recently, and this Joanie jumper was one of them. But how could I resist this? I hate to sound like a broken record but once again I loved the pink and red hues, they’re just perfection! The font itself is super cute and the saying itself is perfectly nice too, am I right? Well, this is my d’oh! moment – the minute the bf saw it he laughed, much to my confusion. He then pointed out that it’s the title of a song from the seventies by Starland Vocal Band – and here are some of the lyrics…

Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight
Gonna grab some Afternoon Delight
My motto’s always been “When it’s right, it’s right.”
Why wait until the middle of a cold, dark night?

So it turns out my super cute and innocent-looking jumper is pretty damn raunchy – Joanie gals, I didn’t know you had it in you. Has this ‘discovery’ made me like this jumper less? Not at all! ‘Cause raunchy can look cute too…

I teamed it with this skirt from Boohoo that I can’t get enough of – I am obsessed. It’s also surprising quite how much use I’m getting out of it.

To keep in with the pink and red theme, I used this little bag from Topshop (for some reason I feel like it was made to match the skirt) and these little sling-backs from Marks & Spencer – oldies that recently got salvaged from a big wardrobe cull that looked so damn good with this look but that are, unfortunately, not very comfortable. I’m pretty torn about what to do, because I love how they look, but they kinda hurt – should I say goodbye to them, even though in some ways they still spark a lot of joy?

Also, shoutout to these earrings – I’d been kind of wanting a pair like these ever since I spotted a similar pair on blogger Laura Byrnes from Laura’s Little Locket. Primark came out with these and even though I’m trying to shop there less, I just couldn’t resist checking out their jewellery section only to find exactly what I wanted.

My mum took these photos of me after we visited Dorothy Circus Gallery – I’m surprised they didn’t come out darker, as it felt like a pretty dreary and miserable afternoon (definitely no delight there). Also, it was pretty windy and chilly – I think storm Gareth was still around. But I have to say, the windiness came in very handy – there is so much potential when you’re taking outfit pictures with a midi skirt in the wind, and I love how airy and floaty my skirt looks! That, together with the jumper, the discovery of a new song and my mum’s patience when taking pictures in the cold, makes this #ootd totally worth sharing on the blog me thinks.

Pictures taken around Marble Arch, London on March 16th, 2019.


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