What I Wore in July and August

I’m going to try to keep this short as this post is going to be both text and photo-heavy, but as I really miss doing my weekly/monthly outfit roundup posts and haven’t shared many outfit posts over the past few months (or year even, terrible), I thought I’d be a little ambitious and go over what I’ve worn in July and August! I like doing these kinds of posts because it’s a good way to show what’s new in my wardrobe and what I’ve been feeling style-wise. Also, fingers crossed it serves as a preview of some posts that I really should write up!

Dress, found on Groupon. Topshop bag. Heatons shoes.

June 30th: I know, I know, I’m cheating by including the last day of June, but I couldn’t not include my Groupon dress! Yes that’s right, I found this little cutie on Groupon – ridiculous I know. The fabric isn’t that great and the buttons are just decorative – elements that turn me off but that I ultimately don’t mind because of its oh-so-cute sunflower print. In fact, this dress was probably what set off my love for sunflowers just before Hitchin Lavender…

Grace & Mila bomber jacket. ASOS dress. Vans shoes. Accessorize bag.

July 3rd: A very simple outfit for an afterwork stroll around Southbank Centre, I need to remember to revisit my neutral pallet every now and again. I still love baby pink and I’ve had this simple ASOS skater dress since 2010! I also love how this little Accessorize bag (which I’d been lusting after since January) matches the background.

Zara t-shirt and bag (available here). H&M skirt and earrings. Heatons shoes. 

July 8th: How cute is this lobster tee from Zara? I think this was one of the first proper days of summer we had in London.

ASOS top. Vero Moda shorts. Zara sandals (available here). Kurt Geiger bag (available here).

July 9th: And this is the first example of an obsession I have had all summer and truly fallen for – rainbow stripes. And yes, it was perfect – albeit coincidental – timing for this year’s Pride celebrations. I spotted this little top on ASOS a few months ago and even though it’s not super flattering on me and is tricky to wear because it won’t really stay put, I still love wearing it.

Also, I bought myself a pair of sandals. It’s a big deal – I hate feet and showing my toes. I only wore them a few times because of this issue I have with feet – but I have to say, I don’t mind these too much.

Primark t-shirt and trousers. Pinkie denim jacket. ASOS shoes. Topshop bag.

July 12th: Favourite trousers ever. No further comments.

Mango t-shirt. Stradivarius skirt. ASOS shoes. Topshop bag.

July 19th: I wouldn’t wear this look again as I’ve decided I prefer to wear this skirt of dreams with more colourful tops. But I love this t-shirt because yes, that’s exactly what I lack sometimes!

Monki dress (available here). Zara sandals. Topshop basket bag. Bershka scarf.

July 22nd: As big and as pregnant this dress makes me look, I absolutely love it. I copied if off my friend, as I’ve never really had a dress like this before. It’s just too cute!

Forever 21 denim jacket. Pull & Bear t-shirt. H&M skirt.

July 25th: Can you tell I like colourful stripes? Last summer I fell in love with and overdosed on denim jackets, so I tried my best not to buy any this year. I kind of failed – but have no regrets because this jacket is just divine.

ASOS dress. Vans shoes.

July 26th: I’m essentially sharing this picture, which was taken one day on an evening walk in my area, because I love it and I think it’s 100% worth sharing. It’s my super old ASOS dress again because I love it.

Bershka blouse. ASOS skirt (available here). Mango bag. Vans trainers. Primark earrings (full outfit post here).

July 27th: As explained here, I have a lot of love for this outfit. And here’s one trend that’s carrying into Autumn.

And finally t-shirt. Primark skirt. H&M earrings. Skinny Dip London bag. Vans trainers.

July 28th: Apologies about this but I do feel rather smug about the fact that my outfit kind of (and unintentionally) matched this amazing installation in Serpentine Lake (Hyde Park), “The Mastaba” by Christo.

Zara dress. Mango bag. Monki earrings. Heaton shoes.

July 29th: This picture reminds me of how much I NEED to write a post about the Barbican Conservatory because it’s AMAZING. Oh and yeah, the dress is pretty great too.

Weekday t-shirt. Big Metal earrings (seen here). Primark skirt.

July 30th: This picture was taken outside of my place on a Monday after work because I wanted to write a post about these earrings (which I did here). So yes, this was a workwear outfit – a term which I take lightly as I can’t do corporate or super formal and my workwear and off-duty looks aren’t too far apart. Also, the bf happened to had bought me sunflowers that same day, which was a lovely surprise, made me love sunflowers (a love that was confirmed and reinforced at Hitchin) and served as a great prop. I did want to share this picture on Instagram but never got around to it, so here’s a never-seen-before picture.

Zara dress and bag.

August 2nd: I went for an evening walk around some fields near where I live and wore this Little Red Dress by Zara that I have a love-hate relationship with (which I expanded on here). Regardless of these feelings, I can confirm it looks pretty good against a field of yellow flowers.

ASOS dress (available here) and shoes. Skinny Dip London bag.

August 3rd: What do I thrive in? A jersey skater dress. Every damn time. Brownie points for this cutie because it’s got rainbow stripes, instantly cheers me up and makes me feel great.

Nasty Gal dress (sold out, co-ord version available here). Topshop basket bag. Bershka scarf.

August 4th: You can read the full post about my morning at Hitchin lavender here, but as for the dress, well, I couldn’t have asked the Fashion Gods for a better lemon dress that even has oranges on it too. A citrusy dream in a sea of lavender.

Zara dress. Pimkie jacket. Topshop bag. Hobbs shoes.

August 11th: My friends and I wandered around the lovely Danesfield House (a super luxe hotel and spa) in Marlow and found some wisteria leftovers! Oh, the joy!

Hush t-shirt. ASOS skirt (available here) and earrings. Skinny Dip London bag.

August 12th: And there we have it – another blog post I need to write up asap. My friends and I visited Strawberry Hill House and it was lovely – even lovelier than this star skirt. JK – I’m not insane enough to compare a house to a skirt, but isn’t this skirt delightful? It’s got a crazy slit so I gotta be careful about flashing my undies to the world but it still makes me feel pretty cool and *almost* like Angelina Jolie in her leg-split fashion glory days.

Jaeger jacket. Stradivarius t-shirt. New Look trousers. Zara bag. ASOS shoes.

August 15th: A pink wall and an outfit that doesn’t match this pink wall? I know, I should have been arrested – but I visited this pop-up after a work day and hadn’t thought about dressing up like a marshmallow. Also, the main mission was to get myself a delicious doughnut from my new favourite doughnut brand, Doughnut Time.

Pimkie jacket. Hobbs top. Primark trousers. Zara bag. Kurt Geiger shoes.

August 17th: Another picture that didn’t make it to the gram, mainly because I looked tired AF and wasn’t feeling this background. But it’s not a bad outfit and acts as a reminder that in this fast-paced, social media-obsessed world we live there’s actually nothing wrong with wearing stuff more than once. I know, shock horror!

Topshop top (available here) and skirt (available here). Monki earrings. Bag, from eBay. Hobbs shoes.

August 21st: I think this is one of my favourite outfits from last month because wearing pink and red at the same time has become one of my obsessions. I love the sugariness of this skirt – I get that it’s SO girlie and a bit much but I love it, especially the vintage-esque flower motif and the combination of pink and red. Also, I’d been hemming and hawing about this top all summer, which literally every blogger on earth seemed to have. It initially came in just white and cornflower blue and I remember wishing it came in red. Someone listened to my prayers! The red version came out last month and I didn’t think twice about getting it.

Joanie Clothing dress (available here). Mango bag. ASOS shoes.

August 24th: My god, I adore this dress but it is tight AF! I spotted it on Hannah Witton and fell in love with it – I was delighted to see that it was from Joanie Clothing and in the sale. I got my usual size (UK 10) but actually need help fastening the zip, which has never happened to me before with a dress like this. I think I kept it because as it was on sale there was no size 12’s left – I don’t regret it but damn, it’s an intense experience when wearing it. May this serve as a cautionary tale if anyone likes this dress, as there are still some left on Joanie’s website. Also, my camera is completely lying about the colour of this dress – it’s actually a very rustic red shade, almost brown. And the button fastening is fake – another little minus.

ASOS dress (available here). Kurt Geiger bag. Vans shoes.

August 25th: So I dragged the bf to this super cute pop-up art installation in Brick Lane revolving around fruits and vegetables, Plant Pop. The Plant Pop crew insisted it was for all ages – I think it was great for kids and crazy Instagrammers like me. Yes, I chose to wear a cherry print dress to this fruit-themed pop-up. No regrets.

Topshop dress. Silvian Heach bag. Primark shoes.

August 26th: Remember my Notting Hill Carnival post, and what I really looked like that day (further evidence here)? This picture was taken after the Carnival officially ended. Needless to say, this is what I should have spent the whole day looking like.

For some reason I am yet to get a good picture of this Topshop dress (my theory is that photographing white is a bitch) – so here is a better picture of it courtesy of blogger Sophie Milner.

ASOS dress. Monki earrings. Zara bag. Blend She cardigan. Primark shoes.

August 27th: Please excuse the shitty editing on this picture, life without some basic Photoshop can be a bitch. But here is a failed attempt to look cute in front of Liberty’s flowers. You know what is cute though? This flamingo bag (which is also a bitch to photograph). These pom-pom shoes, bought last summer. And, to some extent, this dress – maybe not quite right for me but still pretty sweet.

ASOS dress. Zara bag. Keds trainers. Blend She cardigan.

September 1st: Started as a cheater, ending as a cheater – I couldn’t help share this picture taken last Saturday, and as it’s only one day after August, it doesn’t feel like a huge betrayal either…

To sum up, these have been my summer obsessions:

  • Rainbow stripes
  • Slogan and graphic tees
  • Basket bags
  • Midi and knee lengths
  • Dresses, dresses and dresses (so standard)
  • Pink and red
  • Awkward-length trousers when it wasn’t super hot

I’m going to try to carry my summer style as much as I can into September and maybe even October, as I am yet to figure out what my Autumnn/Winter 2018 vibe is going to be and I’m more than happy to be in denial for a little longer! Are there any spring and summer trends you’ll be trying to work into your autumn wardrobe?


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