The Perfect Striped Shirt

*This post is a collaboration with Tobi*

Oh, the beloved shirt. It’s one of those pieces that never go out of style, that are always guaranteed to be on stylish women’s essentials lists or a part of their capsule wardrobes. Buy the right shirt and you can conquer the world, right?

My relationship with shirts has never been consistent – sometimes I love them, sometimes I don’t. You would think that as I get older, I would find a greater appreciation for them – but to this day, shirts come into my life like tidal waves. It’s fair to say I’ve tried all kinds of shirts – black, white, plain, sheer, printed, loose, fitted, oversized… been there, done that.

However, if there’s one style of shirt that I haven’t delved that much into, that is the striped shirt. So easily – and unfairly – associated with boring, pinstriped office looks, I’ve always been weary of striped shirts for fear of looking too office-ready. But queue this shirt by Tobi and oh my, I’m suddenly a striped shirt convert.

I think it’s because it’s got that perfect balance of downtown cool (totally a thing) and all the easy chic feels. Firstly, I love the oversized fit – it’s so comfortable without being too casual. I also love the knotted effect along the trim on the front, as it makes it just that bit more interesting.

Don’t worry guys, I will get out of my ironing strike for when I wear it to work. But on weekends I’m more than happy to keep things relaxed, so to say.

I teamed it with my shorts and – of course – threw in some colour with my bag and boots. I think I got myself a potential work outfit here?

It’s made of a super soft and lightweight fabric – so lightweight in fact that it’s sadly still a little too chilly to wear it without a million layers here in London. I can’t wait for the days in which I can roll up those sleeves and open up a button or two (if I’m feeling a little risqué).

Shirt, Tobi (available here). Shorts, Lavand (oldies, seen here). Earrings, vintage hand-me-downs from my mum. Bag, Silvian Heach (available here). Boots, Miss Selfridge (seen here). Ring, from Hong Kong.

It’s fair to say that it’s the start of another shirt phase for me – although this time it might be a little more than a phase. Dare I say love?

Pictures taken in North West London in February 2018.


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