What Kind Of Valentine’s Girl Are You? (a.k.a. A Valentine’s Lookbook)

Let’s just start off this post by clarifying that I’m not really a lover of Valentine’s Day per say – yes, I’m 100% aware this statement is a pretty stupid way to start off a post that’s dedicated to Valentine’s Day. But it’s the truth – it’s a load of bullish*t exploited by huge corporations to get people to consume. So why, you ask, on earth am I making a Valentine’s Day lookbook? Because ultimately I don’t take myself or – Valentine’s – too seriously. I also happen to love red, pink, hearts, lips, roses… things that are innately associated with V Day. Essentially, I’ll use any excuse to come up with a few unapologetically cute outfits.

I thought I’d try to give it my own little spin and put together three outfits that match different Valentine personalities… which one are you? Read on to find out…

Look 1 – The Lover Of Love

The girl: Let’s face it, you love love. You are pure mushiness and proud of it. You’re all about “Love Actually,” “Notting Hill,” or any classic rom com. What’s the shame in celebrating love? Of course, every day is a day to love – but if there’s one day when we can all go a little extra, why the hell not?

The look: You’re a hopeless romantic and not afraid to wear this badge with pride. So why not embrace your girlishness and the ultimate colour of love (which happens to be a current fashion favourite) that is red? I love how OTT this outfit is – I wore it out a few weeks ago for a ‘mini’ night-out date and loved it. I love a good LRD, and would wear this on all sorts of occasions – not just Valentine’s.


Dress, Topshop (AW’17, sold out. Similar here). Boots, Miss Selfridge (AW’17, seen here). Bag, Zara (AW’17). Earrings, Boohoo (AW’17).

Look 2 – The Practical Preppy Lady

The girl: V-Day’s no biggie for you, ’cause you got way more important things to worry about – you’re too busy being busy, effortlessly cool and positive to think much of it. Having said that, you won’t say no to a few chocolates or other sweet details on V-Day – in fact, a cute slogan jumper that’s both classy and fun might even grace your wardrobe.

The look: You’re not fussed but don’t mind a little playfulness here and there – hence why a simple but cute slogan jumper will do the job with a nice pair of trousers or jeans. I fell for this jumper by Esprit the minute I saw it on ASOS – I love the ‘Kisses’ embroidery along the top, the oh-so-Breton stripes and, of course, the playful mix of pink and red hues. So perfect for Valentine’s, yet so perfect for pretty much everything else.

Jumper, Esprit (available here). Trousers, Warehouse (AW’16/SS’17, seen here). Beret, Accessorize (AW’17, seen here). Bag, Topshop (available here). Shoes, Kurt Geiger (SS’17, seen here).

Look 3 – The Galentine’s Rebel

The girl: Valentine’s Day? Bullsh*t. You see it for what it is – a manufactured holiday (that’s not even a holiday, ugh) that’s ridiculously soppy and the perfect chance for annoying couples to rub their annoyance in everyone’s faces. Maybe you’re single and ready to mingle, or maybe you’re happily taken – but you have no interest in celebrating something so artificial. In fact, you’re off for bottomless brunch or cocktails with your girlfriends – because that’s true love!

The look: Well, you really ain’t dressing up for anyone other than yourself – and you don’t feel the need to sacrifice comfort for style. You also don’t mind mixing irony and a little girlie-ness either. Hence why a slogan tee like this beauty by the brand And Finally is perfect. So charming, on-trend, and pretty f*cking ironic for Valentine’s Day.

Coat, Coster Copenhagen (cancelled SS’18 sample). T-shirt, …And Finally via Topshop (available here, similar here. Sweater version, here). Skirt (old) and bag (SS’18, available here), Silvian Heach. Earrings, Primark. Shoes, The Rolling Stones X Superga.

Which look is your favourite? I did think the all-red look was totally my thing but I have a weakness for that Heartbreak Hotel tee. In all honesty, I’m probably a mix of these three personalities, or have at least gone through all of these stages. I’ve hated Valentine’s Day, at some point probably loved it, and felt indifferent to it. I’m a strange mix of hopeless romanticism and pure cynicism – essentially a bundle of contradictions. But I love fashion and styling, and have always wanted to do a Valentine’s lookbook of sorts as it’s the perfect excuse to get super girlie and basically be the ultimate cliche. Guys, I even got my nude tights out for this! So, I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it – whatever your thoughts are on Saint Valentine’s, I say it’s best get whatever fun and joy you can out of it. Because today, more than ever, love is all we need.

With love,

Vee ❤


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  1. Diana
    14th February 2018 / 4:31 pm

    Loving all looks! I am a true romantic and 1st look is definitely perfect for Valentines Day… but somehow I just love the 3rd look 😍❤

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