What I Wore in October

It’s not every month you get to experience what feels like the four seasons, and October has been a pretty contradictory month to say the least. As well as the unexpectedly lovely sunny spells we had in London, I was lucky enough to enjoy a few more shreds of summer at the start of the month thanks to my trip to Spain – precisely because the weather was so amazing it feels like it was a lifetime ago rather than just a few weeks ago!

So, because of the coldness, the hotness, the mildness and sunny getaway, I thought it would be interesting to share some of the outfits I’ve worn throughout the month of October. As the first four outfits already featured in my ‘What I wore’ Estepona diaries, I won’t say anything else about them, and will try to keep the rest of my outfit captions short and sweet.

October 1st: Dress and shoes, ASOS. Bag, Zara. Earrings, Primark.

October 2nd: Dress, Compañia Fantastica. Bag, Zara. Shoes, ASOS.

October 3rd: T-shirt, Desigual. Skirt, Silvian Heach. Earrings, Night Time Holiday. Bag, Zara. Shoes, Hobbs.

October 4th: T-shirt, Desigual. Skirt, Silvian Heach. Earrings, Night Time Holiday. Bag, Zara. Shoes, Hobbs.

October 5th: Jacket, Isaac Mizrahi (bought 4 years ago in a charity shop). Dress, Nobody’s Child (seen here). Bag, Zara. Shoes, Hobbs.

In all honesty I just really wanted to share this photo because I love the insane red light. But no, I wasn’t at a boudoir – this is what I wore for a cinema date (Kiln Theatre, in case you’re wondering how you can get this red light in your life).

October 7th: Beret, Accessorize. Jacket, Isaac Mizrahi. Dress, Grace & Mila (from its A/W’17 collection). Bag, Primark (new!). Shoes, Hobbs.

Aaaand the tights came out – albeit new ones. But I was happy to bring out my beret, as I don’t do autumn and winter without hats. And, overall, this is a pretty lightweight outfit.

October 10th: Dress, Topshop. Beret, Accessorize. Bag, Louche. Shoes, Hobbs.

Photographing white clothing is the hardest thing ever. I know this is a weird statement but I’ve seriously struggled to get a good picture of this dress by Topshop, which I got all the way back in May and have barely featured on any social channel because I never managed to get a good picture of it. But it’s a handy little dress – I’ve even bought the fuchsia pink version of it, as I mentioned here.

October 13th: Jacket, Silvian Heach. Jumpsuit (worn with Hobbs vest), necklace and earrings, Primark (new!). Bag, Topshop. Shoes, New Look (seen here, available here). Necklace, Primark.

A JUMPSUIT! I haven’t worn one in so long (the last one I remember wearing is this one – in 2010), but I undeniably got ‘influenced’ and grabbed myself this one from Primark, which makes me feel pretty jazzy.

October 19th: Jacket, Soia & Kyo (seen here). Jumper (seen here) and bag, Mango (available here and here). Skirt, Primark (seen here). Earrings, Topshop. Trainers, New Look.

So, this is the jumper of dreams I kind of banged on about here. I love this outfit because that green on green look isn’t something I’ve done before me thinks. I also love this skirt – I previously said I wasn’t sure whether I’d be getting any more leopard print pieces but this piece combines my three loves (leopard print, bright shades and pleated midi skirts) perfectly.

October 20th: Beret, Accessorize. Jumper, Primark. Necklace, Alex Monroe. Trousers, New Look (seen here, available here). Shoes, Miss Selfridge.

This is probably my second favourite outfit (and favourite backdrop) of the month. It’s basically this outfit I featured last year here, but with the trousers swapped for this new pair that I love. Yep, I felt like I had my shizz together.

October 21st: Beret, Accessorize. Blouse, Monsoon (seen here). Dress, ASOS (seen here and here). Boots, Miss Selfridge. Bag, Louche.

The bf and I went to the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park and it was pretty beautiful and mild day – if I remember correctly however, it was absolutely freezing the next day!

October 24th: Beret, Accessorize. Jacket, Cubic. Jumper, Joanie (seen here, available here). Trousers, New Look. Bag, Accessorize. Shoes, Hobbs.

This was, again a very mild day – hence why I got away with this pretty lightweight jacket from Cubic. But I wouldn’t really wear this outfit again, as I’m quite convinced about how the jacket looks with the rest of the outfit. You win some, you lose some.

October 28th: Coat, Red Herring at Debenhams (seen here). Beret, Topshop. Top, Zara. Trousers, Vero Moda (available here). Boots, Oasis. Bag, Skinny Dip London.

Full post on this outfit coming soon! But I will say I loved wearing it.

October 29th: Scarf worn in my hair, ASOS (available here). Coat, from Hong Kong. Jumper, Mango. Trousers, New Look. Earrings, bag and shoes, Primark.

I don’t mean to show off, but I really like this outfit too. I specially like the fact that I finally tried something newish with my hair and stuck in a colourful headscarf – it was a style I’d been wanting to try since the summer and I quite liked the result.

October 31st: Beret, Stradivarius (bought last Christmas). Coat, from Hong Kong. Blouse and dress, Miss Selfridge (available here and here). Boots (bought either last year or at the start of this year) and bag, Primark.

This is my favourite outfit of the month because it was my birthday outfit! And it’s almost all pink. And three strangers complemented me on it. I’ll be writing a post about my birthday soon and include a few more pictures of this pink-infused #ootd.

From t-shirts to fur coats – style wise, it’s been a whirlwind of a month and I think the hot-to-cold progression in my style is pretty much tracked in these pictures. Thankfully I’ve so far handled the chilly temperatures well; I’d go as far as saying that I’m even enjoying dressing for autumn. Then again, it’s going to be Winter next month. Am I ready for it? I’ll have to get back to you on that…


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