Paradise Now: Is This The Prettiest Pop-Up in London?

I’m pretty pleased with myself for serving you some fresh-out-the-oven content and not writing about it three months later as I usually do! But I really didn’t want to leave this for later as it ends on September 15th, this Saturday! I’m talking about Paradise Now, one of London’s latest pop-up events. And oh my, it’s beauty.

So, what am I going on about? First up, let’s talk about Ecccleston Yards. I discovered Eccleston Yards last month, when searching for this lovely Frida Kahlo mural. I’d never heard about it before, although it only opened in Spring 2018. Less than a 10-minute walk away from Victoria station and right by Belgravia and one of London’s most Instagrammed streets, Elizabeth Street, Eccleston Yards is a small court that comprises food, shopping and personal care. Hence why it’s the perfect backdrop for Paradise Now, a week-long pop-up event described by Eccleston Yards as “a free outdoor urban spa” and “wellbeing playground.”

At a glance the main attraction of this pop-up is undoubtedly the stunning pink set-up that resembles a spa in the middle of Eccleston Yards and has been described by the team behind this project as a monumental pink mist waterfall. Very reminiscent of a spa, it is not only absolute Instagram goals but also releases a beautiful mist with¬†extracts of raspberry leaf, aloe vera, chamomile and citrus. It does make it a little tricky to sit on those blocks since most of them are pretty wet because of the mist, but it’s such a lovely experience otherwise! The mist is so relaxing and those pink pebbles are the bees’ knees. We were advised by the staff to walk barefoot – I know this won’t be a lot of people’s cup of tea but I was more than happy to get my shoes off. As I have this condition on the palms of both my hands and feet that makes them dry, this was such a soothing treat for my feet.

Have you ever seen a prettier set-up? I wish I could get my very own set of pink blocks and matching pebbles. The choice of pink is not to satisfy millenials Рthis shade is called Baker-Miller pink, claimed to reduce aggressive behaviour. And yes, this make me love pink even more.

Dress, Boohoo (available here, worn with Primark vest). Earrings, Monki. Necklace, Accessorize. Bag, Zara (available here). Shoes, Miss KG (super old, seen here). Duster coat (seen below), Primark.

One of the staff members asked me if I’d dressed in pink on purpose for this place… Well, I’ve always wanted to be pretty in pink.

But as pretty as it is, that sea of pink is not the only thing worth experiencing at Paradise Now. There is also a crisp white ‘Aqua Bar’ that serves delicious water (which has been infused with a yummy mix of fruit, vegetables and other natural ingredients – yes, fancy water totally excites me), TV screens showing sunsets from all over the world, this sunlike infrared light installation that exudes a warming glow and works like a SAD light, and free talks and meditation sessions. Amazing, right?

This event was organised by Bompass and Par, an agency and consultancy that mainly organises culinary events – this time however the main focus is physical and emotional wellbeing and how the businesses at Eccleston Yards (which I think are independent) revolve around this.

Will you be visiting this pink playground if you’re in London this weekend?

Check out Eccleston Yard’s website if you’re interested.

Pictures taken on September 12th, 2018.


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