The Italian Diaries: What I Wore

To say I am ashamed of myself for having taken so long to publish this post is an understatement – I don’t have any valid excuses! I went on a fantastic week-long trip to Italy at the end of November and don’t really know why I haven’r managed to start posting about it until now – I’ll stick to it being due to a few technical glitches. But here we go – I thought it was still worth sharing what I wore because it consisted of a lot of my favourite winter pieces and failsafe outfits…


Day 1, Rome: Jumper, Pull & Bear. Trousers, New Look (seen here). Boots, Miss Selfridge (seen all over my blog over the past year!). Bag, Bershka (seen here).

This jumper, which I bought from Pull & Bear at the end of 2017, is kind of one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. I just think it’s a very cool piece – so cool in fact that a lot of the time I don’t know how to style it and makes me feel like I’m emphasising my average build. Yep, I have a lot of mixed feelings about it, but still regard it as a good purchase.

Day 2, Rome: Dress, Grace & Mila (seen here). Coat, Mango (again, seen all over my blog). Beret, Accessorize. Cardigan, Topshop (seen here). Shoes, Zara (seen here).

I found the weather pretty mild in Rome – however, it wasn’t mild enough for me to remember to get a picture of this dress without my coat – soz.


Day 3, Rome to Florence: Jumper, Mango. Trousers, bag and shoes, as before. Earrings, Parfois. Scrunchie, ASOS.

I don’t know why but I really like this outfit – I think it’s because of my ponytail and the carousel (Fact: backdrops have an impact on outfits).

Day 4, Florence: Jumper, Marks & Spencer (seen here). Skirt, ASOS (seen here). Bag, beret and boots, as before.

Realising that this skirt, which I bought at the end of last summer (and wore a few times and felt like I was flashing everyone whenever I did), can totally work during winter because it looks good with a pair of black tights, was a pretty cathartic moment for me.

Day 5, Florence to Venice: Jumpsuit, New Look. All other clothing and accessories, as before.

Like I mentioned in this post, I’ve loved teaming my turtleneck jumpers under jumpsuits this winter. I especially love how this polka dot jumpsuit looks with my pink and red jumpers – and as it’s so low-cut, I might not even wear it during the hotter months.


Day 6, Venice: Dress (seen here) and scrunchie, ASOS. Ring, from Hong Kong.

This is probably one of my favourite pictures from Venice, if I may so myself. And I really love this scrunchie I got from ASOS – Ariana Grande meets Anne of Green Gables, anyone?

Day 7, Venice to (sob) London: Jumper, skirt and accessories, as before.

I kind of love this look, even though there is something a bit off about it. The not really tucked in jumper sits at a pretty unflattering part of my body, emphasising my bigness in areas that don’t make me feel confident. Or maybe I’m just not cool enough for this outfit, which I think an actual blogger could pull off with ease (LOL). Nevertheless, I like it, and might try combing these two pieces again.

Putting this post together has very much reminded me of all the recent 10×10 outfit challenge videos that have been popping up on YouTube recently – I love that concept and feel like I’ve very much applied it in recent years when packing for my travels. I tried my best to pack smart for this trip while also pleasing the fashionista in me – and even though I didn’t quite manage a ‘7×7’ challenge as such (I brought a total of 8 items of clothing as well as 1 bag, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 hat and 1 coat, and let’s not even count jewellery and hair accessories), I successfully combined my love for travelling light(ish) with my innate desire for cute outfits in cute settings. If you’re keen on finding out more about the 10×10 outfit challenge, you can read all about it on blogger Style Bee’s website, who I think created the challenge.

After finally showing you what I wore in Italy, I can’t wait to share what I actually got up to in these three wonderful cities – I just need to find all my notes for these upcoming posts because I want to be as thorough as possible, wish me luck!

Pictures taken between November 26th and December 2nd 2018 in Rome, Florence and Venice, Italy.


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