Five Very Girly Outfits for Valentine’s Day – A Lookbook

Last year I was pretty proud of my Valentine’s post (check it out here) so I couldn’t miss out on doing another V-Day post this time around. Full disclaimer: as I have probably said before, I’m pretty indifferent to Valentine’s Day. It’s a load of bullsh*t, a marketing plot for companies to make some dough and make people who aren’t partnered up feel bad about themselves. So I guess it’s pretty f*cking hypocritical of me to put together a lookbook for this pointless celebration, right? Well, I’m doing it purely for aesthetic reasons. I love hearts, flowers, pink, red… elements that are exploited for Valentine’s Day but that I incorporate into my style all year around. I love girly fashion and girly things, as well as a styling exercise – so forgive me for being a hypocrite, but how can I not take advantage of this godforsaken, not-even-a-holiday event?

To sum up, this is for all the peeps who maybe do love Valentine’s Day (no judging, I promise) and/or who like girly outfits. I got ambitious this year and came up with five outfits – but just so you know, these are outfits I would wear (and have worn) on any given day of the year.

1. A Pastel Pink Party

Dress, Chicwish (available here). Coat, Red Herring at Debenhams (seen here). Beret, Stradivarius (from A/W’17). Earrings, Topshop (available here). Bag, from Truffle Shuffle (available here). Tights, Calzedonia. Boots, Primark (from A/W’17).

I guess you could say “Go pink or go home” was my mantra for this look, which revolves around this adorable dress I got from Chicwish. I saw it on Hello Miss Jordan and fell in love – but as it was pretty damn expensive I asked the bf if he would be happy to get me an extra special Christmas gift. Luckily he was, and I have worn the hell out of it ever since I got it. I love that it’s knitted and therefore pretty cosy, but also oh-so-pretty. Which, in chilly climates, makes it a pretty viable option for V-Day. I teamed it with this Polly Pocket heart bag from Truffle Shuffle (which I’d being eyeing up for months and finally got last month because it was significantly reduced) to make it extra girly and yep, went full-on pink with all the other items too. Also, I know this look in particular might not be the epitome of chic, but I love one-colour (or tonal) outfits, especially in lighter and pastel shades.

2. A quirky (and comfortable) mix of pink and red

Jumper, Brave Soul via ASOS (sold out). Skirt (seen here) and scarf (seen here), H&M. Beret (seen here) and belt, Accessorize (available here). Earrings, ASOS (available here). Bag and coat (seen here), Mango. Boots (seen here), Miss Selfridge.

Pink and red has become my absolute favourite colour combination ever. It’s also proving to be one long-lasting trend, as I started wearing it back at the end of 2017! And even though I plan to make it a wardrobe staple of mine, it’s fair to say that it’s definitely at the height of its fame right now, with options all over the high street and even luxury market. The easiest way to rock it is by finding pieces that already have it incorporated, such as this jumper. I spotted it on ASOS for £8.99 and couldn’t resist. As I was waiting for it to arrive in the post, I planned this outfit in my head – I quite like the real-life result. I’m especially in love with this belt from Accessorize as well as the heart earrings – I really went to town with matching! Also, in terms of skirt options I think an A-line red skirt (either in matte faux leather or patent) would look groovy too (if not better).

I decided to stick to red when it came to the rest of the outfit because that’s how I roll, but if you do find yourself a pink and red jumper and are not a weirdo like me, just team it with a pair of jeans.

3. A vibrant and playful (and spring-friendly) look

Dress, Boohoo (available here). Beret, necklaces and belt, Accessorize. Boots, Miss Selfridge. Bag, Mango. Bracelet, The Peach Box.

Believe it or not, I did not die from the cold when taking these pictures – apart from some very cold and slightly snowy days we had at the end of January, start of February, I’ve found the temperatures in London really mild lately. But that’s not too say that I’ll be rushing to throw on this cute dress from Boohoo again. As you can see, it’s pretty damn short, and I don’t think my legs are quite ready to leave their hibernation period and welcome nude tights. If you are lucky enough to be experiencing a warmish climate this February, then I envy you – I would love to have a warm Valentine’s Day.

I actually came across this dress through Vogue, who published a pretty cute article about rocking pink and red on Valentine’s Day (FYI, I’d already planned to). There was a link to a skirt with this exact print -and while it turned out the skirt was sold out, I was delighted to find a dress version of it. I just think the heart print is so damn cute, and I like that the wrap effect isn’t too revealing (personally I don’t like it when I feel like my boobs could pop out any minute). I wish it were longer, but that simply means that I gotta get confident about my legs again.

4. A date-night-ready LBD

Dress, Pretty Little Thing (sold out). Cardigan, River Island (available here). Necklace, Desigual. Bag, Mango. Belt, Accessorize. Shoes (available here), ASOS. Tights, Forever 21 (available here). Ring, hand-me-down from my mum.

This is probably the closest I’ll ever come to sexy – long gone are the days in which I strutted to the club in body-con numbers, nowadays I have no idea how to do sexy! But apart from being all for the “Sexy is an attitude” state of mind, I understand a lot of people may prefer sexy over girlie when it comes to date-worthy outfit choices. So, this is my take on sexy – a super cute Little Black Dress from Pretty Little Thing that has my favourite ever cut, the skater style. I bought this dress a few weeks ago because it was down to a ridiculous price (I think it was less than £10 on ASOS – crazy) and I don’t own very many LBD’s. As much as I love colour, I appreciate the easiness of a simple black dress – and of course I’ll accessorise it with colourful pieces. I teamed it with these “I’m off to see the Wizard” shoes from ASOS – I’d been creeping on them for months and finally got them in the sale. I’m also obsessed with these tights I spotted on Forever 21 – it’s not come up very clearly in the pictures but those red dots are actually hearts, aren’t they absolute perfection for Valentine’s Day? And because I’m clueless about sexy, I threw a chunky red cardigan over it too. But isn’t this look pretty OK for a date or even a Galentine’s night out? I tried peeps, I tried.

5. A chilled but cute option

Jumper (bought in an outlet store last month, similar here) and scarf, H&M. Skirt, Vila (seen here). Necklaces, Monki and Desigual. Bag, Topshop (from 2008!). Ring, Bimba & Lola (seen here). Beret, Accessorize. Tights, Forever 21. Shoes, ASOS.

I’m taking the “Jeans and a nice top” philosophy and switching it up with my very own everyday style mantra, “Skirt and a nice top”. I’ve been wearing this jumper a lot lately – it may the comfiest thing ever but it also happens to look pretty damn nice. And yes, I’m totally sticking to the theme of love with this bag from Tophop. I’m very proud to say that I suspect I bought this bag all the way back in 2008 – two years before I started this blog! I was delighted to find it the other day buried in the depths of my storage cupboard and knew it would have to make an appearance on this post. I’m actually just super happy to have rediscovered it – 2008 me was onto something.

In typical me fashion, the heart details don’t just end with the tights and bag. They haven’t shown up much in these pictures, but if you look closely you’ll see the jumper has got some very cute yarn balls that form heart motifs. It’s kind of perfect for Valentine’s Day, but I can totally see it as a subtle Christmas jumper too? Essentially, this is how I do casual, although one could even swap the Mary Jane’s for a pair of simple (read: NOT ugly dad) trainers.

So there we have it peeps, five pretty girlie outfits inspired by the controversial holiday that is Valentine’s Day. Like I said at the start, for me it’s nothing more than an excuse to have a fun styling exercise and take out all of my girly things out for a spin. However, this is the first year I’ve ever heard about Palentine’s Day – an idea I absolutely love and would totally be down for (but as far as I know, most of my friends aren’t).

Whatever you like or hate (Valentine’s, Galentine’s or Palentine’s), I suppose my advice is: just remember it’s all a load of bullsh*t, and love is for every day of the year. Happy Hallmark Holiday Day!

Pictures taken throughout February at:


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