Trendspotting: I Have This Thing For Circle Bags

Hello my loves, just as I decided I needed some sort of mini blog detox inspiration struck and I felt this desperate need to write a love letter to one of my favourite trends for Spring/Summer 2018 – circle bags. This trend has been creeping up in fashion for quite some time now – I don’t mean to brag BUT I fell for the circle bag what feels like yonks ago, pretty much ever since Mansur Gavriel’s beautiful pink circle bags burst onto the scene (and let me point out I still adore this coin bag I got all the way back in 2014). As sadly I can’t afford a £1000 bag, I’ve literally had to wait for the high street to emulate this look – and it’s taken a while! Last year I finally came across this beauty from Zara, and later on got this cutie from Accessorize. I promise I had every intention at stopping there, but then SS’18 happened… and last month I accidentally bought, wait for it, three circle bags.

Ridiculous, I know – but it’s a #noregrets situation as I love them all dearly and have been using them constantly ever since. I did a little haul on Instagram stories last month but thought I might as well expand a little further on my blog now that I’ve been using them and showing them off on the ‘gram…

1. The Designer-esque Bag

Primark bag (seen here) worn with Primark beret, Tobi top, French Connection coat, Oasis boots (10.02.2018, see outfit here).

As well as Mansur Gavriel, there is another designer bag I have been longing for over the past few years. Oh my, if only I could have a Chloe in my life! Nile, Drew, Faye… I’ll have one (or two) of each please. Except I won’t because like Gavriel spending £1000+ on a pretty bag just isn’t possible. So thank you, Primark, for sort of filling that hole in my heart with this little round thing that I am going to guess is inspired by Chloe’s beautiful Pixie bag. A few Pixie lookalikes have popped up on the high street over the past few months, but when I spotted this particular one in Primark I just knew. Nowadays I don’t usually buy stuff straight away, I’ll have a think and then make a decision. But this bag made me get into one of Primark’s dreaded queues and buy it right there and then. Needless to say, I love it. It looks chic, fits a pretty good amount of stuff and totally works for work and play.

2. The Colourful Bag

Topshop bag (available here) worn with Topshop cardigan and hat, ASOS dress (available here) and Primark boots (04.03.2018).

When I spotted this bag on Topshop’s website my first thoughts were “Oh dear.” I felt really guilty lusting after this bag because a) I already have a super cute mustard bag – this bag by Zara which has been going strong since 2011, and really, how many mustard bags do I need? and b) I already have a mustard circle bag, the aforementioned one from Accessorize, which I purchased in November/December of last year. Did these two logical reasons stop me from getting it? The answer, as you can see above, is no. In all honesty though, I never quite fell in love with my little Accessorize bag, and will probably sell it. With this bag, on the other hand, I’m pretty obsessed. It’s been my most used bag this week (and maybe even month) because I love everything about it – its straps, handles, shade and shape. I even got past the studs! I’m glad I bought it when I did because it came out in red recently and there’s a chance I would have been a total cliche of myself and just got it in red (despite having a million red bags). But I love how I’m managing to wear it with so many different outfits and shades. And, despite the McDonald’s vibes, I love teaming it with red.

3. The Basket Bag

Basket bag worn with Miss Selfridge dress (available here) and shoes, vintage earrings (10.03.2018).

Oh god, I’m disgusted with myself for being such a basic bitch sometimes. I’m fairly sure I actually got annoyed in the summer of 2017 when literally every cool girl had a basket bag – which I’m aware is probably not the right term. Wicker bag, raffia bag, straw bag? I don’t know about you, but basket bag is my favourite term for these kinds of bags. Anyway, I secretly of course totally wanted one because they are the cutest things ever, but was shocked to not find any version for under the price of £50 or £60. I just felt it was a little too pricey, and by the time I was doing my research it was August or even September and let’s face it, the summer is pretty much gone by then in London. This year however, I have no idea what got into me but I decided to embrace being a basic bitch and started looking for basket bags in January (the earliest I’ve ever bought anything summary). I then found this cutie on eBay for just under £40. In hindsight I probably should have waited because literally about a week after ordering it a TON of high street stores brought out basket bags – where the heck were these bags when I needed them last summer? Oh well, this one is a beauty and pretty well made – you can shop it here if you’re interested.

I did actually think I would be putting it into hibernation until Spring or even Summer – but I’m impatient and have totally used (and tried to rock) it a few times despite the minus temperatures (I admit that I hated wearing it with black tights). No idea if it works, but I just couldn’t resist. What I know for a fact is that the perfect outfit for this basket bag will be a pretty summer dress and, if needed, denim jacket – those will be the days!

So there you have it, each and every one of my circle bags explained – a small part of me feels a bit better about ‘reasoning’ my purchase of three bags within a month, as they’re all so different, RIGHT? As for the term circle bag, I could really just say round bag but for some reason I find the term circle bag super catchy. Is it just me?

And to round this post off (I’m sorry, I had to!), expect to see more of these bags in the next few months. I even have another circle(ish) bag waiting to be unfolded – that one, my friends, is for when the sun finally makes a comeback.


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