Jewellery Box: Three New Earrings

Happy August peeps – I thought I’d do something a little different and talk about three very spontaneous additions to my overspilling jewellery box. This year I’ve bought quite a few key jewellery bits and bobs that I am pretty obsessed with, two of them being my Monki raffia earrings (splattered all over my Instagram, you can see a close up here) and my Primark tassel earrings (seen here). However, on this occasion I’m going to shine a light on three pieces because it’s not often I buy three earrings all in one go and from one brand.

A few weeks ago I went to the wonderful Barbican Centre to visit its Conservatory (fingers crossed I put together a blog post about it soon) and I was casually wandering around the gift shop when all of a sudden some bling stopped me dead in my tracks. I fell in love, was a bit impulsive and ended up bringing three pieces home with me – it was a bit much as they weren’t super cheap but I have absolutely no regrets as I’ve been wearing them all ever since.

As mentioned all three of these earrings are from the same brand – it’s called Big Metal London, which I’d never of before but will definitely keep on my radar as it’s affordable, cool yet wearable and seemingly spot on when it comes to current jewellery trends.

Here’s a mini breakdown to all three of these pieces and why I like them so much…

1. The Tortoiseshell Earrings

OK, they might not exactly be tortoiseshell earrings as such, but those warm hues really, really remind me of tortoiseshell and may even be inspired by it. Regardless of that, I love them because A) I cannot resist a good statement pair of earrings, B) they have a great vintage vibe about them and C) I looove a good geometric shape.

2. The Circle Earrings

There’s something very, very cool about these earrings – in fact they’re probably way too cool for me. I imagine someone like Lucy Williams wearing them, or people who do minimalism and are effortlessly stylish but like interesting details and subtle touches of jewellery. Yes, in a way these earrings are a bit too minimalistic and subtle for my OTT style, but I love them and feel like I can totally work them with slogan tees or rely on them for those rare times when maybe I will be happy to keep things simple and even chic.

3. The Face Earrings

Can I say I’ve saved the best for last? That these are the pièce de résistance? I don’t want to make out that my other two earrings are less special because they’re ALL special… BUT, what makes these extra special is that I was desperate for a pair of face earrings. Call me basic because that’s what I am, but like everyone else in this fickle fashion world I am kinda/really/super into that bizarre face trend. Can someone enlighten me and tell me where it originates from? I’m very curious how these barely there faces have become the look du jour.

But these are the earrings that made me run to the counter like it was the London marathon – after missing out on quite a lot of pretty cool face earrings I was delighted when I spotted these babies. A friend from work referred to them as Picasso earrings, which I love and might just have to call them that from now on. Needless to say, I feel pretty damn cool whenever I wear them.

Who would have known that one can find the coolest jewellery at the Barbican? It goes to show you must never skip the gift shop… Sadly it looks like Big Metal London’s website is for wholesalers only as it seems to be a supplier; you have to register with your details and company name to look at the products. But for any of you Londoners who are interested, you now have another reason to go to the Barbican.

P.S.: So I’ve got that app that now everyone is using for their Instagram stories and grid called Unfold (Basic B I tell you) – I quite like it and even though I haven’t dared to put any pictures on my actual grid, I really liked using it for this blog post!

Pictures taken in July and August 2018.



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