A Few Thoughts on Fashion’s Current Love Affair With Hair Accessories

Happy March peeps – I’m so happy there are officially only 21 days until Spring. Speaking of which, I’ve been thinking about sharing my thoughts on one of Spring’s biggest fashion trends: hair accessories. From Instagram to the streets of Fashion Week to VOGUE, hair accessories are being seen and venerated literally everywhere. Obsessed with some, unsure about others, I thought I’d break down these trends and asses their wearability. Because Instagram is one thing, and real life is another…

1. Hair scarves & statement scrunchies

I personally started noticing this trend last summer, and it’s probably my favourite out of all the current hair accessory trends on offer. It’s just so beautiful, elegant yet fresh, easy on the eye and oh-so-Instagrammable. Whether you use an actual small silk scarf or try scrunchies with built-in scarf details or bows, I love how it looks with both ponytails, buns or one’s hair half up. Partly inspired by St. Tropez vibes, partly inspired by Ariana Grande (I just love those high ponytails of hers), I really want to incorporate this look into my style on a more regular basis – I’m just so used to wearing my hair down that I forget to play around with it more often.

Scrunchie with scarf detailing by ASOS.

Scarf by Bershka.

Scrunchie by ASOS.

2. Headbands

Oh my, I would absolutely be all over this look if I felt it suited me – but I’m very, very unsure about it. I don’t really know where this trend has come from (as much as I love fashion, sometimes I really do miss out on who or what actually inspired a certain trend), but it’s interesting to see how headbands – especially knotted ones – have pretty much exploded in the space of a few weeks. As someone who wore headbands throughout a big chunk of their childhood, then became absolutely obsessed with them due to Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf circa 2008 and eventually felt too old to wear them, I love how ridiculously chic knotted headbands can look. I’ve tried to find one that suits me, but so far the few that I’ve tried on make me feel like I look like a fortune teller. And sadly, none of my loved ones who have witnessed these try ons have said otherwise – they’ve looked just as unsure as me when I’ve tried them on. But, I’m not giving up just yet – I’ve bought myself a black knotted headband from Primark (I would have loved a different colour, but for some reason black seems to be the right colour for me) – and will report back.

3. Hair clips

The absolute star of the show – and one I’m least likely to try. Does this mean that I was a very stylish little girl? I wore hair clips for the first few years of my life (I then moved on to headbands) – I can very much remember how much I liked them and how fascinated I would be by certain designs and colours. Heck, I can even remember how it felt to put them in my hair!

But don’t get me wrong, I LOVE these 2019 versions. I started spotting them last year on Instagram and have become obsessed with them – it’s got a vintage feel that I love and that I’ve very much being pursuing lately. I’ve been using Instagram’s picture-saving (a.k.a. stalking) option to file pictures of uber stylish girls sporting hair clips (and even just flatlays of hair clips – I’m obsessed with the account @theoutlier_) like they’re the new Chanel bags – maybe it’s my way of living this trend vicariously through others. Again, I’m not 100% sure how this trend started – was it Gucci? I have to say, as much as I like having words on my jumpers, tees and even shoes and bags, I hate words on hair clips. But pearl clips? I think they’re beautiful. As well as stalking and collecting images of them on Instagram, I’ve had this page of a pearl hair clip Etsy seller on my iPad open for weeks, making myself constantly tempted to try this trend.

VOGUE recently described this trend as super “accessible” (read it here), which I suppose is true thanks to the price point of so many hair clips. Personally I’d like to try one in person before purchasing one – even if a lot of them are in fact super cheap, I’d rather be 100% sure that I’m going to get some use out of it than to be cool with, essentially, losing a couple of pounds on something that turns out to not be right for me (Yes, I’m aware that returning stuff is an option, but still!). I can’t quite pin down why I don’t think I’ll be getting one – I’m just not sure if I can pull it off without feeling, to put it in millenial terms, basic. And I don’t know if 2019 me is ready to revisit/reinvent early 90’s me – can I pull off hair clips as an early 30’s babe? Can it really look as beautiful in real life as it does on one’s Instagram feed? ‘Cause it may look great on the side, but what about on a face-to-face basis? Yes, I’ve wasted a lot of brain cells on this matter… and as I can be fickle, you may even see me trying it out after all.

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Valet Head at dusk.

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I’m curious to see how long these hair trends will last – is it fair to say that hair clips will fade as quickly as they’ve appeared? Maybe I’ll jump on board with them as soon as they become unfashionable. As for headbands, well, are they sort of a classic that keep coming back very couple of years? And in the case of hair scarves, I’d like to think that they really are timeless.

What do you guys think of these hair accessories? Love them? Hate them? Trying them? Rocking them? I might do another post showing you how I’ve been styling the ones I have (or the ones I might get) – so stay tuned!


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