My Top 20 Outfits On Instagram In 2017

In the almost 8 years that I have been blogging (WTF?), I don’t think I’ve ever done any sort of outfits round-up or fashion favourites of the year (but don’t quote me on that because I’m really not 100% sure, oops). It’s not necessarily because I don’t like them, it’s just because I’ve never really known how to go about it. But a few days ago I watched a video that blogger Sophie Milner did for her YT channel called “My Top 20 Outfits On Instagram In 2017,” and oh my god, I felt so inspired!

It makes perfect sense for me to follow this format, since (sadly) I’m a lot more active on Instagram than I am on my blog – unsurprisingly, I manage to upload so many more outfit pics on there that a lot of the time don’t make it onto the blog.

I thought it would be pretty easy and straightforward for me to pick 20 outfits on Instagram – because surely I haven’t posted that many outfit pics, right? Oh, how wrong was I. It took a lot of ruthless decision-making for me to get it down to just 20 outfits – I could have easily shared 50 pictures or even more. It also got me thinking – what makes the perfect Instagram ootd picture? Colour, a simple or fancy background, editorial vibes, cool poses, interesting angles?

Well, I guess my answer can be explained with the following pictures…

Jumper, ASOS. Skirt, Diane Von Furstenberg. Bag, Accessorize. Shoes, Miss Selfridge. Earrings, . Chunky bracelet, All Saints. Nail bracelet, The Peach Box.

  1. January: A friend of mine from my former workplace took this picture of me on our lunch break. Is it a groundbreaking look? Not at all, but I remember loving what I was wearing that day. It was office-friendly, chic (if I may say so myself) and oh-so-blue. Don’t ask me why, I just get a lot of satisfaction out of wearing one colour – and cobalt blue is one of my favourite hues. It also features my Diane Von Furstenberg skirt, only seen on the blog recently here and one of my most precious pieces.

Coat, Topshop. Skirt, Miss Selfrige. Bag, Zara. Shoes, House of Avenues. Earrings, ASOS. Ring, Primark.

2. January: So this look (but not this picture specifically) was actually one of my, cringe, #2017bestnine. And I can see why – that skirt gets a lot of love. I featured this look on the blog (here), although I picked this picture is because I love how constructed it was. That cup was my friend’s – I rarely ever drink warm drinks and am nowhere close to becoming one of those stylish people who carry warm cups. And, of course, even though my friend and I did eat at this restaurant, as you can see from the table there was no way we sat outside. So yes, I’m being a total cliché but what can I say, sometimes it’s really fun to be all #bloggergoals and do things like this.

Coat and boots, Topshop. Earrings, ASOS. Bag, Silvian Heach.

3. February: Ah, this coat. It is, without doubt, one of my favourite coats ever. So much so that it doesn’t even need to be a proper #ootd as such (I think I was wearing an all-black outfit underneath, which in fact was probably this one seen here), because that coat all on its own speaks wonders. Then again, I do love it with that lemon yellow coat and floral boots.

Jumper, Dorothy Perkins. Shorts, Mango. Bag, Zara. Boots, NW3 by Hobbs. Earrings, ASOS.

4. February: Again, it’s another work outfit that’s not a super wow outfit, but I just love the matchy-matchiness of it all as well as all the items individually. I stupidly bought this jumper from Dorothy Perkins that’s just too similar to this one seen here, but as I much prefer this one, so the other one will probably have to go. My mum got me these shorts years ago and I still love them, and work well with this jumper. I guess that’s why I love this outfit – it’s so simple yet chic and failsafe. Not to mention that swanky background, which was super close to my workplace and which I used extensively.

Jumper, Primark. Trousers, Warehouse. Bag, Lavand. Shoes, Primark.

5. March: I had a feeling this outfit (which I ridiculously showed on the blog months later) would be my favourite outfit of 2017 – and indeed, it became that. It reminded me of how much I love colour blocking and cemented my love for red as well as this colour combo, which was seen all over my ‘gram for the rest of the year. And as for the Camille Walala background, it was a match made in heaven.

Coat, Zara. Jumper, Miss Selfridge. Trousers, Warehouse. Shoes, Miss Selfridge. Bag, Kate Spade.

6. March: This is probably my second favourite outfit of the year (see more of it here) – because I love nothing more than colour blocking and mixing different tons and hues, it seems. And I basically love all three of these clothing items – they proved to be really good 2017 buys that I got a ton of use out of. Extra points for the pastel houses in the backdrop – because we all know how much bloggers love a good pastel house street.

Top, Monsoon. Skirt, ASOS. Earrings, Gogo Philip.

7. April: Not a full outfit as such, but I do love getting close-up shots and ‘artsy’/editorial-ish poses on the gram, and this picture was one of my favourites! This blouse by Monsoon (which I talked about here) photographed so well when I wore it for the first time. It was my friend’s Birthday the day this picture was taken and I got her a bouquet of tulips, which I conveniently used as a prop – what are friends, eh?

Coat, Zara. Shirt, ASOS (seen here). Trousers, Laura Ashley. Earrings, H&M. Nail bracelet, The Peach Box. Other bracelet, gift. Bag, Lavand. Shoes, Miss Selfridge.

8. April: Another work outfit, I guess it’s not really anything special, but I love everything about it. First of all I look happy (which I can’t fake for the ‘gram) and the setting is pretty sweet because you can’t go wrong with a bit of wisteria. Second of all, I’m wearing one of my favourite trousers ever, this pair by Laura Ashley that features swimming ladies, and that somehow have never been on the blog (shameful). Thirdly, this was the start of a mini obsession – mixing pink and red. It’s a risky combo, but I think the almost salmon pink hue of my coat looked pretty damn fine matched with the strawberry red shade of my bag.

T-shirt and trousers, Warehouse (outfit post here). Bag, Zara (first seen here). Shoes, Bershka.

9. May: Who knew that this happy t-shirt would lead to a series of happy stripes throughout winter? Out of the many t-shirts I bought this summer, this one was one of my favourites – I love the uniqueness of the colour combinations on it, and it happens to be a super soft tee too. And how well does it go with my now wardrobe classic that is this little mustard Zara bag?

Denim jacket and dress, Pimkie. Trainers, Superga. Bag, Stradivarius.

10. May: And here is the start of another obsession, or even a series of them. Before buying these items, I had envisioned an outfit like this – I wanted to wear a denim jacket with a red floral dress (preferably with white flowers) and a pair of white plimsoles (or something casual along those lines – in white). I got all three of these pieces from ASOS in one order, and even though the fit of this dress isn’t quite perfect and these Superga trainers are pretty clunky (but they have the Rolling Stones tongue symbol so they’re amazeballs), I loved turning my vision into a reality.

Denim jacket, Pimkie. T-shirt, Topshop. Skirt, ASOS. Bag, Stradivarius. Earrings, Monki.

11. May: I love this picture for various reasons – firstly, the bf and I had a great day out in London, and this picture wasn’t planned in the slightest. We happened to be opposite good old Big Ben and it was actually the bf who insisted in taking this picture – it was so nice not to be the one pressuring him for a change! I love how touristy yet great it is, because Big Ben is a gorgeous piece of work and will always make a great backdrop. I also love my outfit – I know that basically the whole world bought Toyshop’s infamous “Femme Forever” tee but sometimes you gotta jump on the bandwagon when you love something to bits. I loved teaming it with this ASOS mini skirt (the shades of red match, aw yeah) and my denim jacket – a casual outfit that’s still unequivocally girlie.

Dress, Primark (worn with Matalan vest). Bag, Stradivarius. Shoes, House of Avenues.

12. June: This image didn’t actually get a lot of love on Instagram, but that doesn’t affect all the love I have for this dress. I hunted it down and was so happy when I finally found it – it makes me feel so glamorous and va va voom! I also love this image because hello, who doesn’t love holding a couple of balloons for the ‘gram? It was my friend’s birthday and her suggestion that I use her balloons for a picture – best idea ever.

Dress, ASOS. Bag, She In. Necklace, Whistles. Shoes, Bershka.

13. June: I saw this dress on blogger Lily Melrose and had to have it, I was in love with every single aspect of it. The skater + button-down style is super flattering and the sleeves are just so damn liberating, perfect for when it gets hot in London town (it happens every now and again). And as for the Hawaiian print, it’s just so cheerful and eye-catching. In short, this dress makes me feel like sassy in an instant.

Dress, Grace & Mila. Bag, Topshop. Shoes, Zara.

14. July: I adore this dress, and I adore this spot. I went back home in July because I had a wedding to attend (it was my first wedding as an adult in Bilbao!) and I cannot go home without going to the beach, because walking on the beach is one of the greatest pleasures in life. That time around I did it while wearing one of the most simple yet effective dresses that I own by French brand Grace & Mila. I don’t know what it is about this dress but the cut of it is so flattering – it makes me feel instantly dressy and like I’ve made an effort.

Dress, bag and shoes, Topshop. Necklace, Alex Monroe.

15. August: The dress of dreams in front of the setting of dreams (you can see the full outfit post here). Thank you, Maddox Gallery.

T-shirt, Mango. Skirt, ASOS. Trainers, Superga. Bag, NW3 by Hobbs. Earrings, H&M.

16. August: This is a very simple outfit, but I had to include it because there’s something about this Mango t-shirt that I love to bits. Because for some reason having the word “Femme” superimposed on a black rectangle does not only feel kinda cool, but is somehow flattering and even slimming. Basically it’s my favourite slogan tee from 2017, which I’ll look forward to rocking again in 2018.

Dress, River Island (worn with Matalan vest). Bag, NW3 by Hobbs. Trainers, Primark.

17. August: Yep, it’s another dress – another red floral dress. Can you spot the theme? I actually goggled over this dress for what felt like months, and decided to go for it when it went on sale. I’m so glad I did, because it’s one of my favourite dresses. For some reason I liked teaming it with these clunky Primark trainers, and I really, really wanted to be a basic bitch and get myself one of those round basket bags that everyone was getting, but reminded myself that I had this cutie of a bag. And as for my hair, I actually wore my hair up a few times this year and felt kinda cool doing it – I tend to feel more confident with my hair down but it’s nice to switch things up. In short, I liked this look – a lot.

Blazer, Garcia Jeans. T-shirt, Crew Clothing. Skirt, Primark. Bag, The Cambridge Satchel Company. Shoes, Kurt Geiger. Earrings, H&M.

18. August: I’m actually really gutted I didn’t feature this outfit on the blog in detail – I tried but never managed to get pictures of it! It basically consists of the cutest slogan tee ever – blue Breton stripes together with the words “Plain sailing” embroidered in red matched with my navy Primark skirt. I don’t know why but I loved this outfit and replied on it lots for both work and play.

Cardigan, Hobbs. Dress, H&M. Shoes, House of Avenues. Bag, Stradivarius.

19. September: In case you haven’t copped on, I live in dresses throughout the summer – and do this for as long as I can. Hence why I kept it as summery as possible when going to Paris at the beginning of September. And this was the dress I picked to get that Insta-worthy shot of me and Eiffel – I know I’ve said it about pretty much every piece I’ve featured in this post, but it really, really is one of my favourite pieces.

Polo neck, Marks & Spencer. Skirt, Miss Selfridge. Beret and boots, Topshop. Bag, NW3 by Hobbs.

20. December: I couldn’t end the post without a Christmas reference, right? Although I really do like this outfit – I had just bought this red polo neck from Marks & Spencer and beret from Topshop and was pretty chuffed with this outfit. I’d say it’s one of my favourites – this skirt really has a midas touch and a colourful Christmas tree will make any outfit look 100 times better.

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, thanks a million for sticking around through this novel! I really could have included a hundred more pictures but I think these ones do essentially sum up most of my favourite outfits and fashion pieces of 2017. It also made me realise how much significance an #ootd pic can surprisingly carry. Capturing your outfit can involve capturing lots of other things, like moods, moments and, ultimately, unforgettable memories. So here’s to 2018 – may it bring lots more fashion moments and good times.


  1. 25th January 2018 / 6:03 pm

    It such a lovely format to look back at. I love your colour style and I feel inspired whenever your post pops up in my instagram feed to add more colour to my outfits as well.

    • vanessazaree
      13th February 2018 / 8:17 pm

      Omg thanks so much Anita, this means the world to me! ❤️

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