On Doing That Sporty Thang

*This post is a collaboration with Tobi*

You guys, let’s just start off with a shameful confession – I suck at any kind of sport. I always have, and probably always will. Perhaps that’s why I have inevitably avoided any kind of fashion that was the least bit sporty, as it essentially reminds me of how terrible I am at any form of exercise…

But as casual pieces have slowly but steadily been creeping into my overall super girlie and non-sporty wardrobe, it was only a matter of time before the lines between casual and sports-inspired would get blurry.

One sporty-ish trend that recently caught my eye was snap buttons. I know snap buttons on trousers are still totally a thing right now, right? I heard that’s what the cool kids are wearing. But I was never a cool kid and to me snap buttons on sleeves have so much more appeal. This is why I love this red sweater by Tobi. Its super oversize fit screams comfort and red shade makes it irresistible, but to me it’s really all those gold snap buttons that give it a unique – and somewhat sporty – feel.

Normally, I would attempt to make this sweater as girlie as humanly possible. I’d team it with a skirt and ankle boots and maybe even a freakin’ beret. But on this occasion, I went all out and embraced its sportiness as much as I could. I got out my favourite jeans (this oldish pair by Zara), grabbed my favourite bobble hat and a bag that’s a little bad-ass, and put on a pair of shoes that are, come on now, oh-so-sporty, right?

Indeed, I was never a cool kid – but damn, I felt pretty close to cool in this outfit.

And can we just take a moment for these Vans? I’m still shocked at myself for getting into the trainers trend – very, very late to the party, I know – and yet keep finding trainers that complete me. The latest are these suede beauties, which I spotted in Vans’ north west London outlet shop and couldn’t get out of my head. I got them last month and have shockingly worn them lots since then, as they’re pretty and comfortable and cool. It also doesn’t hurt that the name coincides with the first three letters of my name…

And because it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t match every single accessory I could to this sweater, I had to wear these red hoops from Primark. Red took over my life this winter and I couldn’t resist grabbing these earrings two weeks ago, since they would tie in with, like, almost everything I own at the moment.

Sweater, Tobi (available here). Jeans, Zara (oldies, seen here). Coat, Mango. Brooch on coat, Accessorize. Bobble hat, gift from my mum. Bag, Silvian Heach (available here). Trainers, Vans. Earrings, Primark. Ring, Bimba & Lola.

Another thing I loved about this outfit? The fact that, despite being so casual and sports-inspired, it works with my red Mango coat, which I would consider to be quite an elegant piece.

I have to say, this look is so not me – but I absolutely love it. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really enjoy trying new things when it comes to my personal style. Sure, I know what I like and do have my own identity when it comes to dressing, but life is too short to categorise yourself in a couple of boxes.

And hey, maybe doing that sporty thang will actually help get better at sports? Stranger things have happened.

Pictures taken in North West London in February 2018.



  1. RUTH
    15th February 2018 / 9:50 am

    OMG i love the OOTD!! <3

  2. RUTH
    15th February 2018 / 9:51 am

    OMG i love this OOTD!! <3

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