The Spotty Blouse and Charming Garden

This post is going to be a quickie, as all I want to say is how much I like this polkadot blouse. In fact I’m sharing these pictures mostly because I love the background so much. But first, polkadots – or dots, or spots, whatever you prefer to call them. Like I mentioned in this post, polkadots made a comeback this winter, and this piece was the one that got me feeling dotty (sorry, I had to).

As usual, it’s an “Instagram made me buy it” situation. I first saw this top on blogger Alice Catherine and fell in love – I thought it looked so chic, ever so slightly French and a little retro. Well, in all honesty Alice Catherine could make a bin bag look chic, but I think I was surprised that it was New Look. She was wearing it in black – which looked very striking, I have to say – but I decided to play it safe and go for the white version.

I have to admit though, it’s no longer that much about the polkadots. I love the balloon sleeves and the bow tie on the neckline – if it’s got poet written all over it, I’m in.

But rather than automatically styling it with a black skirt, I thought I’d (surprise surprise) go for a red theme and put my red skirt in the mix. I do feel like this is a summer skirt, but I actually didn’t hate it with black tights.

And it’s time to introduce another red bag! This one was admittedly a total caprice, I couldn’t resist it’s super cute and original shape.

I wore this outfit the day my mother went to see the fashion exhibition on Princess Diana at Kensington Palace – shockingly I’d never had a walk around the gardens, and I may have discovered a new favourite photo spot. Because if it looked pretty in winter, imagine how beautiful it will look in spring.

These pictures were taken less than two months ago but in typical London fashion it’s now a little too cold for thinnish tops, and I can’t face wearing anything other than cosy jumpers. Naturally I’m waiting for this knit phase to end so that I can enjoy non-knitwear again and wear floaty, poet-wannabe pieces like this one.

Blouse, New Look. Skirt, H&M (seen here). Bag, Zara. Beret, Accessorize. Earrings, vintage. Ring, Bimba & Lola (seen here). Boots, Topshop (seen here).

Like I said, it’s a quick post for me. I’m sorry to say this top is no longer available online – however, just before Christmas I did see it in a stand alone New Look shop on sale. I was a little miffed to see it on sale not long after I had bought it full price, but hey, that’s retail for you! I’ve realised I’m not as patient with shopping as I used to be – I used to be good at holding out until there was a promotion or sale. Maybe I should get my fashion patience back for 2018?

Photographed in Kensington Palace, central London on November 21st, 2017.



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  1. 4th January 2018 / 7:55 pm

    Hi Vanessa,

    I came across your blog with my team at Tobi and I was wondering if you would be interested in a non-dedicated merchandise collaboration! Please let me know and I look forward to your response 🙂


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